, Poacher turned Gamekeeper?


Poacher turned Gamekeeper

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Poacher or Gamekeeper?

I’ve been rss following a little thread where a job-seeking homeworker has been diddled out of thousands – see Saundrak’s Blog. It seems to have close ties to Pacific Webworks et al, maybe not directly, but the Golf Course, techniques,  or something.

Read this curious comment from someone called mlwood79 that just doesn’t look right to me, following my experiences with the scammers double-bluff etc in the old Google Treasure Chest scam.

Tracing mlwood79?

It’s not hard and doesn’t take long.  Despite not leaving any open invitation, Matt Wood leaves his email and phone number here,, a single post on the free blogger web.

A similar search on the 877-725-8882 phone number pulls out something interesting.  For instance, there are these postings on various consumer/scam forums:

Very quickly we end up at from these few links above.  They provide a fair bit of information.

225/365 - scam

Another Scam or Two? is a very plush and professional looking site, with an opening video that put the colley-wobbles up me after my Robert G Allen experiences and the various Robert Millar video offerings. (see here for instance).

But the wordage is re-assuring enough, textually and on the video.  They seem to be White Knights, offering help to people who’ve been scammed by the recent splurge of Google/Tree/Credit stuff.

(On the subject of White Knights, Paul at WorkAtHomeTruth has had a separate rant that hints at the scammer’s double-bluffing we’ve previously observed.  Their new twists around old habits know no bounds!  Either that or piss-poor altruism.)  Who was it who said ‘eternal vigilance’?

Q. So Who are

A. Now there’s the rub!  USA folks will know the 877 phone number is non-geographic and a free-phone (see phone info).  The contact on the website is (like this one), a simple contact form.  So I don’t know where they are, from that! Hmm?


A. And there’s another rub!  Their name is ‘protected’ just like the scammers’, by Domains by Proxy, Inc. So I don’t know where they are from that! This facility is ‘supposed’ to be used to “protect individuals from spam”, but the reality for me is that,

if someone, offering a service, wants to hide their identity, then they’re up to no good!!!

Other Inconsistencies

So we see they want to hide themselves.   But from examining their website and some other forum postings (a weird way to advertise, is it not?), I’ve got three email contacts for the company:

  • Matt Wood –
  • via spam reported here –
  • same email address is on homepage
  • Tyler Jackson –

This means that they’re hiding their detail not because they don’t want to be spammed, but for another reason

By the way, I use email obfuscation on this website provided by Mike Greenberg ‘s phpEnkoder, which makes it almost impossible for content scraping robots to harvest email addresses for spam purposes.  Many sites use a similar technique….   but looking at their page source code, scamvictimhelp just use the simple mailto: html directive, which means that their email addresses can be harvested, but since the main one arrived in someone’s spam anyway, they don’t care about that, obviously.

You’ve got to really question their motives now…

Q. But What About

A. Well the best thing is to quote their stuff straight from their ‘About’ page (my emphasis below)…

We at have a combined work experience of 25 years in the work-from-home/home based business industry. We have owned and operated back end telesales call centers for the majority of those years. Selling products, services, and personal coaching, designed to teach people how to make money from home through the internet, vending, stock market investing, real estate, and everything else in between. In which, we generated over 30 million dollars in sales revenue.

So they are a sales force organisation!  And I still don’t know where they are from that! Like I said at the beginning, poacher turned gamekeeper?  hmm…?  (Ironically, my original hook into this, Saundrak,  was because she was conned by a ‘personal coaching service’!!)

The best bit is in their very short Terms page.  Basically, they’ve stripped out all the reams of disclaimers and obfuscated money arrangements from the usual scammer T&Cs, and said that if you do happen to take up an offer from the website, all the results are from your work, and they can’t be blamed for anything…   the key scammer phrase of ‘opportunity seeker’ also pops up, like a bent penny.   Look! ….here’s what they say, so make up your own mind:

Any business opportunity related programs approved or recommended by Scam Victim, LLC on this site still require a sincere effort and patience on the part of the opportunity seeker. Since your results depend on the effort you apply to your business; individual results may vary

And I still don’t know where they are from that! Is this still poacher turned gamekeeper?  hmmm…?


If you’ve read some of the links listed above, you’ll have gathered that there’s a lot of uncertainty about this company.  Currently, from my limited research, no-one seems prepared to say right out that they’re up to no good.

But for my money, unless I start seeing some very positive reports and a lot more openness, I’d need a very large bargepole before I’d approach them.  Now where do you get barge-poles…?  Ha Ha.

Update 3 Nov 2009

Send in the Clones

Send in the Clones

The Vowells mentioned in the comments below have a host of businesses and put a lot into their local community.  Apart from the permanently dead car sales place previously at, they have oil wells in Texas and a never-ending supply of internet-based ideas, like we’ve found.  Their former business seems to be no more, at least in the internet world.

Whois Capital Energy Corp

Whois Capital Energy Corp

Capital Energy Corp is still going though, and, unusually, unlike the St George Runners Baseball team who’ve cloaked their identity behind DomainsByProxy, are still visible to a WHOIS query!

Whois Intelligent Marketing

Whois Intelligent Marketing

Curiously, since I checked a month or two back on the Baseball website, a lot of contact details have disappeared from the website.  I can understand the Vowell’s reasons….

But hey-ho.  There’s another Todd Vowell at a company called, in Cally-Forny-I-A!  But y’know, it may not be the same guy (Paul at WorkAtHomeTruth always treats such info with circumspection as he says in the comments below), but it’s quite a co-incidence, especially since my OpenDNS blocked the website right off because it’s classified as “Adware”!

Use OpenDNS
Same as this link here about a business disagreement…


  1. Strangely( author ) :

    Nov 3, 2009 1:55 pm |

    Thanks @Victim

    You've prompted me to stick up some info as an update to the main post about the Vowells. The family resemblance is clear…

    <img class="size-thumbnail wp-image-6746" title="St. George RoadRunners Baseball team" src="×86.jpg&quot; alt="Send in the Clones" width="86" height="86" />

    The car sales website is still 'live' – but permanently down for maintenance! I'd like a picture of the cobweb-strewn place if anyone has one, just for proof, you understand.

  2. Victim :

    Nov 3, 2009 2:13 pm |

    Strangely, Re: Exec Car Sales… They also shared premises with Executive Service Center and Executive Suzuki. They are all closed. If you really want a photo, I'll get you one – may take a few days. The lot is now leased to a new business called Executive Auto Group – a seperate entity, some of the same owners. They are struggling – no cobwebs yet, but soon. The Vowells have also built a new office bldg next door at 491 N. Bluff, St George Utah, called Executive Plaza. It houses, among others, Executive Fitness, DBA Desert Palms Health & Fitness.

  3. Strangely( author ) :

    Nov 3, 2009 2:37 pm |

    You can't keep'em down, I'll give them that!! Could this be it being made?

    <div><iframe width="425" height="240" frameborder="0" scrolling="no" marginheight="0" marginwidth="0" src=",268.74,,0,5&cbll=37.116742,-113.596870&v=1&panoid=FZqIZlbWwuB1diQp6wG0xA&gl=uk&hl="></iframe><small><a id="cbembedlink" href=",268.74,,0,5&cbll=37.116742,-113.596870&ll=37.116742,-113.596870&layer=c" style="color:#0000FF;text-align:left" rel="nofollow">View Larger Map</small></div>

    I see it's near a Subway. They're everywhere, like a virus.

  4. Robert Worstell :

    Oct 16, 2009 4:21 am |

    Great sleuthing! There are ways to tackle these Utah scammers, since they seem to narrow down to a few individuals, despite all the companies they set up. The trick is that they don't really change their operations, and so can be ripe for picking.

    Best approaches currently (in addition to reports to FTC, FBI and Utah A/G) are hitting the forums and getting all those scammed to set up their own personal blogs.

    Thanks to all who have helped find out who this mlwood scammer is.

    Saundrak wan't amused about this character in his other incarnations, either.

  5. Strangely( author ) :

    Oct 19, 2009 12:27 am |

    Thanks Robert.
    As you said, the trick is that they don't (really) change their modus operandi. They shift and jive a bit, modify wording to try scraping under the legal limbo line, but all the time they are the same.
    As you implied, this is their weakest link!
    It's the same with any crooked operation on the internet – they always leave tracks and they always, absolutely always, leave a money trail – or else how else will they get money off folks? !!

    I've added a comment to a salient point that I think you've made on one of your postings, something that I've never considered before. .
    It's the burgeoning demographic change in internet usage, that's what. As you said, there are more and more elderly people getting online. They are used to standing up for their rights, and many fought in the big war to ensure we CAN argue for these rights. The internet is not just some geeky place for youngsters, buying naff stuff on a whim and then chucking it away. The elderly demographic appreciate quality and expect a service when a service is promised. They're not just rolling over and accepting the scammers words. After all, $79 is $79 is $79, isn't it?
    At first, it's all new and confusing, but after a few months they realise it's just the same as the hard real world – only faster. They can then put their experience of their long lifetimes to good use, using the official channels and methods that they'd normally use – like persuasively arguing for charge-backs like Chris Malta recommends etc. or haranguing their democratic representatives.

    Good comment!

  6. Paul Schlegel :

    Oct 7, 2009 8:43 pm |

    DomainTools is definitely one of the most valuable tools I use.

  7. Paul Schlegel :

    Oct 7, 2009 3:31 pm |

    You can get most Whois History via the paid version of DomainTools, so if someone doesn't put on privacy protection immediately, you can typically get it.

    Myself and Lynndel Edgington filed abuse reports with his hosting company and then were asked to file a copyright infringement form.

    We also reported the site to Adsense.

    It MAY have helped that Lynndel has an Assigned Federal Agent which he mentioned to bluehost.

  8. Strangely( author ) :

    Oct 7, 2009 5:38 pm |

    I'd better cough up then and see what I can find. I know it's not too much.

    I liked the 'muscle' comment. Nice one.

  9. Paul Schlegel :

    Oct 7, 2009 2:36 pm |

    Somehow I missed this post in my reader.

    You list and, but I assume you mean

    The registrant entered for that domain on March 23, 2009 was originally:


    Jason Vowell

    543 North Bluff St.

    St. George, Utah 84770

    United States


    Created on: 23-Mar-09

    Expires on: 23-Mar-10

    Last Updated on: 23-Mar-09

    Administrative Contact:

    Vowell, Jason

    543 North Bluff St.

    St. George, Utah 84770

    United States

    (435) 656-2227

    I tend not to assume that registrant information is accurate unless there's other corroborating evidence, as I've seen too many instances where that information is made up or using someone else's name (like the site that I am working on stopping from stealing all my content).

    However, it seems highly likely that the information is correct as it would seem odd for someone to put privacy protection on if the previous information wasn't correct (although there would be a remote chance that they didn't want to get "caught" using someone else's data – doubtful, but a possibility).

  10. Strangely( author ) :

    Oct 7, 2009 3:22 pm |

    Thanks Paul.
    I dunno what happened with the 'help' bit. I must have gone blind for a bit. Anyway, it's fixed now and the real seems to be dead at the moment.

    The thing is that are invisible now to a cursory WHOIS. How did you get the data, historic or otherwise (please use the contact form if you don't wish it broadcast). I'm still on a continuous learning process for all things technical regarding the internet.

    As for your information, I agree with you and assume there's a lot of reality tied up in the registrant's info. I've seen some people use the same address and then multiply register with lots of very similar names; like Lin, Lion, Linn, Lunn, Lund etc
    <div><iframe width="425" height="240" frameborder="0" scrolling="no" marginheight="0" marginwidth="0" src=",244.3,,0,5&cbll=37.117513,-113.597223&v=1&panoid=Og7KxO-cwlUdz_HOT2POUQ&gl=uk&hl="></iframe><small><a id="cbembedlink" href=",244.3,,0,5&cbll=37.117513,-113.597223&ll=37.117513,-113.597223&layer=c" style="color:#0000FF;text-align:left" rel="nofollow">View Larger Map</small></div>The address is the same as the's domain registration (site currently down for maintenance) and it certainly looks like a car sales place in StreetView. Maybe Jason was a kosher car guy and then got sucked over to the dark side by someone up the hill so that he retrospectively felt the need to cover his tracks… I'm musing.
    Initially, I did think it was a 'Double-Bluff' given the name and because like you, I treat all this info with a large grain of salt. But it really does look like more of the same output I'm getting al-mightily sick of seeing emanating from Utah which has to be the sunniest pot of devilment on the planet.
    Florida is second. How are you getting 'Jon McCourt' to stop? It's a straight scrape-off of your work but you're not Oprah with pots of money, he may stop anyway…, so I really feel for you. See whois

  11. Victim :

    Nov 3, 2009 1:20 pm |

    Paul, you are correct, the owners are Vowell and his brother, Todd. Suspected scam artists in St George, UT. They are under investigation for fraud by the UT Attorney General. Exec Car Sales was put out of business by GMAC. The Vowells own and operate dozens of other dubious businesses. Try Utah Department of Commerce, Business Entity Search. The business name as filed is SCAMVICITIMHELP.COM LLC – Note the misspelling.

  12. Strangely( author ) :

    Sep 9, 2009 8:56 am |

    Doing a Google search on the killer text "a combined work experience of 25 years in the " produces only a few results.

    One of these is for this thread which started last April,

    In this thread, they have a link to the Washington County Sheriff's office in SW UTAH ( ) which details all the local arrests, with pictures, in the previous 48 hours. I've missed it (obviously), but at one point they claim to have seen the owner of a scam victim help website who'd just been chucked in jail!

    In this link, Saundrak herself has provided some corroboratory evidence that this lot are an UTAH outfit, and also the 'recovery' figure of a 40% charge agrees with the other statements in the thread…

    So it's looking a lot less like Poacher Turned Gamekeeper by the minute and more like Poacher Turned Tactics.