Auschwitz Architectural Plans Put On Display In Berlin

Pope visits Auschwitz
Pope visits Auschwitz

In a weird co-incidence that I missed at the time, I’ve just found that the plans for the Auschwitz death camp were put on  display during my Austrian visit earlier this year.   This visit very soon prompted my outburst on the pontificating nutty bishop, Richard Williamson (see The Face of Evil from 20 Feb 2009), especially considering I’d just visited two Jewish cemeteries in Eisenstadt….   (also see Jill’s posting on the area and elsewhere here.)

A few months before this, the plans had been ‘found’ in a Berlin flat and were then bought by the Bild newspaper group as the German State said they were too expensive.

We have to hope that these are authentic because they add crushing evidence against the Holocaust deniers, including the now more ‘accepting’ nutty bishop.

Fritz Darges, one of the last true Nazis (click for German obituary)
Fritz Darges, one of the last true Nazis (click for German obituary)

This week, one of the last fully signed-up and openly unrepentant Nazis died (see Secrets hope as Hitler aide dies).  Apparently he’s left his memoirs which will add new substance to the overall Nazi guilt, especially towards Hitler.  Again, if this is true, it’ll be a wonderful addition to our documented history.

However, it’s a sad indictment on human nature that the personal accounts of 100’s of thousands who witnessed events count for naught…?  Funny that, innit?

One of the Aushwitz Plans
One of the Aushwitz Plans

Bild itself, after the initial display of the Auschwitz plans in it’s offices,  released some pictures and information on it’s website in August.

See English Translation and Original Webpage.  The one that caught my eye is this one at left.

Near the top is a scribble in green ink which has been identified as written in the hand of Himmler, architect of the final solution and a former chicken farmer, famous for selectively breeding white chickens.

This small scribble further implicates the chief Nazis and if it’s all true, shows that their plans for domination and genocide were not thought of in an ad-hoc manner, but were systematically planned many years before.   Only the methods changed as the kill volume increased.

As Bild says:

Remarkable about the plan, which was commissioned by the “construction management of the Waffen SS and police in order, is something else: it proves once again that the mass-production mass murder of European Jews not only with the so-called Wannsee Conference in January 1942 it was decided, but much earlier.

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  1. If you have a clear hate agenda and choose to ignore the overwhelming evidence of Genocide in order to promote that hate agenda and deny or trivialise the Holocaust to promote that same agenda- you join forces with those Far Right elements despised my most civil & decent people and it doens't matter whether you wear the cloth of the clergy or call yourself a "Bishop"- you amount to nothing less than a holocaust denier & antisemite.

    1. Thanks Leonard.

      I hope you meant "one" when you said "If you have a clear hate agenda", so I'm assuming you did.

      You've picked up on the whole point of my posting really, well the two together, actually, in that you cannot tell what people are really like by appearances alone. In the nutty bishop's case, he just looks like a bumbling bloke who has too much wine occasionally. He looks educated and sounds educated.

      But the sounds that came from his mouth told the full story which is that he, living in his ivory tower, has some very peculiar ideas about humanity, history and research.

      Amazingly, in another co-incidence, today's news is that the German trial of alleged Nazi war criminal John Demjanjuk on 27,900 counts of accessory to murder is to open in Munich.

      He's always said "you've got the wrong man". So let's wait and see.

  2. The ink has hardly dried on this page, when today's news has popped up that a 90-year old former Nazi has been charged with murdering many Jews. See:

    This, amazingly, is near a place called Eisenberg which is at the other end of the Bergenland in Austria from Eisenstadt where I stopped earlier this year.

    In Eisenstadt, I took some photos of a Jewish cemetery. The last person buried there was in 1938 because just after that, they were all marched off to their deaths. You can see the cold, cold, picture here in an earlier post:

    and also in the overall gallery here….

  3. The "nutty bishop" in his interview (see ), said that the proof wasn't there for gas chambers etc and his proof was a few folk denying history using some weird 'logic'… The prime bit of logic was that Cyanide is really poisonous and thus no-one could empty the chambers because they'd die!

    Of course they would! That's the point, because the Nazis wanted them dead! They are hardly going to implement Health & Safety regulations in a death camp!

    He later recanted his views and said he'd made a mistake….

    Now you'd think an 'educated man' would do a bit of research before mouthing off, wouldn't you?

    Well here's another bit of proof…

    I've just found out, via this woman, Barbara Cherish, who has written a book about her father who was an Auschwitz Commandant for a time (and executed because of it), that there were ordinary British soldiers who witnessed at first hand this ghastly episode of 20th Century history.

    One, Leon Greenman, spoke frequently about it in Ilford, near London and had to endure attacks from East End neo-Nazis for his troubles. This is his news item when he died and his story-telling ended:

    Another, Charlie Evans, never spoke about it until a short time before his death. See his emotional account here:

    These two guys have actual visual proof of the atrocities, in English. It's a pity the "Nutty Bishop" didn't do a bit of proper research, eh?

    Barbara Cherish's news account is here:

  4. Hitler wrote his book Mein Kampf which everyone in Germany and Austrian felt obliged to buy and carefully study. In Mein Kampf he clearly outlines his plans for Jewish 'concentration, deportation, extermination'. Mein Kampf was published around 1933 and is the reason so many people voted for Hitler in the Presidential election in '33. Mein Kampf also describes plans for a socialist united Europe which you will find in the European charters today: a home for everyone, equality in wages, state control of the banks, health care accessible to all and universal sports facilities for public health etc. It's not all bad, but the racism people had been encouraged to feel against the Jews was used to manipulate the people – another Hitlerian idea we see prevalent in our times.

  5. The ‘nutty’ Bishop is far from nutty, in reality. He is a highly intelligent man who is not hateful, evil, nasty or unkind. As a man, he would not harm a fly and would give you the bread from his mouth if you needed it, or even if you just asked for it. I knew him years ago. He may have changed in that time, of course, but then he was not as you portray him. It is easy to kick a man when he is down and you should remember that in making him a hate figure you do no more or less than the Nazis did with the Poles, homosexuals, gypsies and the Jews.

    1. Totally disagree Russell.
      He’s like the shifting sands. First of all he said he’d “reviewed all the evidence” (his words exactly) and come to the conclusion that there were no gas chambers. then, after an immense amount of criticism (you call it kicking a man when he’s down, I call it emphasising a point), he changes his mind and agrees that er.. yes.. there were… er.. gas chambers… and er.. a lot of people died.

      As an educated intelligent man, you’d have thought he’d paid more attention to the world around him over the last 60-odd years of his life, wouldn’t you? No?

      Well he’s evil, or at least he was when he said those words (I’m using the duality of good & evil that the Buddhist tradition takes here). The fact that you claim he wouldn’t hurt a fly (personally) is beside the point. The evil lies in the words people say that make other people accept the words as factual truth, just like he did. After that, the whole cycle of pointless killing starts again.
      Just remember, it was cosseted, hypocritically shagging Popes in history who sent people off on wild crusades and genocidal missions against other Christian sects. They did it by words. They didn’t do the killing themselves because, as you say, they probably wouldn’t have hurt a fly………

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