Ah. Edward Woodward’s Dead

Actor Edward Woodward Dies

Callan Movie Poster

I’m quite sad about today’s news, because the show Callan formed a key part of my life, in a way, when I was growing up.

The dystopian genre owes a lot to the show.  Right from it’s haunting opening title sequence that had instant echoes of Orson Welles’ Third Man, to the relationships and characterisations portrayed in the show.

It was always the clash of two personages:  Those tied to destiny and those who ignore it.  Those with a conscience (no matter how bad they were), and those without.  The psychopath and those doing a job.

The relationship between Callan and “Lonely” (played by the late Russell Hunter) is something I’ll always remember.

Here’s the title to be getting on with.

In black & white it was even better, but there are no decent versions on YouTube.

Woodward’s 1973 film “The Wicker Man” remains something I find hard to watch.  It’s not that there’s any gore or stuff like that.  It’s just that the exposure of the ignorance and nastiness in people is so hard to take.

Woodward’s cop just doesn’t see it coming and it’s precisely because Woodward plays the cop’s trusting nature so well that the horror of the script is so bad.

Farewell Edward Woodward.  I remember a comedy sketch which made a word play from your name.  Now, that’s it then.

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