Tories Join in Spreading Fear and Doubt with the NHS

Hospitals ‘infested with vermin’

In the latest bout of the fear and gloom sweeping the country, (BBC link above), this time it’s the tories mixing facts and data up with proper information – and typically, the media are going along with it because it makes good copy.

Read the article, illustrated with a picture of a rat……..

on some grass!

They say that “cleanliness is threatened”.  Make what you will of that one – it’s a nonsense sentence bereft of actual meaning but loaded with dread….

The gist of the article is that hospitals and NHS Trusts are doing lots of pest control inspections.

That’s all.

Not that they’ve found lots of pests and have to get rid of them; just that they called pest controllers in.

The article has hundreds of lines of FUD (fear and doubt), and even a link to insect infestations – of the home(!!), but only six lines of real information.

I quote them here (my emphasis in the quote):

Health Minister Ivan Lewis said that hospitals were responsible for ensuring their buildings were clean and that patient safety was not compromised.

“The Hygiene Code requires NHS bodies to have a pest control policy that anticipates and manages this issue.

“Trusts should take rapid action and follow through with surveillance in place to avoid pest incidents and minimize hazards.

“Use of pest control is a sign of good proactive management.”

So in other words, the tories are criticising the hospitals for doing their job properly!

Have they done a similar question and answer session with that organisation of finance and private health, BUPA, of whose many failings I delved into in an earlier post this year?  …er, well no.  They can’t because as a private company, BUPA isn’t subject to the Freedom of Information Act from which the tories got their “data”.

How convenient.

I really think more people should be aware of the very real difference between data and information.  They are definitely NOT the same!

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  1. ADDENDUM: First Thing this Morning

    This topic is really hitting the news in the UK this morning. A “spokesman” from the Patient’s Association showed what a clueless cunt he was when he came out with the classic sentence,
    “…infestations of ants which everyone knows spread vermin…”
    He proved himself as totally ignorant in his plummy voice of not only the use of English but also of the mechanisms and vectors that spread disease. He even admitted that it was his “opinion” that there was “a lot” of infestations. He’d never checked the infestation to checks ratio or anything.

    I can just picture a little ant with a big rat on it’s back…

    Later, a 5-live phone-in proved that the overwhelming majority of callers were wholly supportive of the NHS and recognised the tory ruse for what it was.

    I’m surprised that a charity like the “Patients Association” should be so easily drawn into a bit of political points scoring……or maybe it’s charitable status should be examined with a view to removing it.

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