Why Buy Vista – the HP View

Following on from my post https://strangelyperfect.tv/442/why-buy-vista/, I’ve noticed that Hewlett Packard have now put some of their stats into the public domain which refute the Microsoft notion that Vista sales are whizz-bang and superb.

This posting, https://www.pcpro.co.uk/news/215502/hp-windows-xp-accounts-for-majority-of-vista-sales.html, reports the fact that Microsoft is double-counting sales of Vista and XP because customers are getting new machines with XP installed as a downgrade option for Vista – and then doing the downgrade!   It’s got to be the first time in history when a downgrade is an improvement!

On top of this, consider Microsoft’s pricing structure, which should seriously dent anyone’s aspirations to acquire XP over Vista……

Novatech on this page, , has these prices for Operating Systems (32 bit shown here).  It’s representative for the UK.  OEM prices are shown – no-one in their right mind pays full whack.

OS Price (UK)
Windows XP Home OEM Service Pack 2

Manufacturer Code: N09-02030 3pk plit to 1

£59.92 inc vat
Windows XP PRO OEM Service Pack 2
Manufacturer Code: E85-04914 3PK SPLIT
£95.17 inc vat
Microsoft Windows Vista Home Premium 32-Bit Edition DVD – OEM – 1Pk

Manufacturer Code: 661-00752 3pk split to 1

£69.33 inc vat
Microsoft Windows Vista Business 32-Bit Edition DVD – OEM – 1Pk
Manufacturer Code: 66J-02289
£89.30 inc vat

What this shows that for comparable systems (XP Pro versus Vista Home Basic), Microsoft is setting their price structure to push the Vista product.  The cheapest Vista isn’t worth talking about as any user who’s bought it will tell you, the much vaunted aero interface doesn’t work with it!  The Business edition has some extra network stuff, but most businesses don’t get it as the HP experience proves….

So what we have is the classic lies, damned lies and statistics effect.  Microsift is using dubious statistics to push their line that Vista is okay whereas people would rather have the 95 quid product over the 70 quid one!

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