Goodbye Bollochio?

Bollochio: an Introduction

PinocchioIn an effort to test the spam un-subscription services of the spammers, I’ve decided to try and remove Bollochio, my nom-de-spam for some of the Utah-based scam-meisters, as detailed here, google-revolution-different-name-same-scam , for instance.

Dr. Joseph Stein and Dog
Dr. Joseph Stein and Dog

The first occurence of Bollochio that I chose to report on is here: http://…google-revolution-…comment-1779 which was the bollox of Dr. Joseph Stein and his dog….

Bollochio is obviously my one-second invention (I don’t spend too much time on psuedonyms) to describe scammers like Pacific Webworks, where for every utterance of complete bollox from their conning machine, their noses in consequence grow…  It is in no way a reference to anyone with that name (I’ve since found that there are a few people with the name!  See here for instance.)

Unsubscribe removing billkiller removing billkiller

The spam came from and on clicking the un-subscribe link, you get the screenshot here.  It really did appear to un-subscribe Bollochio after 10 mins!

Only time will tell I suppose, the effectiveness of emailix’s claims.  They are a New York based firm, see whois.

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