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Oct 092009

Last updated on December 1st, 2010

I saw the Tory leader, David Cameron’s speech yesterday and then later watched all the knowledgeable punditry give their opinions on such shows as “Question Time”, “Newsnight” and elsewhere.

After it all, I was suddenly reminded about Obama’s meeting with Cameron in December last year (2008), when, after noticing Cameron’s desire to denigrate everything European by building walls between ‘them’ and ‘us’ and his sycophantic attempts at UK-USA matey clubmanship, Obama remarked to an aide,

What a Lightweight (link)

It’s my guess that this astute observation will come to haunt Cameron in the years ahead, no matter how much entente cordiale is exchanged and oil poured on the waters.

Yesterday’s speech was actually Cameron’s golden moment – the one point that occurs in everyone’s life to rise above the morass of humanity and make a distinctive mark in history.  Most people fail, but trained politicians can usually make a good effort at the appropriate rousing rhetoric that appears to be “the moment”.  A turning point.  Or at least memorable!

They know how to do it, it’s their job and they’ve seen all the great speeches.  Cameron’s was not great and was not inspiring.  He has everything going for him currently with massive local election gains and a weak government in it’s final death throes….  But he blew it (and I’m glad!).

What a Lightweight

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