UK Economics – how optimism can be made to sound like pessimism

This is the continuing story of pointing out media “information” that is made into political “comment” fuelling whatever trend is needed at a moment in time.

This article, UK economic growth slows sharply, in tandem with this story and this story reporting the same fact, show that the UK economy grew 0.2% in the last quarter.  This is being reported as bad!  Apparently this is the lowest growth since the dark, dark days of……wait for it……2005!

If I recall, in 2005, house prices were still booming, people were spending and going on holiday just the same.  The TV was flooded with programs about getting second homes or new lives using inflated property prices as the source, makeover shows – and big brother.  Things were never so good then, in 2005!

Now with the same growth, things are being made to appear really, really bad.

But wait, this summer, a record amount of people are going on foreign holidays (although it’s hard to find reported evidence)!  And a record number are staying to holiday in the UK!  So if they are both right then a record number of people will be holidaying..   Things must be really, really bad.


It’s the continual talking down by people with an axe to grind.  Why and who are they?  What can they possibly gain by making the country look bad and by making people feel sad?

Power.  That’s what.

Who wants the power?   It’s pretty obvious really.  See a previous post, the-grand-conspiracy-over-government-incompetance

By Strangely

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