Cannot Find British National Party (BNP) membership and contacts list? (April 2009 version)

Nasty Nick of the BNP
Nasty Nick of the BNP

There’s something weird about the recent ‘leak’ of BNP members’ names.  The list is available on the Wikileaks website here:




There’s currently some trouble with downloading due to server overload.  Also, people are complaining that the file is a binary Excel workbook containing several worksheets.  It’s about 1.5Mb in size.  I’ve saved it as a standard Excel workbook which is 6.5Mb, quite a bit bigger, but friendlier.  If anyone wants it, drop me a line using the secure contact form in the top menu.  I haven’t the time to properly database it to get decent information from the data….(but see below for it’s veracity)

Nazi Nick in the National Front
Nazi Nick in the National Front

What’s weird is that the BNP claim it’s a fake list…!! (The last time this happened they were outraged at the leak ironically claiming loss of civil liberties, individual freedom and privacy, which is a bit rich coming  from the inheritors of the Nazi tradition.  A disgruntled Nazi was later fined £200 under data protection laws.)

Now I’m not sitting any BNP scum at the top of my ‘honest & honourable folk’ list, but suppose, just suppose that the Griffin with the twisted face is telling the truth.  Literally.  Just suppose that the list really is forged…

In that case, answer my favourite question when unlikely events happen and some reason needs apportioning, which is:

Q. Who Has Most to Gain?

A. The BNP!

It’s obvious really!   By this act they’ve amassed a whole heap of free publicity prior to the BBC’s Question Time show this week.  At times like this, there are no co-incidences.

It’s my guess that this is an example of the classic double-bluff.  George Smiley would be proud.

The BNP have amassed a list containing a few old member’s names and a heap of duds, then  posted it out onto Wikileaks themselves with the express purpose of self-promotion.

By this means, they’re trying to appear as the poor down-trodden underdogs, standing up for individual freedoms!

The technique is exactly the same as the Google Treasure Chest thieving scammers from UTAH who’ve posted online articles that purport to disclose the scammers and their operations but in actual fact, those same articles then try and flog more scam thievery!  (see Watch Out for the Scam Double-Bluff!)

A similar internet scam is the recent surge in fake anti-malware that actually installs the malware – and gets you to pay for the privilege!  (see Millions tricked by ‘scareware’)

It’s all the same – a double bluff!  Something disguised as something else!

By Strangely

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  1. The BNP is a legal political party of the UK. This is a disgraceful event. I suspect that New Labour and their political masters are behind this leak. It's worried that the White people (true British People) have seen through their own web of lies!

    1. @Neil Dalton
      On the face of it, that’s a valid point. Surely, (it can be argued), a democracy can protect itself from fascists and other totalitarians of all skin colours?

      The answer, of course lies in our recent past. Hitler and his chicken-breeding psychotic sycophants were elected to power and then instantly destroyed the democracy that elected them. The rest, as they say, apart from the poor 100 million who had to die to get rid of the fuckers, is history.

      In Griffin’s and the BNP (or whatever it’s wrapping itself in these days) case, we must all endeavour to ensure his creed and his ilk are squashed at every possible opportunity because as sure as eggs are eggs, that’s what he’ll do to me and people like me in this country if he ever becomes more than an annoying bum-boil on society.
      Remember, from his own mouth he has condemned liberal thought, a key component of FREEDOM.
      So we know his true intent towards freedom and democracy, don’t we? And by casting his stones thus, he reaps the whirlwind. Why all this feigned surprise when people fight back using their own methods…? They’re pathetic.

      As Shakespeare said, “methinks he doth protest too much”.

      I heartily disagree with your quote about “new labour and their political masters”.

      • For one thing, who exactly are new labour’s political masters? It’s a meaningless sentence without substance, and you know it!
      • Secondly, what use would a leaked list of names, much of which many BNP folks have said is wrong and incomplete, be to new labour alone? Surely it would be advantageous to all political parties except the fascists using your logic? Yet you only say new labour? Funny that?

      The answer, is almost certainly exactly as I’ve said – that is, it’s double-bluff by the fascists to make themselves appear as a down-trodden underdog, assailed by all and sundry for having ‘valid’ political views. And all nicely timed for Question Time. Ha Ha Ha. As you’ve demonstrated, the fascist foot soldiers are now running round the blogs stoking up the fires.

      As for ‘true British people’ as you say. I for one can’t wait until all those Saxons, Angles and Jutes fuck off back to Germanica and Jutland where they came from. Everyone knows that the natives (the Welsh) are the most beautiful and attractive people around.

      But seriously, I’m not an avid fan of Murdoch and his papers, but this link below is a really good bit of inside work done this summer at a “family fun day” for the BNP, or National Front as many in the crowd kept calling themselves as they jack-booted around burning effigies, threatening the same to real people and charging after others with axes…
      See Angel-faced racist aged 12: Girl burns golly at BNP fun day for the full horror of it all and then shudder as you realise a world with Griffen in charge…

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