St Tropez, Cause and Effect with the Google Effect?

I had to have a little titter to myself about the inanity of it all…  In the headline:

Saint-Tropez déclare la guerre aux hélicoptères

The locals, called Tropeziennes, are apparently getting pissed off with all the helicopter flights both from within and around the town and those purely for sight-seeing.  Of course, quite a lot of the air traffic is potentially from those self same whingers and some may be the genuine residents which number a few hundred in winter.

But since the 50s, the locals have become used to the clogged streets, pollution, noise, boorish behaviour, power boats, foreign accents, rising and sustained high property prices, wealth, nudist beaches.    Helicopters aren’t new.  I doubt the degree of whinge, the whinge-factor.  Like the sun block, I reckon it’s a factor 3 not a factor 30.

Methinks that it’s a summer story fired up by a Hyacinth Bouquet type with nowt to do.

However, I’ve digressed.  The titter part was the ad for “Le Figaro Magazine” which featured a mega-yacht and a helicopter and also the “intellisense” in the Google Ads down the side of the actual “Le Figaro” page.  Check them out.  They are nearly all for Helicopter Flights over Saint Tropez!

I followed one through to  I’m still trying to “put rhythm in my life” as the lead-in flash states after listening to copious helicopter noises on top of a crap bit of “chillout” music.

By Strangely

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