Power, Peace and Poison

Nichiren Daishonin
Nichiren Daishonin

Similarly to the previous post, What is Health?, Daisaku Ikeda’s words last week encapsulated individual, respectful, freedom perfectly, and warns against the abuses of power that can so easily lead to doom and painful sufferings for people.  Eternal vigilance coupled to openness and discussion is the only way!

Shakabuku – to spread knowledge of the Lotus Sutra and it’s respectful way to live.

“The heart of shakubuku is compassion; it is also the spirit to refute error because of the suffering it causes–a spirit that transforms our compassion into the courage to fight against that which is wrong.”

“Hypocrisy is the exact opposite of compassion–specifically, the hypocrisy of knowing when wrong is being committed in the realm of Buddhism but doing nothing to address it. If such hypocrisy prevails, lies and pretence will become the norm and no one will speak the truth. This will ultimately lead to the spiritual and moral decay of society. Without a sound spiritual underpinning like that provided by a humanistic religion, the fabric of society will crumble. If erroneous teachings spread and seek to enslave then exploit people, they will exert a harmful and poisonous effect on people’s hearts and minds. That is why the  Daishonin stresses the importance of steadfastly and resolutely battling the ‘enemies of the Lotus Sutra.'”

“At first only Nichiren chanted Nam-myoho-renge-kyo, but then two, three, and a hundred followed, chanting and teaching others.” – The True Aspect of All Phenomena – The Writings of Nichiren Daishonin, Vol.1, page 385

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