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I’m looking at this kind of this for some hardware inputting. They seem clean enough sound-wise and robust enough physically. They come with quite a few (cut-down) pieces of software. What do you think? What’s the pros and cons of doing it this way that you’ve heard? And I don’t want the phrase “analogue sound” in the answer please!!

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Nam Myoho Renge Kyo
Nam Myoho Renge Kyo
Nam Myoho Renge Kyo

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  1. The reason for that is the 1616m is the mastering version. Hence the “m” prefix. I picked mine up for £192 on e-bay. Seen 2 others going for £200 Paul

  2. Yeah! The only difference I can spot is that the 1616 has 112db SN
    ratio as opposed to the 1616M’s 120db SN ratio. Oh! And the 50 quid
    extra as well. They both seem to give better value for money compared
    to anything else in that price bracket.

    TTFN & a bientot!


  3. How bizarre is the life of The Nichiren Buddhist. The Emu 1616m in the PCMCIA version is what Ive just pruchased. It has the exact same AD/DA converters as the Pro Tools 192 I/O(which is silly money) internal DSP for fx(so it doesnt drain your cpu, the only thing is it only works at sample ratse up to 48khz). Actually if you check out and click on the product there are some really god reviews. It seems the audio quality is exceptional. I like the fact that if you have it on a laptop and your just mixing, you can plug your headphones into the data card only. This means you can leave the dock at home. Hope this helps. Oh yeah I forgot, it has that analogue sound. LOL Paul

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