Atishoo! Atishoo! All Fall Down.

According to UK Gov., in a project instigated by Gordon Brown, the Prime Minister,  the greatest threat to our national security is not terrorists, rampant armed youths or family breakdowns; no, it’s the flu!

Flu pandemic tops risk register was the news first thing this morning while lying in bed.  That really cheered me up!

Co-incidentally, this message e-Passports fail cloning test arrived in my morning emails.  Electronic Passports (and by deduction, ID Cards), failed security tests.  So they are useless.

Also, yesterday, I was just thinking about “The Postman”, the post-apocalyptic Kevin Costner film, and how it’s actually one of my favourites on many levels.  The fact that it wasn’t well received doesn’t bother me, much like the fact that our Crawling Chaos music continues to wind people up.

“…..discard the ignorance associated with evil and delusion, and take as one’s basis the awakening that is characterized by goodness and enlightenment” – Nichiren Daishonin / The Entity of the Mystic Law – WND1, page 418

Q. So how is this all connected?

A. Simple.

  • The film represents a post-apocalyptic society that made it’s own frightening rules.
  • The flu is the most likely apocalypse facing humanity now, as it always was.
  • The government’s insistence on using ID cards and concentrating the nation’s fear onto “foreigners” and “terrorists” is seriously flawed.
  • The 42 days rule.  Instigating the facility to lock people up without trial and the very easy potential that this “law” can be subverted in a national crisis (say a pandemic!), leaves the door wide open for the kind of extreme, violent, misogynistic and survivalist society depicted in the film to very quickly develop.  (I’ve already talked about how the Nazis took control in the 1930s previously – the key to the future is always in the past).
  • In a panic, with reducing population and command structures, this “42” law would be wheeled out to hit anyone who even slightly disagreed with the people in power at that time.

So what to do then?

  • Drop the 42 days law.
  • Drop ID Cards.
  • Get proper security – the £10,000 million that’s earmarked for ID Cards could pay for a policeman on every single corner of the land. A true visible deterrent to all sorts of crime.
  • This would immediately stop drive-by shootings and random stabbings.  It is, after all, what happened in London in the 1800s when the “bobbies” were first brought in to quell the utter lawlessness and carnage on the streets of London.  They were positioned to be no more than a whistle blast away from each other so could call for help when needed.  Guess what – it worked! It would reduce the opportunity for your odd mad bomber to make his way unchallenged to his target as well.

By Strangely

Founding member of the gifted & talented band, "The Crawling Chaos" from the North-East of England.