GM, BMW, All Gotta Change or Die Like Jaws

Carmaker GM loses another $15.5bn

BMW to miss its targets for 2008

GM discusses sale of Hummer brand

And about time too.  The sooner they go bust, or change what they make to something that consumes less wantonly, the better for everyone on the world.  People might buy the stuff as well, which would help them.

The only person who will really suffer is Horatio from CSI Miami.  What’s he going to drive round in?  See Weeblstuff’s CSI Pie-ami:

In an old Star Trek episode with Jim (suck-in-belly) Kirk, there was a big sausage type machine that looked like a giant greeny-grey lamprey or basking shark, that travelled the universe relentlessly swallowing up everything in it’s path in it’s quest for more fuel to keep it going.  A bit like a ramjet.  Or Jaws.

That’s what these cars are like.

Check the music in the Doomsday Machine part of the clip.  Just remember this pre-dates Spielberg’s Jaws by a few years and you may get an idea where John Williams got the Jaws Theme.

And just like the all-consuming machine, just like Jaws the Fish, they’ll end up consuming themselves and blowing up.


  1. Strangely :

    Jun 1, 2009 1:05 pm |

    Well it’s taken less than a year plus the bizarre borrowings from the US taxpayer of tens of billions of dollars – but General Motors (GM), as I predicted, has consumed everything and blown up! See:
    GM enters bankruptcy protection

    It’s total borrowings will be $50 billion and it’s total current debt is $173 billion.

    What I’d like to know is, “What’s the Point?”

    I mean, what’s all this borrowing on top of debt for?

    They have had plenty of time to get new efficient models out made a well-trained and experienced workforce. They’ve had the huge development teams and money available.

    Yet, like I predicted, they are like a sad leviathan, sat in stasis, waiting for a quick end from the killer whales but too big to die fast. They’ve consumed all around them and are now a sitting target in their indolent fat of over-indulgence.

    If the metaphores are getting too much, just think, I can apply them to the US just the same. Here we have a fantastically optimistic and creative people weighed down by the baggage of the fat stereotype, that thinks themselves insolated from the world around, and that somehow they can go on as they’ve done for the last 100 hundred years, consuming relentlessly, saving the world for a tortured democracy…

    The metaphore applies to the UK government and parliament in general. Stuck in a miasma of self-indulgence, promising ‘changes’ get doing naught. They’ve all been found wanting and actionless like headless chickens…

    What should we do?
    Bail out, bail out!
    What should we do (check last answer) – yep!
    Bail out, bail out!

    This has got to stop!