Dangerous EffectiveCleanse – and Scams Too!

PreScript Advice

If you think you’ve had your bank ‘cleaned out’ by any of a multitude of ‘life cleanse’ or ‘colon cleanse’ type internet scams, there is only one real remedy
Ask for a charge-back against the company through you credit card company. Your reason, when asked, is that the company has either:

  1. Not adhered to their own claimed ‘Terms and Conditions’ or
  2. The company cannot be contacted through their advertised channels

If the company fails on any of these two key points they have no excuse not to refund you. In fact, if they deliberately make contact difficult, it’s criminal.


Dangerous Scammer Investigation

danger-sign-crossIt all started with a ping to my website from the Drupal Forums (see http://drupal.org/node/608514).

It turns out that the webmaster was using a piss-poor Californian host called byet.org.  This host detected when an Amazon advert was going through and redirected it to the viper’s den called MyBookFace.net, taking a nice skim on the profits in the process (see my articles on the crippling con website here https://strangelyperfect.tv/5552/mybookface-crap/ and here https://strangelyperfect.tv/5612/mybookface-google-utah-and-nevis-scamboys-united/)

MyBookFace.Net Again

The redirect was still working on the user’s website (devoted to head and neck cancer, https://www.squamoussupport.info/).  The key bit is to click on the head and then the Amazon Store link in the bottom right.  Sure enough (today), you get taken to MyBookFace.net!!!

It’s like the return of a boil on the bum for me. Now, depending on how you access this shit-hole, you’ll see various things.

The first page is sometimes loaded with “White Teeth” ads, from you know who(see here and here for instance), which are accessed via a false newspaper ad containing the key(yukky)word “mom”.  Sometimes it’s Mary Steadman — again!

I’ve had two popups, several hours apart during my checks, that both claimed I was the lucky 1,000,00th visitor to the site and thus deserved a prize!  This popup by-passes the pop-up blocker in IE8.  Give it a go – you too can be the 1,000,000th visitor!!!

If you allow further pop-ups, the fun really starts!

More Fun With MyBookFace.Net Popups!

Danger GeneralDuring one session, using the ‘Private Browsing’ feature in Firefox, I got the Mary Steadman fake newspaper ad again – wahay!.  In this were two adverts; for Acai and Colon Cleansing.

They both originated from the same place and had similar designs.  The Acai one (at acaiberryexclusive.com) I left, because the Colon one has some VERY, VERY DANGEROUS CLAIMS in it.  (The Acai ones were very similar, actually, but I’m trying to keep this post short-ish)


EffectiveCleanse.com loads with the strap line “Life Cleanse”.  It’s contact address is in County Durham in the UK again! (just like all the UTAH scams).  This time the address is:

LB LFP Internet Ltd.,

101 Deneside,


Co Durham,

DH7 0LZ,


A small hunt for this address produced several companies, all apparently squashed into someone’s living room only a mile or so from the UTAH scammers elsewhere in Co Durham!  There are many unhappy folk about who’ve had dealings with companies at that address.  Similarly for the company name itself...

EffectiveCleanse Claims

Effective Cleanse Antioxidant. Get Your Risk-Free Order Trial Now
Effective Cleanse Antioxidant. Get Your Risk-Free Order Trial Now

Everything is visible on the full-screen dump in the image here by clicking on it.  Their claims would be laughable if they weren’t so dangerous. (In many respects, the claims are very similar to those of Monavie, currently being investigated by Vogel, Cyberxion, Food Tech of California and others on this entertaining post by LazyMan about the scurrilous Monavie here: https://www.lazymanandmoney.com/monavie-scam-was-my-wife-recruited-sell-snake-oil/#comments)

  • Possible the most dangerous claim that this company makes is that it will “Repair Digestive Tract”!!!    This is seriously bad stuff.  There are only two ways to repair your gut and that’s either surgery or a massive dietary change, usually by stopping all alcohol intake, reducing fat consumption etc.  Some of the ingredients can relieve IBS and constipation by their topical application and ingestion from their fungicidal, antiseptic or mucilaginous  properties .  But this is not the same as “repairing the digestive tract” by any judgement.  Indeed some ingredients will make intestinal damage worse!
  • It also claims to break down DEADLY TOXINS!! Again this is a wholly unsubstantiated and untrue claim worthy of a prison sentence.  Let’s consider a few deadly toxins – cyanide & botulism, say.  Do you really think these few internet pills will stop death from cyanide?  Do you think that taking these pills would have saved the Jews in the cyanide gas chambers?  Of course not.  If they’d said “slightly bad toxins” that would have been more accurate.  But deadly?  That’s something else.
  • Helps prevent intestinal pathologies….  WTF! This one is good….  Pathology is the study and diagnosis of disease!  So they are claiming that this product will stop you from studying …er…various intestinal problems?  I repeat – WTF? !!!
  • The word “FLUSH” appears a lot – “flush out excess weight”, ” flush harmful toxins”.  Should it read “make you go to the bog a lot”, because it will.  Some of it’s ingredients also induce abortion and breast milk-flow but no warnings are given about this (shades of Thalidomide here).  Some have been found to cause cancer.  Some either bung you up or give you the trots dependant on the quantity taken!  It’s a bit of a fine balance between flush and bung.  I don’t think I’ll be using my guts as a testing ground!

Perhaps the funniest claim is that it will “Increase Focus and Energy”….   It’s a pity the author didn’t try and focus a bit harder.  Because further down the page is the mind-numbing misspelt paragraph which reads (I kid ye not):

According to National Geographic – “Human waste is a sinisteer(sic) world of monstrous creatures that feed on living flesh- Parasites” (sic) Parasites feed on Humans ams(sic) your body may house more than you know. The US alone contains widespread parasites accross(sic) the nation.

My spell-checker has gone berserk on that.  I can’t believe that National Geographic actually printed that!

And anyway, human waste in a healthy person is certainly not pathogenic.  The bacteria in one’s gut DO NOT “feed on living flesh” as they claim.  They are an essential part of living and without them, we’d all die.  If they mean worms etc, then again, they do not feed on your flesh – they feed on your gut contents!  They live on shit!

Terms Disagree with Claims

Effective Cleanse Antioxidant. Terms & Conditions
Effective Cleanse Antioxidant. Terms & Conditions

Well it had to be somewhere, didn’t it?  Despite all the criminally outrageous claims on their front page, their T&C actually states:

Our Products have not been evaluated by the FDA or EU Health Authorities, and Our Products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Fortunately, they have a UK contact number of  0044 20305 10825, which makes it a London number.  Why not give them a call and see which bit is correct – does it cure, or doesn’t it?

You’ll also see here, in small print, only once, that you’ll be charged £69 per month for 30 days supply.  Except it’s written thus:  “At the end of your 15 day trial period you will be charged GBP 69.”

Of course, upon reading the consumer complaints listed at the bottom here, you’ll find that many people can’t get through on the phone.  In that case, the information on their FAQ page to the question:

I did not place this order and do not recognize the charge on the credit card statement. I think it is fraud.

…should be taken with a large grain of salt.  The answer they give is that making a false claim of fraud is a criminal offence.  Er..no.  It isn’t.  All you are doing is to resolve a dispute over charges to your credit card that you consider erroneous.  It’s not a criminal offence to dispute the bill!!!! This is what they say to frighten you, and it’s only to frighten you:

We take Credit Card fraud very seriously and considerate it a crime. Our Risk/Fraud Department will verify that the transaction is indeed fraud and was not ordered by you. In such case we kindly ask you to contact us and our Customer Service Team will be happy to assist you. Please prepare the following information before calling or writing to us: name on your credit card, descriptor(s) on the charges, amounts, and date(s) of the charges, your billing and shipping address.

We would like to inform you that making a false claim is a criminal offense and you will be prosecuted if such claim is made. All information that you provide us, along with all related log files and IP addresses will be forwarded to the local police department and district attorney. In addition the governmental cybercrime agency will use this data to investigate and establish the physical location and computer from which the account was created.

If you can’t contact them through the phone, as many have found to their cost, the above information is doubly bogus.

On the other hand, the claims they make for the product on their main landing page, really are criminal.  There is no way in hell that GSK et al would dare say anything like this.


Anyone who has read mine and other’s Google Treasure Chest, Acai, Government Grant and  Teeth-Whitening investigations will suspect that there’s more to this business than County Durham alone.  They hide their domain WHOIS for a start.

Because of their secretive nature, their misleading and dangerous claims which are in plain contradiction of their T&Cs, and the ‘unreliability’ (and that’s being generous) of their customer service as evidenced by the many complaints, this bunch of clowns are much worse than a comedy act.  Scammer or crook?  I couldn’t possibly say, but fetch me a bargepole to poke them away.  Tommy Cooper would say “Scam-Crook; Crook-Scam.  Scam-Crook; Crook-Scam.  Scam-Crook; Crook-Scam.”

I’ll finish now, using words taken directly from their webpage by saying :

The US alone contains widespread parasites accross(sic) the nation.

(Mostly in Utah, from my experience, but not exclusively in the US.)

Extra Links(Just a few of the many complaints about this lot):

Imprint of www.acaiberryexclusive.com
LB Cassiopeia Media Limited LB Cassiopeia Media Limited
118 Fines Park
Annfield Plain
Co Durham
Tel: United Kingdom +38 616 004 917
Imprint of www.effectivecleanse.com
LB Eridanus Entertainment Limited
57 Langden Close
Co Durham DH8 7NG
Tel: United Kingdom +39 064 523 0442

Postscript (30/10/2009)

As with the Google Treasure Chest/Money Tree (Kit) bollox, because I’ve posted about the colon parasite scammers, this website is now attracting Google adverts from those very scammers.  I use advertising to help fund the costs, my payments in a round-a-bout way coming from the scammers!  I couldn’t possibly comment any further except  to point you to my privacy policy page.

By Strangely

Founding member of the gifted & talented band, "The Crawling Chaos" from the North-East of England.


  1. I remember the dazzlesmile scam from years ago. The whole thing was a mess. As far as I know the company was somewhat legit and some other guy or company stole the name and sold some bogus product. I did some research on the real ceo of dazzlesmile and it looks like he went to prison for what’s called theft by deception. Really makes me wonder if he really is as innocent as he claims to be about the whole situation. Who knows what the real truth is?

    1. @Laponi – the real truth is that Jesse Willms, the man behind the schemes (note the plural – he had many similar schemes hiding and sliding behind a myriad of front companies that cloaked their paths with a network of pan-global financial and mailing addresses.

      He (Jesse Willms) never went to prison and had quite strenuous terms exacted upon him for several years to curtail his business activities. These have now (or will shortly) lapse, so internet users beware! This is my article on his punishments:

      A fairly detailed article is on Willms here – https://www.theatlantic.com/magazine/archive/2014/01/the-dark-lord-of-the-internet/355726/

      You can read what I say about Willms and fellow scamster PWW in my latest post here: https://strangelyperfect.tv/18861/pacific-webworks-goes-quietly/

      I have now used a better method of displaying related posts to Willms and PWW from today which allows folks to see how much detailed work was done by myself and others into exposing the PWW and Jesse Willms’ scams. A list now appears at the end of a post.

  2. As the comment at https://www.broadbandreports.com/forum/r24698765- makes clear, the network of crookery is large, which makes the "plea" or "hint withy dire warnings" to not chargeback even more relevant on this site:


    This website throws up a phishing warning in Firefox as the security certificate is forged or not matching its source. lafincs.com (or lelhelp.net on the webpage) then go on to say:

    Chargebacks & Cancels

    If you have made it to this website, then you should have no reason to chargeback a transaction. We are here to assist you, whether you have decided you are unhappy with the product or have concerns over charges.

    I think I've heard the phrase "Our award-winning customer service call center" enough times to want to vomit.

    We see rubbish platitudes and self-congratulatory phrases like this all the time, even the mysteriously and currently silent dark lord said similar things.

  3. <iframe width="425" height="240" frameborder="0" scrolling="no" marginheight="0" marginwidth="0" src="http://maps.google.co.uk/maps?hl=en&ie=UTF8&layer=c&cbll=54.863126,-1.850683&panoid=KoHTj8C5Ru4MhW08USeWtw&cbp=13,241.06,,1,7.17&source=embed&ll=54.862697,-1.850687&spn=0.001482,0.00456&z=17&output=svembed"></iframe><small>View Larger Map</small>

    This is where LAFINCS.COM, a.k.a. LAFIN ENTERPRISES LTD hole up – it's an old prefab council house in our famous town of desperados and crisp products, Consett.

    Also at the same address is LB TJ WEB PRODUCTIONS LIMITED… see:

    Catchy Cash at 85 Durham Road are just round the corner! Weirdly, the address does not really exist! Check the map:

    <iframe width="425" height="240" frameborder="0" scrolling="no" marginheight="0" marginwidth="0" src="http://maps.google.co.uk/maps?hl=en&ie=UTF8&layer=c&cbll=54.861014,-1.849641&panoid=sWhDPu9SZdKhXUh1pnFw0g&cbp=13,22.25,,0,6.14&source=embed&ll=54.860908,-1.849642&spn=0.000371,0.00114&z=19&output=svembed"></iframe><small>View Larger Map</small>

    You'll see Outlook Optical who are at 87 and Wok 'n' Go who are at number 81 (according to yellow pages).

    This means the small house next to the Chinese takeaway is 83, which leaves the first part of Outlook Optical as 85 and the upper as 87 as it's obviously two properties knocked together.

    Whatever the optical place is (as a business with the same name is in Whitley Road across the Tyne), the property looks unused as a business from this streetview view, although they do have satellite!!.

  4. From various complaints online it seems that Trading Planet Ltd and other companies may be back in business (under new names).

    Also found this very interesting 4 page thread which has investigated these companies and the links between them in some depth.

    On page 4 is a post from 6th January 2011 which says:

    "Even though the scam started in July 2010, it is still going strong with a flurry of recent fraudulent charges. Same routine, same shell site, same bank runaround yet it goes on.

    Here's just one discussion with recent complaints:


    I filed a complaint at the fbi.gov site, I know others did too, yet nothing has happened. I wrote John Leyden with the Register about how prevalent this is and hope he chimes in since it involves organized crime using UK addresses."

    The recent complaints refer to unauthorised charges from Lafincs Consett (County Durham) – so it seems the County Durham UK Ltd companies are up and running again under new names? eg:

    Catchy Cash Ltd. 85 Durham Road Blackhill Consett County Durham DH8 8RR Companies House Registration Number: 7006949

  5. In a small co-incidence, on the day that Scottish spambot author Matthew Anderson is convicted (https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-north-east-orkney-shetland-11818671), we see that 10% of PCs are part of botnets and much of what they do, is send spam! See:
    https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-11811939 https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-11757347

    The investigation is all here:

    Whether my spam sources come via botnets or ISPs that don't mind being abused in such ways or from email businesses devoted to the task of spamming is irrelevant to me.

    It's still crap.

    It's still spam.

    It's probably dangerous to your PC or your pocket and thus anyone who deals in it is most likely crooked.

  6. Learn the Basics of Affiliate Marketing .This is an Excellent Wealth System: 'www.wealthsystem.eu

    1. I've let this particular comment spam through (after editing out the live links of course) to show the insidious nature of spam.

      Notionally, it's from a person with these details:
      farrell carlson

      The backlink is to 'wealthsystem.eu which when I looked had no WHOIS at all as the server was down… However, the IP address is in Turkey and is exactly the same telecom as the one that hosted a site that hacked my website not long after I started it. (i.e. before I got it hardened with permissions and .htaccess etc)

      Be that as it may, this site didn't crack my website and the link end up at just a review type promo for smiling Scott Davenport's "My Home Wealth System" which is comprised of a wodge of CDs and other baloney such as money statements, a limited time countdown timer, etc..

      Anyway, I hope this helps someone, by pointing out that much of what I get through this website and email, is spam – and I get an awful lot of it!!!. No matter how it arrives though, you should by now KNOW that it's always untrustworthy….

      Because in the old days, a cold call from a broom salesman was a pain, but at least you had a broom at the end of it. These days, you end up with nothing but trouble.

  7. WordPress comment spam.

    For those that don't know, this is crap that arrives at a WordPress powered website, this website, for instance, and is a way of putting automated backlinks to website owners. Invariably, this is to boost the website's SEO ranking because when I've checked them out, they're always pants.

    Today I got a pair of real pants spams here. They were almost intelligent comments which proves that the A.I. is getting better. However, their spam nature is revealed by the inappropriateness of the subject to the return web address, plus, both had the SAME IP address of:

    This is a ComCast address with an interesting entry of:

    NetName: CBC-UTAH-12

    Well I never!

    The web addressees were to:

    'https://www.wisdomteethutah.net/ after commenting on my fine post of https://strangelyperfect.tv/356/hey-techno-techno-… by saying:

    That's a shame the RAID doesn't work. Its a good thing I found this because I was considering getting that myself.

    …and to:

    'https://www.alwaysaffordablehomes.com/ where they said, after commenting on some further words from myself entitled, https://strangelyperfect.tv/307/china-plastic-bags… ,

    It's too bad that people can't be more responsible with the environment. We should be more considerate. Look at europe – they recycle so much more than us…

    The wisdom teeth lot are here:

    Utah Valley Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery

    480 West 800 North

    Orem, Utah 84057

    …and the affordable homes are here:

    494 West 1300 North


    "Hang on!", I thought. "That first address looks familiar!"

    So pop it into google with an extra keyword of SCAM like so,

    …and you find, top of the list, a website devoted to colon cleanse reviewing, I kid ye not!

    Deb (for it is she) at 'https://www.debscoloncleansereviews.com/tag/purity-12/ pulls out the unsurprising information that "Purity 12" is a scam – and it's located at exactly the same address as the wisdom teeth folks!

    Doing the same for Salisbury Homes pulls out one RipOff Report back in 2005, so hey, not so clear cut, eh?

    Q. What's it all mean?

    A. I dunno, but I may pop in if I ever go to Utah and find out. In all likelihood, it's yet another mail drop account.

  8. It seems like several of those dodgy County Durham companies are no longer in existence:

    "Twenty-seven companies involved in the mis-selling of health supplements have been wound up in the High Court following an investigation by Company Investigations of the Insolvency Service.

    The investigation found that all of the companies (see list below) had their registered offices in the County Durham area but traded internationally, mainly from locations in Barcelona and Malta by placing "Free Trial Offers" for health supplements on numerous websites."

    Commenting on the case, Stephen Speed, Chief Executive of The Insolvency Service said;

    "The Insolvency Service is determined to come down hard on companies who seek to rip off the public by mis-selling products. I urge all consumers to be vigilant when it comes to ‘free trial offers’, and remember if it looks to good to be true, it often is."

    Analysis of the available records for just seven of the companies found that they had turnover in excess of $19 million in the period August 2009 to March 2010 which was processed through merchant accounts based in Germany.

    The products offered by the companies included Acai Berry Detox, Acai Power, Effective Acai, Acai Detox, Absolute Acai, Colon Cleanse Fresh, Colon Purify, Life Cleanse, Resveratrol, Resvmax, Miraculous Teeth Whitening, PureClean Teeth, Dermasensation and Dermainfuse.

    "Winding up petitions were presented on 21 June 2010 against:-

    LB Belvedere Limited, LB Cygnus Media Limited, LB Deluxepass Limited, LB Eridanus Entertainment Limited, LB Evil Angel Limited, LB Friendfinder Limited, LB Global Web Solutions Limited, LB Internet Media Productions Limited, LB Ilogic Solutions Limited

    Winding up petitions were presented on 22 June 2010 against:-

    LB LFP Internet Limited, LB Lyra Entertainment Limited, LB Nomad Media Limited, LB Pegasus Media Limited, LB Price Communications Limited, LB RSC Limited, LB Southint Prop Limited, LB Watt Media Limited

    Winding up petitions against the following companies were presented on 23 June 2010 and on 25 June 2010 the Official Receiver was appointed as Provisional Liquidator of the companies:-

    LB Carsed Marketing Limited, LB Nakedsword Limited, LB Cassiopeia Media Limited, LB Cybernet Entertainment Limited, LB RHS Limited, LB Pride Studios Limited, Intercontinental Consignment Logistics Limited and Gillmap Limited

    Petitions to wind up Fyso-UK Limited and H5-UK Limited were presented on 13 July 2010."

    Full story:

    I see Gillmap Limited is on the Insolvency Service list (dazzlewhite / dazzlesmile) – so Jesse Willms is also connected to this pile of poop!

    1. It's the return of Charleston, Nevis again though!

      That link of yours, https://www.complaintsboard.com/complaints/new-nam… , about Jesse Willms, had a comment just 50 mins ago about this website.


      Yes, it's another fake news site.

      However, the links are for "Speedy Buys", which must be US as my UK IP gets redirected to,


      A WHOIS on this pulls out:

      Whois Record

      Email Search:

      is associated with about 442 domains

      Registrar History:

      1 registrar

      NS History:

      1 change on 2 unique name servers over 0 year.

      IP History:

      1 change on 2 unique name servers over 0 years.

      Whois History:

      6 records have been archived since 2010-06-24 .

      Reverse IP:

      160 other sites hosted on this server.


      Registrar: MONIKER

      Registrant [21920]:

      Domain Admin

      Ultra Herbal, LLC

      Hunkins Waterfront

      P.O. Box 556


      Nevis West Indies



      Administrative Contact [21920]:

      Domain Admin

      Ultra Herbal, LLC

      Hunkins Waterfront

      P.O. Box 556


      Nevis West Indies



      Phone: +1.8694690224

      It's like the return of the king…

  9. Yes the CTV thing is much improved. Except for one thing – they still keep referring to him as an "entrepreneur" rather than "serial scammer" / "thief"!

    MSN has been reporting on him too but at least they called him what he is – scammer :

    "Ever heard of Jesse Willms? If you haven't, then it might be a blessing. If you have, then you might be one of thousands of victims of his many Internet scams. The 20-something multi-millionaire scammer…"

  10. A repost of the CTV investigation mentioned a few months back…


    The video is wrapped inside a much better web page now compared to previously.

    Additionally, the BBB report on ol' Jesse is surely enough to make anyone "Just Think Twice" about having a go on SwipeBids.com See:

    In the report, they list a swarm of:

    business names,



    email addresses,

    phone numbers,

    business addresses,

    P.O. Boxes used by his scam shells,

    …all with the Willms' connection.

    Apparently, there are >2500 complaints and rising.

  11. May 28 2010

    Three companies involved in the mis-selling of health supplements including Acai Berry Detox, Life Cleanse and Resveratrol have been ordered into liquidation following an Insolvency Service investigation.

    An investigation by The Insolvency Service on behalf of the Government found that customers of Vivera Limited, Viv3lab Limited and Trading Planet Limited were enticed to sign up to a ‘Free Trial Offer’ that required only a small charge to cover postage and packaging, typically £3.95. However, if the customer failed to cancel the offer within the cancellation period, usually 15 days, they were deemed to have agreed to an ongoing supply of the product from the companies, at a cost of around £70 to £80 each month.

    The investigation found that the three companies were under common control and that between them, during March 2009 to November 2009, they dealt with over 947,000 customer orders in excess of £25 million. Trading Planet Limited and Viv3lab Limited also used the trading style ‘Healthscience’.

    Commenting on the case Alex Deane, of The Insolvency Services, Company Investigations said;

    “Companies using deliberately misleading offers for financial gain is serious misconduct and it undermines the confidence the public have in business. I hope the action taken on this matter sends a clear and simple message; if you set out to defraud you will be closed down.

    “This action should also serve as reminder to anyone interested in signing up for a ‘free with postage and packing’ offer, if it seems to good to be true, it usually is. Always check the validity of any company that requires your personal banking details and quickly inform your financial provider if you notice any subsequent unusual activity.”

    The grounds for winding up the companies were that the promotion of the ‘Free Trial Offers’ was misleading. In particular:-

    · The websites used by the companies misled customers into believing that the trial offer was risk free and limited in nature;

    · The terms and conditions of the offer were designed to confuse the customer and were not provided in any durable medium;

    · The length of the trial offer was not made clear. Customers were provided with a 30-day supply of the product, but had, typically, only 12 days from receipt of the product in which to cancel any future supply;

    · Charges to customer credit/debit card statements were applied in one of up to 23 different trading names in a deliberate act to confuse and mislead.

    The companies also failed to keep proper accounting records; failed to co-operate fully with the investigation and operated with a serious lack of transparency as to who controlled the companies. The investigation found that all three companies were controlled by a company registered in Malta.


    Well the UK limited companies structures may have been made insolvent but they took £25 million in 9 months last year so I doubt they are too bothered about that!

    Malta must be awash with cash.

    1. Yes. It's the £25m that needs tracking. It brings new meaning to the word "insolvent"!!! I'm wildly, abominably, insolvent by that definition….

  12. …and still the problem of the business model continues.

    In this case,


    …we see an obviously young person has borrowed her mum's credit card and then realised the dodgy nature of the deal. Now we can see the areas of responsibility that have failed here, but it does show that the continuously creaming business model has few checks and balances, and as the single comment says in a reply to the cry for help from the young person,

    phone them and speak to the accounts section, this is actually a scam so be prepared for the run around

    As we now know, hundreds have done this and failed at getting proper redress – but succeeded in having an awful run-around…

    1. The CSPI seem to know their stuff and have been going a long time. I’d never heard of them before you mentioned them, so thanks for that.

      As for Madoff…. his crime seemed to be using Peter to pay Paul. Jesse Willms’ and his ilk are wholly different – they just take money off Peter AND Paul!

    1. Good ol' charitable Jesse!

      It seems that the way to spot a new con-trick is to watch what Jesse does next! It the same thing though isn't it? Illegally suck money from people up-front via the subterfuge of impenetrable small print tied to bold advertising. Then hide customer 'service' behind a wall of denial and Fabian tactics.

      Just Think!

      Just Think, Con.

      Just Think, Jesse Willms.

  13. Interesting! The Alpine White Teeth website is registered to Ian Fleming (author of the James Bond books?!) with an email address of patrick.cosby AT gmail.com and a street address in Atlanta Georgia: 595 Piedmont Ave Atlanta GA 30308 USA Phone: +1.4043921450 A quick Google of the address shows that it belongs to Pak Mail – a mailing services company.

    The Florida address belongs to Everbright / Everbrite Smiles aka XM Brands who are being investigated by the Florida Attorney General.

    But… https://www.sitelogr.com/s/alpinewhiteteeth.com shows that the website is hosted in the UK with an ip address ( in – County Durham!

    There is another (identical) website at getmybrites.com/r/0007/terms.html – the only difference being the monthly charges: $62.90

    That domain was registered less than a week ago:


  14. The Utah scammers are back in the teeth whitening game – maybe taking advantage of Jesse Willms having to keep a low profile??

    Alpine White is the name (yes, really) but this snippet of info confirms it's the same people as those behind the Everbright smiles scam:
    (Full twitter feed is here: https://mobile.twitter.com/i/guest!/ewanetwork/)

    Their contact us address? Provo, Utah.

    Alpine White ∙ US Headquarters

    150 East Bulldog Boulevard

    Provo, UT, 84602

    Toll Free: 1-866-611-5645

    Unsuprisingly, the complaints are already coming in:

    1. Thank @Not kevin.

      One thing (or two) that you didn't mention from the Alpine White site is their terms and the bit right at the bottom of their main page.

      ONE: TERMS….

      The address is ANOTHER Florida address!!. This time,

      Alpine White ∙ Distribution Center

      7600 Alico Rd. Box 1222

      Fort Myers, FL 33912

      Toll Free: 1-866-611-5645

      Please note the wording of the terms….. the figure $42.90 pops up an awful lot. This is because there's an $42.90 annual membership fee!

      AND a recurring 30-day $42.90 fee for product supply at a special member discount price!!!

      You can't make this up, can you?

      Well you can, actually. For right at the bottom of the main Alpine White page are the words,

      Offer not valid in the State of Utah.

      W.T.F. ?

  15. Well spotted @Not Kevin.

    It's a well reported piece. They've zeroed nicely in all aspects of Willms' 'business model' and quotes that we've reported here – as have others elsewhere.

    They demonstrated his various websites, blogs and tactics, as well as the plethora of email addresses, phone numbers etc.

    They demonstrated his previous criminal activities and how he's ruined the legitimate teeth-whitener and been collared by Microsoft and Symantech.

    They chatted with Dr Oz and all that Acai bullshit etc.

    The only trouble is that they kept calling Willms' an "entrepreneur"!!! If they'd bitten the bullet and repeatedly and consistently used the term "THIEF" then things would've sounded much better!

    And would've been more accurate too!

  16. Latest Willms' teeth-whitening information for this week:

    14 March 2010: Willms' needs ANOTHER web designer! https://www.careerbuilder.ca/ca/JobSeeker/Jobs/Job

    15 March 2010: NCB11 news report from Colorado on Willms' operations complete with video and a guy who's been had for over a grand! https://www.nbc11news.com/localnews/headlines/8772

    15 March 2010: Pissed-off northerner makes a post on a teeth-whitening blog and complete with a video of Willms' shit on YouTube: https://www.whitenteethblog.info/whiten-teeth-scam


  17. Interesting little article here about one 'CPA affiliate network' wanting to differentiate themselves from the scammier players in their industry and dumping 15,000 of their affiliates in an attempt to "set themselves apart from “ad networks peddling nutraceutical diet remedies, cash grant opportunities, tooth whiteners and other non-branded campaigns of low consumer value.”"

    "non-branded campaigns of low consumer value" – I guess that's industry jargon speak for "scams" as the rest of us might call them 🙂

    "Rebill offers provided many with massive returns for little effort, but have been followed by a matching contraction in the marketplace as the credit card companies and the FTC have clamped down."

    So this Hydra outfit was happy to make hay while the sun shone and rake in the cash from "no consumer value" campaigns (Google Money Tree anyone?):

    … but now that things are looking a little shaky in the world of "non-branded campaigns of low consumer value" they have decided to take the ethical high road?? A bit like that facebook scam guy a few months back who was turning over a new leaf not because it was the right thing to do but because it was 'more profitable' for him to do so!!?

    Perhaps 'Hydra' is a rather appropriate name for this company which has a grown a new ethical head overnight!

    "Hydras are predatory animals belonging to the phylum Cnidaria and the class Hydrozoa" … "Biologists are especially interested in hydras due to their regenerative ability" 🙂

    From: wikipedia.org/wiki/Hydra_%28genus%29

    1. Low consumer value indeed!…

      Like the old maestro Jesse Willms himself, they will do and say anything, A.N.Y.T.H.I.N.G., to stay out of trouble while making a killing. Always remember that.

      Also, the "hydra" analogy is more appropriate than you first point out…

      In actual fact the creatures are named after the many-headed beast of Greek mythology, the Hydra, which has a constellation named after it.


      Every time a head is cut off – two new ones spring up in it's place!!

      This is exactly the behaviour of these scamsters and their multitude of websites, all interlocked by means of their referral and cash transactional systems, but easily redundant and then re-created as needs arise.

      Whimsical thought alert:

      I wonder if Hydra were named after "scroll scammers" in Ancient Greece, where you could learn to write a Greek Tragedy or oration to sell or perform to your friends and family upon purchase of a never-ending stream of useless scrolls. Hmmm.

      Your first link points out that Hydra runs,

      an affiliate program for Grant Seeker Secrets , which is operated by JRS Media Solutions in the Philippines

      This is presumably the operation that pops up all the time with an address in Pasig City…? Still no more info than before as it's outside the bounds of civilisation…

      But it's an interesting point you make (and is made in the links also) about multi-million Hydra and it's changing priorities….

  18. Meanwhile, back in the teeth-whitening and arse cleanout businesses of ol' Jesse Willms, the Colorado AG, John Suthers, has him in his NUMBER TEN top worst offenders list, published on Monday, two days ago.

    <a href="https://www.kdvr.com/news/kdvr-ag-complaints-030810,0,3684816.story


    The best bit is the statement relating to another scam company which reads:

    "So it does pay to make complaints," said Suthers, "And if you're one of 600 that have complained in regard to this energy rebate company you're one of the ones that are going to get a share in the 4.4 million dollars that we've recovered in that case."

    Obviously, if you feel ol' Jesse has taken you for a ride, get on the Colorado AG's list and wait for payday! The sums involved may very well be worth your while.
    <!– nurture-varietal –>

  19. Ha! Ha! I guess Jesse Willms doesn't want people to recognise him in the street or something – a Google image search turns up pictures of cats, trees, parrots and various people who are not him!

    Might be a bit hard to be anonymous though when your picture was splashed all over the TV (ABC 20 20, CBC News etc).

    1. …well I'm just doing "my bit" to keep ol' Jesse in the public eye…. We can't have people forgetting his past history, can we?

  20. Jesse Willms does spout a lot of bollokio on his blogs doesn't he!!?

    The one where he wants to warn you about scams is priceless: [ jessewillmsscams.com ] as is the one where he appears to interview himself and claims that he is an "honest businessman" is good for a laugh too!

    [ truthaboutjessewillms.com ]

    (Note the identical design and ip location:

    Canada – Alberta – Sherwood Park – Just Think Media)


    Found 24 domains hosted on the same web server as truthaboutjessewillms.com (

























    Funny how some of those sites don't seem to match his "ethical" claims on .jessewillmsscams.com – of not using celebrity endorsements or unproven claims etc…

    He has also registered the telephone numbers associated with the various scams as domain names, eg:

    1. 8669892690.com

    2. 8669898946.com

    3. 8669898949.com

    4. 40 more…


    I remember seeing a Just Think Media work from home "offer" which came out just after the Google action against Pacific Webworks – the page had had all references to Google removed and proudly boasted that unlike some other less ethical websites we do not use the Google logo to imply that our offer is somehow approved by or linked to Google (I forgot to save a screenshot so am paraphrasing but words to that effect….) – yes how "ethical" of them – nothing to do with the PWEB legal action of course!!

    But……….. hang on – in the comment by Mark A of Just Think Media made here: https://www.webcops.net/just_think_media_spam_scam… and several times on complaintsboard.com one of the Just THink Media "products/offers" is listed simply as "Google"!! Rather self-incriminating I think!

    866-989-8945� AcaiBurn

    866-989-8946� PureCleanse

    866-989-8947� ResV

    866-989-8949� Wu-Yi

    866-989-8950� Google

    AND…. earlier last year they were using the domain makecashfastwithgoogle.com to promote a Google Kit scam: https://www.google.co.uk/search?q=makecashfastwith

    So if Google's lawyers are still looking for those 50 "John Does" named in addition to Pacific Webworks they might want to take a look at Just Think Media (as well as Market Leverage, Convert2Media etc etc…)

    1. @Not Kevin

      Neat list and IP sourcing!

      I've noticed the overlap with PWW for some time now…. As for all the CleanWillms.com and SqueakyNiceCanadianEntrepreneur.com websites….? As I said before, ol' Jesse Willms will say and do….


      Like yourself, I too wish I'd taken a few more screen-dumps a while back. I use ScreenGrab, the Firefox plugin which makes it all a no-brainer, nowadays.

      1. @Not Kevin


        <a rel="nofollow" href="https://strangelyperfect.tv/wp-content/uploads/JesseWillmsNolanPaquet.jpg&quot; rel="nofollow"><img class="alignright size-thumbnail wp-image-7340" style="border: 5px solid black; margin: 5px;" title="JesseWillmsNolanPaquet" src="https://strangelyperfect.tv/wp-content/uploads/JesseWillmsNolanPaquet-86×86.jpg&quot; alt="Jesse Willms and Nolan Paquet" width="86" height="86" /> This link that you mentioned is an old one from last summer. Right after it, Nolan P (one of the guys in the now famous Jesse Willms picture), claims to be a simple hired hand at the company and can see nothing wrong with it!!

        This was part of a trend where scammers posing as employees would go round the forums apologising for "any misunderstanding" etc… they soon got shot down though, so it doesn't happen so much now.

        The original location for the snap (http://meetinnovators.com/adtech-new-york-cocktail/) has now had the photo removed with a later comment to re-instate it for a complainer's class action lawsuit!!

        However, this is it above!

  21. Just Think!

    What a co-incidence….

    Last year, it was @Not Kevin who informed me about the plethora of "blogs" that Jesse Willms had set up. Things like:





    These all appeared (and are still dated) at about the time that Oprah started her court case against him and his business. See this CBC video report:

    Following this, we had the laughable effort by ol' Jesse neatly summed up in this website:


    Now, in January there appeared yet another website from good ol' honest and truthful Jesse Willms.

    From memory, I'm sure that the domain was filled with a few more pages than currently – but whatever – there are only two pages now. It's here, a straightforward domain for Jesse:


    Reading the Jan 31 post, "Painted with the same brush", Jesse laments that all the bad guys in the industry and the pathetically confused public are the source of his woes – in short;

    It's always someone else's fault!

    He states that it's every sorry ripped-off consumer's fault that they don't read the conditions, and mysteriously get confused by the confusing websites (mostly invented by himself, let it be known!).

    He states that it's the industry's fault for selling dodgy products whereas his are all top-notch. This means, he says, that his "good" stuff gets lumped in with all the "bad" stuff on the web.

    And as for the media? !! Well of course, it's all the journalist's fault for looking for a "shocking" story, as he calls it…. Most right thinking people would of course call this a "fair investigation into consumer complaints"….

    the trouble with ol' Jesse's journalist jibe is that those self-same journalists have given him ample opportunity to counter their claims – we have the videos!! See the link above and in earlier comments!

    So what's the co-incidence between Jesse Willms' one-post websites and his court summons'?

    My guess is that there's another big court case on the way because I've seen the honest Jesse bleat last year just as Oprah struck, and now he's bleating again!

    I wonder if it's anything to do with the "failed class action post" on Craig's List that I mentioned the other day?


  22. Even more on Jesse Willms…

    I got a Google Alert this morning about a Craigslist entry which says:

    Wanted: people who were scammed

    I would like to organize a Class Action lawsuit against Jessie Willms, the owner of "Just Think Media" who is responsible for the teeth whitening scams and …

    This is the link:

    Unfortunately, you'll see that the post has been "flagged for removal".

    The irony is that Craigslist has been in the news for harbouring scamster ads etc.

    But even more thought provoking:

    What if it's Jesse Willms who flagged the article for removal?

    After all, from all the people in the world, he has most to gain!!!

    Who checks the removal requests?

    .-= Strangely´s last blog ..What? No Google! Use Robert Allen Instead! =-.

  23. Just Think – Improved Service!!!

    JTM Reception

    Willms progresses by ignoring all complaints about his "business" and making a new website for his fancifully-named 'business'!!

    JustThinkMedia, since last October, have their business as justthinkincorporated.com

    This gets more and more impressive – incorporated indeed!

    Willms' business now needs ANOTHER web designer, things are so good in the scamming world. See this job here which expires in two days time. I'd go for it if you want to be in a team in 'a forward-thinking company committed to staying one step ahead of the <span style="text-decoration: line-through;">competition</span> law' – as it almost says here… (justthinkincorporated.com/vision.html)


    This is a screen-dump of the advert:

    Now What About JustThink Incorporated:

    What indeed?

    a very nice website. They have lovely offices with very nice glass and very nice brickwork. The toilets all probably work very nicely as well. The receptionist I've already seen her chuck journalists from the office! Oh Yeah!

    There's a neat bit, off to the right called:

    Improved Service to Reduce Complaints – Learn More

    Learning more, you'll encounter the following gem in the huge page of pointless drivel; pointless because you know that from the last few years of Jesse Willms' existence, he'll say and do anything to make money and stay out of jail;

    We go to great lengths to continually upgrade and expand our customer service. We want to make sure that everyone who interacts with JustThink Incorporated feels they’ve had a positive experience. From the top down all of our employees, executives, advertisers and affiliates are trained to minimize complaints and maximize customer satisfaction.

    In actual fact, you'll find that their prime method of minimising complaints – is to ignore them! So just as Willms ignores all court cases and law, he's now got all his staff doing the same!

    ABC at JustThink
    Well the proof of the above is in the two videos that I've seen already when the receptionist (is she his mother, I wonder?) boots the ABC.TV team from the premises for investigating complaints and then slams the phone down on a New Zealand TV team doing the same. See links here (it's a still from the video on the left):

    Other Proof:

    Well it's all the hundreds of complaints, the phoney phone numbers, the procrastination, the imaginary email addresses, the previous convictions for fraud and forgery….

    That's proof.

    Minimise complaints?

    It's a case of:

    See no complaints,

    Hear no complaints,

    Speak no complaints

    Why Join JustThink Incorporated?

    Why indeed? But you can find out here


    …that they've had a glowing review from MarketLeverage.com who say:

    JustThink Incorporated is among MarketLeverage's most dynamic and innovative consumer product marketing clients

    Well they would do, wouldn't they?

    MarketLeverage's phone number is 1-888-653-8372 as shown here, marketleverage.com/contact.php Now do a search on it and just look at all the shit on the Florida based outfit. Just look!

    Here are a few examples from the copious list of complaints from Jesse Willms' bedfellow.


    These involve huge unauthorised credit card charges, cold-calling intimidatory law calls and disappearing customer service!

    .-= Strangely´s last blog ..What? No Google! Use Robert Allen Instead! =-.

    1. Did a little googling on MarketLeverage and found this interesting thread – apparently the Florida Attorney General is interested to know which of Market Leverage’s affiliates promoted a teeth whitening scam called Everbright Smiles:

      Pweb gets a few mentions too.

      In between the idiots there are actually some sensible comments – eg:

      “That’s like saying you were refering buyers to a drug dealer, not actually selling it. Either way, you are part of the transaction.”

      “It is called theft be deception using deceptive marketing tactics to push consumers to what are essentially frauds. It is a akin to driving a bank robber to the bank and then when you get caught, you say, “I’m not guilty. I just drove the damn car!””

      “So please don’t try to justify scam rebills… You can only admit your a scammer and continue doing it or you can accept the truth and not promote it.”

      1. @Not Kevin

        This is exactly my angle!

        In legal terms, it's aiding and abetting a crime. It's a well-known term and meaning across millenia of time and oceans of civilisations. That is:

        Helping a criminal is the same as doing it!

        Now what PWW have done with their wonderful website designer and templates, and their online credit handling and domain hosting services, is made all the tools and referral links necessary to make a huge web of deceit, a forest of lies and a lake of deception.

        And each time a "sale" is made, they take their cut. Just like the Mafia.

        I especially liked the comments that said,

        "get yourself a lawyer" and

        "Set aside money now $10-50k to pay any potential fines that may come"

        This gives a good idea of the standpoint of lots of these people in the pyramid of con. (…sorry. Biz-ops and affiliates)

        It shows that they're well-prepared from previous experience, for the consequences and relative level of penalty.
        .-= Strangely´s last blog ..The Hell of Incessant Suffering and the Land of Tranquil Light =-.

  24. HeatherBirdLady really has it in for ol' Jesse Willms and his crooked crew….

    She's provided a pretty long list of his scum websites and a heap of things for people to do if they've been suckered by him!

    In fact, HeatherBirdLady seems to be a one-woman tornado solely dedicated to smashing Jesse Willms and like-minded scum to bits! See:

    One good point she makes, and which I've noted before, is that several scammers actually advertise by using complaints on ComplaintsBoard!!

    Finally, to show how this circle of scammy scumminess will never get washed down the plughole, in this post about Colocure from last month:

    …she pulls out an address that twigged my brain…

    ColoCure, LLC

    2510 Warren Ave. Ste 3334

    Cheyenne, Wy 82001


    This harks back to my very first investigation into this sort of thing when I stumbled upon Google Treasure Chest (GTC)! See:

    In this post you'll see that GTC was initially using this same Warren Av., Cheyenne address as it's place of business.

    Of course, we all now know that it was all stage managed by the creeps in charge of Pacific WebWorks (PWW), and that this Cheyenne address was either a mailing, or just a random address. This became clear in these two comments:

    …when Kamen said it was an agent address, and here:

    …when Holly got the run-around with non-existent phone numbers!

    Well what goes around comes around, and from HeatherBirdLady we now find that all of 5 weeks ago the 2510 Warren Av., Cheyenne was back in business as a scammers' address!

  25. That’s some list – one of the names on there is familiar (CONvert2Media) – back when all the Govt Grant scams started the trend which morphed into Google Kits, Acai, Teeth, etc etc this blogger [freegrantkitscams.com] did a good explanation of how these CPA affiliate networks (including CONvert2media) were/are instrumental in the advertising of these scams:


    Here you can find a cpa affiliate admitting that “some of the offers were owned by scum bags who were ripping the consumers off. They were not letting them cancel their free trial, they were not putting the additional charges anywhere in the disclaimer, and in some cases, they were automatically signing people up to multiple offers at once” – his solution? Find the offers that hide the terms and conditions below the fold and promote those!!

    Erm – surely any company which hides information about ongoing charges where it is unlikely to be seen automatically falls into the “scum bags” “ripping the consumers off” category!!?

    1. @Not Kevin
      I want to be a better salesperson! That D&J thing is a killer. I particularly like the phrase:

      250 words of crap and a buy now link used to cut it before – not so much now.

      ….which neatly summed up all the Kevin Hoeffer type offerings!

      Check out D&J’s post comments as well. They even have what I would normally call a spam comment, from Leonard. The hyperlink points back to buildalistquickly.com and I had a few, exactly like this, in my websites’ spam filters a week or so back.
      It has been a trend for some months now with some apparently innocuous, personal-sounding comment appearing in the comments. Of course it’s always back-links to what they innocuously call themselves; “internet marketers”….. I call them spiv racketeers.
      This is similar to them when they say “business opportunity” and when I refer to it as “plain theft”

      Tomato – Tomarto. What’s in a word?

  26. More info on Jesse Willms and handy teeth-whitening tips too!

    In this excellent thread on complaints board, the poster gives neat instructions about how to whiten your teeth at home for about 0.001 cents! (If you really must do such a thing…)
    There are a heap of ideas about what to do with poor old misunderstood Jesse as well!

    See https://www.complaintsboard.com/complaints/celebrity-white-teeth-c310984.html

    On top of this, I reproduce below a list of company names from the thread for everyone’s delight and information.
    As Stephen, who produced this list says:

    Just like Madoff, the scam artist Jesse Willms and his associates should be in jail and his company shut-down.
    They have made millions from scamming people – where is the FTC??

    This was 3 days ago, so despite ABC News visiting his business, despite all the recent court cases, he still keeps ploughing his own disreputable furrow.

    B-Line Revenue
    3837 Hollywood Boulevard, Suite A | Hollywood, Florida 33021

    7611 Preslar Court
    Windermere, FLORIDA 34786
    Email: info@convert2media.com
    Offices – 800.689.1260 Ext. 102
    AIM: Convert2Media

    A division of Intermark Media
    135 Crossways Park Drive
    Suite 203
    Woodbury, NY 11797
    Toll Free – 1-877-COPEAC-1
    Email: approvals@copeac.com

    6020 Cornerstone Court West Ste. 280
    San Diego, CA 92121
    Luke Smith | Network Manager
    Office: 858.677.0792 ext. 120
    Email: luke@motiveinteractive.com
    AIM: LukeMotive
    Ryan Berger | Affiliate Manager
    Office: 858.677.0792 ext. 156
    Email: rberger@motiveinteractive.com
    AIM: MotiveRyan
    Mike Schwartzberg | VP of Sales
    Office: 858.677.0792 ext. 117
    Email: mike@motiveinteractive.com
    AIM: MotiveMike

    CX Digital (IncentAclick)
    1255 Bay St. Suite 400
    Toronto, ON M5R 2A9
    Phone # 866.962.9764 (866.9.MAX.ROI)
    Fax # 800-887-9997
    E-mail: customerservice@cxdigital.com

    EWA (Ryan Eagle)
    EMail: advertising@eaglewebassets.com
    Phone: 805.680.8449
    Eagle Web Assets Inc.
    207 Willow Parkway
    Buffalo Grove, IL 60089
    Ryan Eagle
    aim: nXo
    Harrison Gevirtz

  27. Maybe the post on this blog by a affiliate of the CPA networks* explains the use of Cyprus and Durham addresses/companies (although not why those 2 locations in particular!)

    "I spent three days at Affiliate Summit, and a fair amount of that time speaking with Transaction Processors about the situation. Their summation, be compliant and transparent, or face certain elimination. There were several companies there touting that they can get continuity campaigns back up and running as before. Some using European accounts"

    From: https://www.jimlillig.com/?p=206

    (*CPA affiliate networks are those ethically challenged affiliate networks who run the more dubious "offers" (most of which are deceptive at best and usually outright scams – Acai, Google Kits, teeth whitening, colon cleansing and all that sort of crap..). CPA stands for cost per action whereby the 'merchant' (scammer) pays a fee for each 'lead' (say $30 to $40 per trial sign-up), most of which goes to the affiliate as a "commission" as well as a fee to the middleman (the cpa network).

    Look at almost any of the current online scams and behind the scammer is an army of cpa affiliates plastering the internet with their fake blogs/fake news sites to promote various dubious "offers" from aforementioned CPA networks.

  28. @Not Kevin

    It just keeps coming around, doesn't it? No amount of court cases stop the flow of crap. The link below is from 1st Feb 2010 – this year – and it's a rework of Google Money Tree again, but with a different tree!


    Lower down the 'article' in the 'comments' you'll see a neat phrase, which is a new one for me, and demonstrates the ingenuity of these folks and how they just whack in a 'cult of the moment' to rework their old games. It is:

    making money from youtube is so easy, find out how at tubepayday. com!

    Funnily enough, youtube is owned by Google. I wonder how this will end, and how or if PWW is connected?

  29. @HeadsUp – interestingly the links from weeklyhealthnews.org.uk redirect to the acai scam site via azjmp.com which means it is an affiiate tracking link for azoogle ads (aka Epic advertising):

    Azoogle ads/ Epc are being sued by the original holders of the dazzlesmile trademark as is Jesse Willms and Just Think Media. You can read all about their alleged deliberately deceptive marketing tactics in the lawsuit document:



    The Jesse Willms /Just Think Media dazzlesmile /dazzlewhite product also used an address in County Durham at one stage – even claiming it was their

    "World Headquarters" [Gillmap Limited 9 Broomhill, Stanley, DH9 8AZ Durham]

    WeeklyHealthNews.org.uk is registered to an address in China (yes these scams are multinational with Cyprus, Utah (USA), Canada and of course Durham all being particularly popular!)



    Registrant type:

    UK Individual

    Registrant's address:

    35 Shaanxi Bei Lu





    Hosted on the same server you will find Canadian and Australian versions: weeklyhealthcanada.com and weeklyhealthaus.com however their ownership details are hidden using WhoisGuard.
    http://whois.domaintools.com/weeklyhealthaus.com http://whois.domaintools.com/weeklyhealthcanada.c

  30. Also seen a variation of this scam, by the same company but now under the name of LB CyberNet Entertainment Ltd, online at http://www.absoluteacaiberry.com and http://www.effectivecleanse.com, with addresses listed at Suite G7, West Wing, Prospect Business Park, Leadgate, Consett, County Durham, DH8 7PW, UK and also Rivington House, 82 Great Eastern Street, London, EC2A 3JF, UK and giving contact numbers 080 8238 9891, or (+44) 2031399027. (Am putting full details in the hope of google picking them up, for anyone sensible who does a precautionary search before paying anything!)

    The really neat variation is this site:


    It LOOKS like it is a health news website, but the links for the other news sections go to metro.co.uk. Again there is a graphic suggesting that it has been certified by lots of media orgs. It’s written as if it is an objective report by a journalist who gets steadily more evangelical about the product. But down at the bottom is the bizarre notice “This webpage is an advertisement. This page is a fictious demonstration of what an individual who uses the advertised products could potentially experience.” Despite the gushing praise earlier on that “In conclusion, if you are a little doubtful about the effects of this diet, you need to try it for yourself; from our own test, the results are real” Truly absurd! Can anyone identify the (presumably real) journalist whose photograph is being used as the fictional “Helen Cohen”? I suspect that she has a valid legal case for the misuse of her image in this way!

    1. Thanks HeadsUp.

      We've found that most images are stock images and are widely available on the web e.g. Kevin Hoeffer etc!! in my original Google Treasure Chest investigations.

      However, in this case, I recognise the image as a French TV Newsreader (Melissa Theuriau) who has been voted as one of the most beautiful women in the world. So really, if she decides to sue, she will win as I imagine she's very careful about her public persona….!

      This is her:
      https://youtu.be/30v_g83VHK4 http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/M%C3%A9lissa_Theuria

      Leadgate and the London address pop up quite frequently in our research as well – quite often they are just plain council type semi-detached houses but no-one has actually got round to knocking on their front doors yet!!

  31. The latest United Kingdom initiative to combat scams and scammers like these ones is from HM Government called:


    The full details are here:

    Personally, there are no details of how much money and resources are being chucked at the problem, so I’m unclear of how effective it will be. My guess is that it will be like the USA’s Better Business Bureau (BBB), which is a toothless whinge-shop serving only as a place for consumers to vent their anger.
    The real teeth lie in law, of course, and in the USA the FTC, the FBI and a host of AGs see to that.

    Handily, and just like the Google Treasure Chest and successive scam websites, the “Scamnesty” has a countdown timer to let you know how long is left to run!!

    And here it is:

  32. hey strangely, just wanted to say that anyone with half a brian wont fall for this shit, these people who buy this junk are the same telemarketing mooches who buy shit from the same scammers every week, dumb ass redneck god fearin' americans who love to blow money on junk then whine and cry when they get burnt.

    love the blog btw, free trials for all! on me!!!

    1. yeah whatever….

      The trouble is that you're plain wrong. If you read through the comments you'll find many people who readily admit that they "should've known better" and yet were still sucked into the net.

      I guess you've never made any mistakes in your life?

      And if a thief mugs you, I suppose it's your own fault? That's your reasoning, isn't it?

  33. And here's another person that's just been diddled out of $1000 since August by the escalating number of side 'offers' that are neither asked for nor notification given that the mark will get charged:


    And just in, this person has been diddled out of over $4000… jeesh!


  34. Acai berry in durham DH9 8QZ UK is a big fraud whotakes your credit card details and deduct any amount they want I have charged $500 and havent recd any medicines.

  35. Secretly enrolled indeed. Here is what someone got charged (with the name of the charge and the date) after signing up for a 'free trial' of dazzle white. [It's from a post on complaintsboard.com]

    9/8 Varimi $4.95 1-866-797-7348

    9/9 Healthy Days $3.76 1-866-813-2894

    9/14 wellbhealth $48.92 1 866-796-7336

    9/21 Healhty Days $92.37 1-866-813-2894

    9/29 Pristine Health $79.28 1-866-676-4122

    10/6 Ultifreshwell $79.28 1-866-948-5508

    10/7 Great Health $92.37 no number

    10/9 Denta $9.46 1-877-804-3472

    10/13 accesscleans $48.92 1-866-847-7649

    9 seperate charges in just over a month!

    Speaking of dazzlewhite – they changed their name to dazzle smile and then to celeb whites then to shimmering whites and now they are called premium white pro [premiumwhitepro.com]

    Kind of the opposite of what an ethical company would do – create a brand and spend lots of money on brand awareness to promote it. Here they create a brand – complaints flood in so they just change the brand name and keep repeating the process!

    You do have to wonder what planet Jesse Willms is on with the statements on his various blogs!


    "Just Think Media has carved out its own niche in the supplement and information product industries. While these industries are often associated with somewhat shady business practices, Just Think Media, under my leadership, is bucking the trend."


    "Jesse Willms – one of the leaders in the diet and beauty industries – wants to warn you about diet scams! He is tired of all of all the rip-off artists that prey on the hopes and dreams of normal Americans who just want to look and feel better!

    Jesse is frustrated, because he is one of the only people in the industry who is NOT running a scam operation."


    "I’m not looking for short term cash, I’m looking for long term profits.

    Those type of profits only come from building your reputation so that you create repeat business and the best way to build your reputation is to always offer high quality goods and services."


    "Be particularly careful about claims rip-off artists make about the Acai berry. This is what to watch out for:

    2. Any company that claims their product has been endorsed by Oprah Winfrey or any other celebrity.


    Er, hang on – isn't HIS company being sued by Oprah for just that reason?

    And check out this post from the Oprah forums in January 2008:

    "I was wondering if anyone else was scammed by this guy, Jesse Willms. He had Oprah's picture and her story of endorsement all over his website until recently."

    Or this:

    Wu-YiSource.com (formerly wulongsource.com, also operating websites at oprahsdietsecret.com, myeasyweightlosstea.com, wu-yitea.free-trialoffers.com, and possibly others) is owned and operated by a man named Jesse Willms (he sometimes spells it Jesse Williams).

    From: https://www.wulongforlife.com/

    Seems to be a case of do as I say and not as I do with Mr Willms!

    1. Ha Ha.

      Well I guess it had to come. We've had them promoting their products by adwording themselves with the word "scam" to the top of the Google search and YouTube video piles, but I never expected them to be so blantantly fibbing in a "standard" website thing!

      It's propably Jesse's excuse for when he's hauled up before the judge again (what was the fine last time, a million or something?). He'll say,

      "But look! Listen! See my websites where I say this is REALLY bad? Therefore, I couldn't POSSIBLY be doing any wrong whatsoever because I wrote all those nice things, could I?" [Jesse gets sweet look on his face at this point. Butter in mouth refuses to melt. Earth stops rotating for a bit as hell freezes over.]

      Judge then goes,

      "Of course Jesse. All these nasty website people – and Oprah! All saying nasty, horrid things about you. What utter beasts! Now you go home with this nice bag of candy-floss and I'll make everything alright for you. Okay?" [just at this moment a WHOLE FLOCK of Flying Pigs whizz past the courtroom window and the immense draught from their pink wings and jetpacks wakes up the Judge who'd had a bit too much lunch. He then puts his little black hat on….]

      Ah. If only, just.

  36. And yet another comment at "Midwest Sports Fans" from someone who's had her bank raided by a multitude of un-asked-for 3rd party business 'deals'…


    After a lull during September – October, the frequency of this type of complaint is increasing in all the major scam-complaint/expose websites and elsewhere.

    What happens is that a person signs up for one product, has difficulty in cancelling the order, and then even if they Do cancel, they find that they've been secretly 'enrolled' into another sucky 'program'.

    Pure, unadulterated, scam behaviour.

  37. https://www.midwestsportsfans.com/2009/03/oprah-acai-berry-scam-hoax-rachael-ray-dr-oz-brad-pitt-angelina-jolie/#IDComment42302017

    This is another comment on a long-running post from a SPORTS WEBSITE. It was initially placed as an afterthought by the sports writer after a family member got conned.

    Initially, it started as an Oprah related scam for acai stuff, but of course, to show how intimately the scams are entwined, it also encompasses grants AND NOW, Colon Cleansing!!!

    A slightly earlier comment in the same thread also has a link to this website:


    …which clearly demonstrates this as it's flogging the two together!

    What the commenter, (A. Peralta), found was that in trying to cancel the order, the scammer would do anything to try and hang onto the money; first only offering 50% and then 85%. They said the 15% left was for "restocking"….?

    This is really grim in that not only is it still going on, but that the shysters are getting more shystery again.

    1. Thanks for that @Gratis Cat

      I read your whole article and really, IMHO, it does NOT belong under the classification of "Prank" that the website Zug is devoted to..

      No! This is real proper investigative journalism you've got there matey!

      I loved your clarification of the term "Customer Delight Manager" and your notion that Fox News is somehow crap… A kindred spirit indeed. I've put your YouTube video below. The audio call to the Returns Dept. is a bit hard to hear, but your transcription of it later on in your posting is a delight to read!

      Thanks John!

  38. Interesting article on techcrunch today which gives an ‘insiders view’ on scam and spam – the comments are worth reading too:
    How To Spam Facebook Like A Pro: An Insider’s Confession

    Note the quote “trickery is profitable. Fool them into thinking the new friend request is from Facebook, lie to them that the miracle skin crème is actually free, tell them they’ll earn points if they just click this button – which then puts their email address on a list that’s resold to the top spammers in the world.” “Incidentally, if you hate someone, sign them up for one of those free offers – it will burn their email to a crisp. ”

    Confirmation that scam feeds spam.

    Nice ‘friends’ he has too:
    “And how about those advertisers who were making over $100,000 a day selling Acai Berry and other weight loss products – they are friends of mine, pioneers of new advertising channels.”

    In the comments he said he stopped scamming because it was not as profitable and has more risk now. Not because of ethics or morals!

    Talking about alternative views: a post here from someone working at a credit card company:
    “an insight from the card companies side and how I/we have been dealing with these payments as they are a F***ing nightmare.”

    And here is someone who “used to work for Nutri blvd’s customer service dpt for a couple weeks before I could no longer put up with this slimeball comp(any).”

    1. Very interesting @Not Kevin.
      I read another credit card company employee saying more or less the same thing – I wish I could remember where it was (note to self: always make notes of interesting things; you’ll never remember them like you think you can…) What’s important is that they say that the scammer never challenges the chargebacks. They are also saying that the card companies’ all revert back to mcard/visa rules – which is wrong.

      If it’s a UK sale on a UK card from a (notionally) UK company, standard distance selling laws apply.

      The last I heard, we make our laws here using our elected representatives, NOT some US-based finance companies. So the Sale of Goods Act and all the rest all take precedence.
      Of course, anyone who makes the mistake of buying from the shifting sands that are the businesses we’ve looked at over the months, should realise that they haven’t a leg to stand on, apart from insisting that the Card Company does it’s bit.

      The Facebook ads are still going on. I’m not a ‘Facebook person’ – I only have an account to nab the particular name for myself; however, every time I do visit (and it’s usually to follow through links on internet pond-life), I nearly always get presented with a Dazzlewhite ad, camouflaged in it’s new morph, natch.

      Question: Am I being picked on? Ha ha.

      As for the Resveratrol rep… as I recall when Eborn’s company had a bit of a stop and all the salesforce got laid off in Utah, some (but not many) of the former employees were expressing exactly the same sentiments. I suppose it’s the ‘any job is better than no job’ thing, but at least they feel bad about it.

    2. @Not Kevin
      Another join in the scam-spam relationship is now revealed I think. I didn’t click it all some months back when I was delving, but start at this comment on another post from @Victim

      The link is the $19million business called intelligentmarketing.com of California that hooks straight back to Utah and a company promising to help people who fall victims to…scammers! You can’t make it up, can you? It’s genius!

      I’m not 100%, but maybe a bit more poking using your extra-business-pokery that you are good at could help? !! 😉

      1. Ha yes.

        I never know what Paul is on about half the time as his experience is vast in these matters. Same goes for the scammers (sorry, on-line marketeers), former or otherwise when they prattle on about their dealings. I checked out the original TechCrunch article when you put a link to it and must say that I agreed with Paul's newly expressed sentiments.


        Yu's words just didn't seem right to me, even though my understanding of the terms is limited, I can usually tell when stuff is either being deliberately omitted to fulfil the "tell no lies" criterion, or when the truth is wrapped up with perfumed aspic.

        I'll watch how this goes with interest, especially considering the later exchanges between Wu & Paul.

        See orig. article here:

  39. UltraCleanse Plus:
    This is another website in the same line of business. This one is contactable via a triplet of US, Australian & UK phone numbers, and at an address in Nicosia Cyprus – again!! Here they are:

    “World headquarters” , no less is at:
    Farend Services Ltd.
    3 Athinodorou Street,
    2025 Dasoupoli,

    This is the same address listed in the Google Profit Scams and other assorted ripoffs. Just do a Google search to see what I mean.

    What is particularly bad about this website is the video which has hijacked an informative discussion about colon cancer into their hideous shit-inducing product. As it fires up you get the re-assuring voice of Morgan Freeman….
    Of course, nowhere do they (or Morgan or anyone else for that matter) actually SAY that eating these pills will stop colon cancer. But the subliminal connection is absolutely clear.

    Finally, check out the picture, taken straight from their website for possibly the worst before and after shots you are likely to see!
    The pictures are hosted at Limelight Networks in Arizona (http://whois.domaintools.com/llnwd.net). Of course, if you want to discover where UltraCleanse is really located, you can’t, because they’ve hidden their ownership as is the usual practice for scum like them. See http://whois.domaintools.com/ultracleanseplus.com

    It seems like the focus of the scammers’ attention has shifted from Adsense, to Acai, to Money Trees, to Grant scams and now to Arse Cleansing wrapped around Cancer fears.
    There are more and more of these sites popping up now (even though these ones have been going a while).
    I look forward to seeing how many name permutations they can get using the words cleanse and colon…?


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