Using Google Maps to Record the Creation of the World’s first Fascist Democracy

Okay.  Big title, and, I must admit, written after I spotted a link FROM Google Maps to this website in the logs!  It’s pointing to a post from last year.

The good bit is that someone has had the bright idea to make a map, mainly UK based, geographically highlighting incidents of draconian stupidity, crassness and deviousness in our increasingly un-free country.  Anyway, this is it!

View Recording the creation of the worlds first Fascist Democracy. in a larger map
So Moongold, whoever you are -thanks very much!

By Strangely

Founding member of the gifted & talented band, "The Crawling Chaos" from the North-East of England.


  1. Thanks again.

    I think I know what you mean now about the link. It's the effects of a plugin I've played with and it chucks out random Amazon links. This could explain some of the weird links that I've had to fix recently…

    I'm always tinkering with new things to see how they fit into the website. Sometimes they leave a trail of shrapnel or have unforeseen interactions with other code. In this case it's a simple setting I checked that's notionally interesting but ultimately annoying and misleading….

    The plugin is here:
    …and is called Amazon Widgets Shortcodes. The setting that had us foxed is called "Enable context links: Context links are hyperkinks automatically added on relevant keywords of your page."

    I've turned it off now..aah. That's better. Thanks for your input. It saved me a fair bit of head scratching!

    I've just noticed a typo in Oncle Tom's code there. It's fantastic! It SHOULD be real word – hyperkink!

  2. Re: sleepwalking – I guessed as much (laugh out loud he said in full, thereby avoiding a very annoying acronym).

    That late night attempt at humour came after discovering that the Martin Rees 'link' on your About page takes one to Sir Martin Rees on Amazon and his book Our Final Century which I guessed was intentional, but maybe not…?!

    Carborundum based bastards, an old favourite of mine too. Possibly over used I think, so from now on I'm adopting some form of whimsical buffoonery as a new motto.

    I will re-explore my Google map and refine my methods after your encouragement. Thanks again for that.

    I am also working on a new site idea of relevance to all this and will keep you posted.

    Excellent connection. Thanks again.



  3. Thanks Rees. Intelligent words well spoken, I like them.

    I have just read your 'Purpose' under 'What's it all about' and not only is it a wonderful description and definition of your own reasons and purpose but it also pretty much outlines my own need to take part in the world and especially the web.

    You may have convinced me to think again about the map. I was getting waaay too serious about it before and allowed any sense of 'whimsical buffoonery' to be swamped by 'righteous fury' which is too close to the edge of incandescence for comfort. A little 'WB' is a fine defense and one I shall deploy in future at random intervals.

    You're quite right about the unstated purpose and real motivation of Government and also about our duty to what we believe in, to idealism and to keep shouting the truth as we see it as loudly as possible.

    PS. The tee shirts are only partially successful but worth a try. I believe a version with amplification and flashing lights might stand a chance against inertia and blinkers, but then again it would be a b****r to wash.

    Also I loved your recent talk on TED, I am a big fan of the TTalks – however do you find the time 🙂



    1. Thanks Moongold.

      It's not me on TED, unless I've been sleepwalking. I DO share the same name as the Astronomer that who you mean?

      As a nearly final, all-encompassing thought, I usually revert to a psuedo-Latin quote that is both serious and funny.

      Null Illegitimo Carborundum

      ..which means, "Don't let the bastards grind you down!"

      As for your map, maybe spread it out a bit so it's not so cluttered? This would involve not so much examination of events on this isle, but across the wider world as well. Little Britain wouldn't look quite so bad then, all blued-up with arrows!

      Seriously though, the actions IN this country that you've documented so well with your markers, are symptomatic of a fearful little Britain under a siege mentality. This will not ultimately be dispelled without some openness of spirit from everyone, not least the mass-market media which undemocratically drive so much of public opinion.

      In this I'm reminded that the Icelandic banks collapsed due to the persistent 'leadership' actions of only a dozen people (nearly all related).

      That's the sum total of newspaper chiefs in this country!

      Cheers again,


  4. Hi, 'tis Moongold.

    I'm both tickled and chuffed that you have picked up on my Google map. Thank you. As a subscriber to your own musings this made me smile lots 🙂

    I have pretty much given up updating the map and had posted to that effect on the accompanying blog only the other week.

    This was for two reasons – I had allowed myself to become distracted and increasingly angry by the immense mendacity of our current regime, allowing my Google map to become diluted by angry London based placemarks related to Government Bills, Police politicization and Ministers spontaneous yet muddy law proposals, rather than concentrating on the crucial yet small, everyday reactions to this top down disdain for people that keep appearing every day all over the country – my original aim.

    I had considered trying to tidy the map up but decided against it after feeling weak one day.

    The second is that my daily reading about the incredible direction being taken by this disgusting government and their casual passing of some of the most undemocratic laws in the world meant that I couldn't concentrate on being creative, my prime love.

    Time spent on the map was bleeding away creative thoughts and beginning to make me feel almost unwell with anger.

    One of the main jobs of our damn Government as I see it is to defend democracy, as little as we know it, and at this they have failed in spectacular fashion.

    If you or any of your readers have thoughts on this please pass them on.

    I keep thinking of revisiting the map so any thoughts would be more than welcome. 20,000 views so far is pretty amazing.

    To keep me smiling in the street I've put a little of my creative energy into 'CCTV Can't See Me' umbrellas which might amuse your readers. I use mine come rain or shine.

    Thanks again for the mention

    Keep up the good work.


    1. Hi @Moongold.

      Nice to hear from you. The irony of self-subscription isn't lost on me! The map is pretty chocka-bloc so I can sympathise with your desperation, if that's the right word. I too become physically unwell with worry/grief/despair at the bad things in the world. My release is a bash at whimsical buffoonery or such-like, just enough for a blast of reality to wash away the blackness.

      I think it's my duty to continue to speak out from my small platform here despite all that. If I say nothing then what am I here for?

      I fundamentally disagree with your view on the duty of a government. The government is just a thing, seeking to maintain the status quo, continually under pressure from vested interests. It's the duty of every person, IMHO, to defend democracy, not the government. A Fascist or other one-party state is hardly likely to want to defend democracy. the people must fight to get it and fight to maintain it. Eternal vigilance is the phrase. Use it or lose it.

      …and therein lies the problem. When the majority of the population are fit and well, housed, clothed and fed and gainfully employed, the need to fight for something that is perceived as already won and present naturally diminishes. It's up to the few to remind everyone about the chip, chip, chipping that's going on at our freedoms which are blithely taken for granted.

      BTW. I like the "I Haven't a Nectar Card" T-Shirt. That's something that pisses me off every time in a supermarket although the pleasure I get when I condescendingly say "no" is a small compensation.

      Thanks for your input,


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