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Interesting info on Jesse Willms and Just Think Media…

Now that my Google Alerts’ portfolio has expanded, I’ve seen two jobs advertised at Just Think Media. Somewhat appropriately, they are for a Web Designer and a Legal Assistant!!!


These are the screen-shots below for when the adverts are eventually pulled:

Legal assistant job in Sherwood Park - Simply Hired Canada
Legal assistant job in Sherwood Park - Simply Hired Canada
Find Jobs - Web Graphics Designer Jobs in Edmonton, Alberta - Just Think Media
Find Jobs - Web Graphics Designer Jobs in Edmonton, Alberta - Just Think Media

Interestingly, and yet somehow not surprisingly, the second advert for a web designer (shown right), includes at the bottom, one of those scammy adverts for teeth whitener!!!

You can’t make it it up, can you?


The teeth whitening ads take you to these websites below in turn.

  1.  This is a fake blog, a “flog” as they are called, which goes to two website links
  2.   This finishes off with that Consett address again! – LB Envision Net Worldwide Ltd., DH8 0LH Blackhill.
  3.   This last website here is notable for having an enormous list of medical exclusions and ingredients, yet mysteriously does not tell a potential purchaser who they are actually buying from….
A Flying Pig
A Flying Pig

It’s nice to see that a few million-dollar law suits haven’t kept the scammers down.  It gives us all something to talk about because I enjoy it so much…. NOT!

By Strangely

Founding member of the gifted & talented band, "The Crawling Chaos" from the North-East of England.


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  2. I found this info here on this page:

    Updated News: Swipe Auctions Review

    Watch Swipeauction’s Kingpin Jesse Willms full length video on W5 HERE.

    It has been confirmed that Swipe Auctions ( is owned by Jesse Willms. Although Jesse currently has a B- rating with the Better Business Bureau for, his past Internet companies have a solid F rating. is not a member of the Better Business Bureau.

    Here are Jesse Willm’s past companies and their track records:

    JDW Media (F Rating with the BBB): JDW Media has been sued by Dr. Oz, Harpo Productions (Oprah’s company) for deceptive marketing practices. Willms has also reached three out-of-court settlements, including one with Microsoft Corp. over charges of software piracy and violation of trademark laws. Details of this story are located here.

    JDW Media has also been accused by the Australia Cancer Foundation of using the Pink Ribbon campaign without their permission. Details of this story are located here.

    Just Think Media (F rating with the BBB): Just think has a host of websites being alleged to be utilizing deceptive marketing practices.

    There are some factual reviews on Jesse Willm’s Swipe Auctions. They are located here:

    Swipe Auctions Review 1

    Swipe Auctions Review 2

    Swipe Auctions Review 3

    Swipe Auctions Review 4

    Newsflash: According to the Better Business Bureau, Jesse Willms is creating news articles through this website called channel9newstoday. If you see a news flash from this site, you are in one of Willm’s companies.

    1. The BBB report has changed…. quote:

      "This company has stated that the website ' is not directly owned by them. They did state that they have hired an affiliate advertising firm to provide them advertising from that site. "

  3. Due to a heads up directed to Mr. Jesse Willms, I assume, and swift action of his company's legal team, I see that the obvious rip-off of copyrighted material by this marketing firm behind the scenes at CHANNEL9NEWSTODAY.COM was brought to a hault. I still have the original complaint of being deceived by all these "correct" links from this “Advertorial” that say and ending up at “Digest It” cleanse promotion.

    1. Thanks @Justin.

      I am interested if the two websites actually end up having the same ownership, but the site scraping of content, and the copying or re-using of templates is nothing new. This website uses an appearance template of course, but the content is mine and others that contribute.

      And I'm personally not bothered an iota if anyone rips off Jesse Willms or is sued by him for copying his methods, which I think is what you're hinting at?.

      If this proves to be the case, then it definitely shows that there's no honour amongst thieves!

      Of interest, may be this website.

      Enter Willms' self-sponsored "review" website 'SWIPEAUCTIONS-REVIEW.COM and you'll see two websites on this same server.



      The latter is currently under maintenance but what's the bets that it's another fake news site with swipeauction plugs?

      1. Thanks Strangely, I offered that information simply to test Mr.Jesse Willms ability to detect vulnerabilities and go into "duck and cover" or CYA mode. In this instance it was less than 6 hours. It is nice to see that some people read our forum at


  4. NOW, the BBB review of 1524948 Alberta Ltd noes not list CHANNEL9NEWSTODAY.COM as one of that group of companies but is as described under “Advertising Review” in this manner:….

    Advertising Review
    This company has stated that the website ' is not directly owned by them. They did state that they have hired an affiliate advertising firm to provide them advertising from that site. is an advertising website that is designed to look like a legitimate and independent news story.
    If a consumer carefully looks through the site they will find the following disclaimer:
    "Advertorial" & "The story depicted on this site and the person depicted in the story are not real. Rather this story is based on the results that some people who have used these products have achieved. The results portrayed in the story and in the comments are illustrative and may not be the results that you achieve with these products. This page receives compensation for clicks on or purchase of products featured on this site."

      1. I couldn't agree with you more. The BBB is a membership site much like SwipeAuctions only it is classed as a non-profit private franchise operation that everyone trusts and believe to be fair reporting agency of consumer complaints. One only needs to compare the reporting of similar member and non member businesses to see that the huge membership fees charged to it's members does seem to influence the review process at the BBB. Like SwipeAuctions, it is a pay to play organization in my opinion.

  5. Pot calls kettle black!

    The legal complaint document of Jesse Willms' Swipey business(es) against Amanda Lee who is purported to run makes good reading.

    <a href="


    Staggeringly, the pot calls Ms Lee's kettle's use of internet keywords as "spamming"!!!!!

    This really takes the biscuit!

    Now I'm not a fan of Ms Lee's website. Her stated aim is to:

    "…to help make the penny auction industry a better place (..)

    We developed Penny Auction Watch to be a place for penny auction enthusiasts to go for penny auction information.

    You see, I think the whole penny auction thing stinks to high heaven and should be sent back to the sewers of greed and corruption from where it emerged.

    But the list of "complaints" that ol' Jesse has lined up against poor Amanda reads just like his own "user manual".

    It's laughable, and any decent lawyer doing a "compare and contrast" exercise would demonstrate how Willms' businesses and ethics are exactly the same as he's listing in his complaint, providing only penny damages for Willms even if he wins.

    Because not only does Willms "have form" in the counterfeit and deceptive practices "industry" (see postings and comments on this website ad nauseum), but he is still promoting his businesses via spams and fake blogs and news sites, he is still moving his business addresses and contact points with gay abandon to every far flung corner of the globe, and still continues to attract swathes of complaints over his wallet-emptying sign-up processes!

    Willms may pretend to model himself on Bill Gates, but at least you can contact Microsoft in Redmond in the USA or Bracknell in the UK; not some random poxy address in the run-down former steel town of Consett or UPS mailboxes in the Utahn desert! And Bill's companies don't get blacklisted by credit card processors either.

    You have to ask yourself "why is there this difference between the two entrepreneurs?"

    As my old mates Derek & Clive would say, what a fucking cunt!

    1. Heard it on the radio today – Interflora are taking Marks & Spencer to court using the same basis that getting up the Google rankings is illegal.

      Crikey. They'll be banning advertising next.

    2. Indeed – here we see the real truth about Jesse Willms, not the charity supporting philanthropist and entrepreneur he wishes to portray himself as but the ruthless use of his "swiped" money to lawyer up and threaten anyone who dares to expose him.

      As you say, any half decent lawyer has a mountain of evidence to show who is really the villain of this piece!

      And speaking of spamming, the latest pice of pr fluffery from Terra Marketing Group is yet another case of the pot calling the kettle black:

      "Terra Marketing Group announced its plan to encourage other companies to follow honest practices and not use spam email".

  6. More treats from the scamraiders group in time for halo’s eve. may have taken steps to distance themselves from Jesse Willms. Included is a screencap of registration page mentioned. A good move in my opinion not to be tarred with the same brush.
    Be AWARE: BidSause is a possible deceptive website marketed by the same group as SwipeBids now called SwipeAuctions
    Then Register at & get new brand name products for pennies on the dollar!

  7. Deep irony for Jesse Willms' publicity machine. yesterday, his first and major conduit to good tidings about Jess, PRLog, published a neat list of all the BAD things he's done c.f. the one-man-good-guy idea that he likes to promote:

    To check this out and see all posts on this from PRLog, try this search:

    Yay! Compare and contrast…….

  8. To Administrators Information with links to information of SwipeAuctions – Jesse Willms business locations and directors.

    [file ] as found at scamraiders.doc[/file]

    1. As the guy said;

      Sorry Matt Beckham, but when you have someone spam on your behalf, your hands are just as dirty as the spammer.

      Now just replace "Matt Beckham" with "Jesse Willms" then there's the correct view of the self-aggrandising philanthropic git.

  9. Really underhand spam for SwipeAuctions this morning!! This type of thing is definitely SPAM and goes directly against Jesse Willms' supposed "ethical marketing" that he claims he does.

    What I got was an almost empty email, if html pictures aren't viewed.

    The SwipeAuctions ad is hidden in the jpegs!!

    Nowhere in the email is SwipeAuctions actually mentioned!!!

    It points to:


    …an "Allen Schwarz" whois of:

    Domain ID:D34833283-LRMS


    Created On:29-Sep-2010 03:21:04 UTC

    Last Updated On:29-Sep-2010 07:59:09 UTC

    Expiration Date:29-Sep-2011 03:21:04 UTC

    Sponsoring Inc. (R171-LRMS)






    Registrant ID:CR63542377

    Registrant Name:Allen Schwartz

    Registrant Organization:

    Registrant Street1:10573 West Pico Blvd

    Registrant Street2:

    Registrant Street3:

    Registrant City:Los Angeles

    Registrant State/Province:CA

    Registrant Postal Code:90064

    Registrant Country:US

    Registrant Phone:+1.3102546522

    Registrant Phone Ext.:

    Registrant FAX:

    Registrant FAX Ext.:

    Registrant Email:

    Admin ID:CR63542398

    Admin Name:Allen Schwartz

    Admin Organization:

    Admin Street1:10573 West Pico Blvd

    Admin Street2:

    Admin Street3:

    Admin City:Los Angeles

    Admin State/Province:CA

    Admin Postal Code:90064

    Admin Country:US

    Admin Phone:+1.3102546522

    Admin Phone Ext.:

    Admin FAX:

    Admin FAX Ext.:

    Admin Email:

    Billing ID:CR63542405

    Billing Name:Allen Schwartz

    Billing Organization:

    Billing Street1:10573 West Pico Blvd

    Billing Street2:

    Billing Street3:

    Billing City:Los Angeles

    Billing State/Province:CA

    Billing Postal Code:90064

    Billing Country:US

    Billing Phone:+1.3102546522

    Billing Phone Ext.:

    Billing FAX:

    Billing FAX Ext.:

    Billing Email:

    Tech ID:CR63542388

    Tech Name:Allen Schwartz

    Tech Organization:

    Tech Street1:10573 West Pico Blvd

    Tech Street2:

    Tech Street3:

    Tech City:Los Angeles

    Tech State/Province:CA

    Tech Postal Code:90064

    Tech Country:US

    Tech Phone:+1.3102546522

    Tech Phone Ext.:

    Tech FAX:

    Tech FAX Ext.:

    Tech Email:

    Name Server:NS1.US.EDITDNS.NET

    Name Server:NS2.US.EDITDNS.NET

    Name Server:NS3.US.EDITDNS.NET

    This is the image assembly as viewed locally in a browser:

    If the link is clicked it goes straight to SwipeBastards and the rotating "integrity" and charity bollocks.

    What a c**t.

    His website must be really going downhill currently as the old crooked methods are being rolled out and demonstrated in their full glory!!

    Even the front page is massively self-promoting, (in some desperation I might add), in full overload, desperately trying to undermine all the bad things said on the web about it, using all the heart-wrenching stories that he can dream up to somehow cancel the widely held belief that is actually a wide-spread and widely-known truth,


    And they always will be – because why else would he stoop to underhand, disguised email spam? Only crooks do that.

  10. I recently got spam from Swipe Auctions to an email I know I have never given to them (I have a few free web email (hotmail etc) accounts which I use for all dubious sites to monitor how much spam they send out).

    However this spam was sent to an address which I would never give to them so I know for certain that they are sending unsolicited spam to email addresses which they have somehow obtained /bought / harvested or whatever.

    Looks like I am not the only one cheesed off by their spam as shown by this amusing account of a chat with swipeauctions psychic live chat 'chimps':

    Of course Jesse / Just Think does have a bit of history when it comes to spam:

    1. …and I like the idea of a psychic code monkey! That was a definite ROFL! :-0

      …and the thing is – is that spam is one of the main vectors of malware and one of the main methods that these twats like Jesse Willms, Robert Allen and the like plant their message onto our screens…

      It's NOT innocuous.

      It's not polite.

      I don't WANT to have to have to click to be taken off mail lists.

      I don't want any random email from anyone I don't know.

      I DO want emails set up to take micro-payments for every email sent. This is the only way to cut down spam to any sort of manageable amount, while allowing people the freedom to cold call if they must.

    2. Personally, I'm getting a bit fed up with spam from the wonderfully named !! (..and yes, like you I have spam magnets on old email addresses which I always use to sign up for stuff, plus, it keeps me entertained and up-to-speed with the latest waves of crap thrown our way)

      I've had redirects to SwipeBastards for weeks on this "From" as well as others. It's just the email address I like, that's why I can always spot it in my traps.

      A worse thing is LinkedIn. I joined them a bit ago to see what info all our spammy criminals may have put into a semi-hidden format.

      Since then, I've had 4 nasty spams with LinkedIn as the "From" address.

      However, I doubt that they are from LinkedIn as there are a variety of crap links that obviously have nothing top do with it….

      Take this trail – and be VERY careful with this. Make sure your anti-virus is up for it!

      BE WARNED, these are LIVE DODGY links below!!!

      Notionally from




      Invitation Reminders:

      * View Invitation from Chad Dejesus


      There are a total of 1 messages awaiting your response. Visit your InBox now:


      Don't want to receive email notifications? Adjust your message settings:

      LinkedIn values your privacy. At no time has LinkedIn made your email address available to any other LinkedIn user without your permission. (c) 2010, LinkedIn Corporation.

      Of course, if anyone had viewed this with html enabled, it'd look pretty kosher…. But clicking the link takes you to:

      ..NOT LinkedIn. You'll then see a prompt to download "Flash", although because most people will have it installed, it SHOULD make the alarm bells ring.

      This "Flash" package is the dodgy thing. My AV caught it. It's served from a Belgian host. is actually in Florida!

      Is it anything to do with ol' Jesse? I don't know, but yet again there's a Florida connection!

      —————-WHOIS INFO BELOW—————

      Domain name:

      Registrant Contact:


      Mustapha Lakjaa ()


      Av. Abi Lhassan Chadeli

      Carnotstraat 120

      Anvers, Anvers 2060


      Administrative Contact:


      Mustapha Lakjaa ()


      Fax: +1.

      Av. Abi Lhassan Chadeli

      Carnotstraat 120

      Anvers, Anvers 2060


      Technical Contact:


      Mustapha Lakjaa ()


      Fax: +1.

      Av. Abi Lhassan Chadeli

      Carnotstraat 120

      Anvers, Anvers 2060


      Status: Locked

      Name Servers:

      Creation date: 22 Apr 2009 18:05:16

      Expiration date: 22 Apr 2011 18:05:16

      —————-WHOIS INFO BELOW—————Domain ID:D34867503-LRMS

      Domain Name:XESVPVXI.INFO

      Created On:30-Sep-2010 15:52:48 UTC

      Last Updated On:30-Sep-2010 15:52:49 UTC

      Expiration Date:30-Sep-2011 15:52:48 UTC

      Sponsoring Inc. (R171-LRMS)






      Registrant ID:CR63693196

      Registrant Name:Richard Parker

      Registrant Organization:ESA Inc.

      Registrant Street1:417 Magnolia Ave

      Registrant Street2:

      Registrant Street3:

      Registrant City:Melbourne Beach

      Registrant State/Province:Florida

      Registrant Postal Code:32951

      Registrant Country:US

      Registrant Phone:+1.3217280210

      Registrant Phone Ext.:

      Registrant FAX:+1.3217280213

      Registrant FAX Ext.:

      Registrant Email:

      Admin ID:CR63693198

      Admin Name:Richard Parker

      Admin Organization:ESA Inc.

      Admin Street1:417 Magnolia Ave

      Admin Street2:

      Admin Street3:

      Admin City:Melbourne Beach

      Admin State/Province:Florida

      Admin Postal Code:32951

      Admin Country:US

      Admin Phone:+1.3217280210

      Admin Phone Ext.:

      Admin FAX:+1.3217280213

      Admin FAX Ext.:

      Admin Email:

      Billing ID:CR63693199

      Billing Name:Richard Parker

      Billing Organization:ESA Inc.

      Billing Street1:417 Magnolia Ave

      Billing Street2:

      Billing Street3:

      Billing City:Melbourne Beach

      Billing State/Province:Florida

      Billing Postal Code:32951

      Billing Country:US

      Billing Phone:+1.3217280210

      Billing Phone Ext.:

      Billing FAX:+1.3217280213

      Billing FAX Ext.:

      Billing Email:

      Tech ID:CR63693197

      Tech Name:Richard Parker

      Tech Organization:ESA Inc.

      Tech Street1:417 Magnolia Ave

      Tech Street2:

      Tech Street3:

      Tech City:Melbourne Beach

      Tech State/Province:Florida

      Tech Postal Code:32951

      Tech Country:US

      Tech Phone:+1.3217280210

      Tech Phone Ext.:

      Tech FAX:+1.3217280213

      Tech FAX Ext.:

      Tech Email:

      Name Server:NS51.DOMAINCONTROL.COM

      Name Server:NS52.DOMAINCONTROL.COM

      1. And two more LinkedIn spam today demonstrate the weird lengths to which spammers will go to deliver their "package"…

        This time, I had almost identical emails as before, you know "enhance your profile", "add a resume", "invitation reminder" things, except today the link domains were:

        They both redirect to the same fake Flash download page, this time located in Australia!

        Both of the redirecting domains were created today, via GoDaddy (of course) to someone who calls himself Edward J Palmer of Succinct Web.

        See WHOIS below of one domain. Apart from the name, all else is the same for both. They're in the USA.


        Domain ID:D34879858-LRMS

        Domain Name:NMGFJPNP.INFO

        Created On:01-Oct-2010 11:34:17 UTC

        Last Updated On:01-Oct-2010 11:34:18 UTC

        Expiration Date:01-Oct-2011 11:34:17 UTC

        Sponsoring Inc. (R171-LRMS)






        Registrant ID:CR63751140

        Registrant Name:Edward Palmer

        Registrant Organization:Succinct Web

        Registrant Street1:6231 Conklin Way

        Registrant Street2:

        Registrant Street3:

        Registrant City:Haymarket

        Registrant State/Province:Virginia

        Registrant Postal Code:20169

        Registrant Country:US

        Registrant Phone:+1.5712752418

        Registrant Phone Ext.:

        Registrant FAX:

        Registrant FAX Ext.:

        Registrant Email:


        Ed isn't hard to find. In fact, this is his LinkedIn profile below!

        maybe Edward can tell me why he's sending me malware loaded links in forged LinkedIn email spams?

        <img src="; alt="Edward J Palmer" />

        Edward Palmer

        Edward Palmer

        Experienced Online Marketing Executive and Web Marketing Business Owner

        Washington D.C. Metro Area

        * Contact Edward Palmer

        * Add Edward Palmer to your network


        * CMO at Bluemont Marketing

        * CMO at Succinct Web


        * Sr. Online Marketing Manager at AppAssure Software, Inc.

        * Sr. Online Marketing Analyst at Network Solutions

        * Marketing – Website Developer & Services at Cox Communications

        * Online Research & Marketing Analyst at CTAM

        see less…

        1 more…


        * George Mason University


        Edward has 1 recommendation(s) 1 recommendation


        90 connections




        * My Company

        * My Company

        Edward Palmer’s Summary


        Fortune 500-experienced Online Marketers with a track record of developing, executing and analyzing sales-driving online marcom strategies through:

        – Website UI and development for corporate branding solutions

        – Email / SEO / SEM campaign development & management

        – Develop content partnerships to grow brand and site traffic

        We have a group of creative and analytical thinkers within our marketing organization. Contact us to get your business off the ground and on the web – then watch it grow and thrive (more importantly – make you money!).



        For your online MARKETING needs (we consult, develop, and manage for you), Bluemont Marketing offers eBusiness services to small and medium size businesses for a low monthly investment. We provide you, our present and future customer, an array of cost effective online business services and applications, to assist in gaining new leads & customers.


        For a full line of online (do-it-yourself) SERVICES including comprehensive hosting solutions, Secure SSL certificates, SEO and site analytics tools and services, Contact Manager (CRM), personalized email with spam and anti-phishing filtering, e-commerce tools and more.

        Edward Palmer’s Specialties:

        Website development (WordPress Specialist), SEM, SEO, PPC Management, Brand Marketing, Social Media, Web Analytics (Omniture and Google Analytics), Content Development, Graphic Design, Website UI Designer

        Edward Palmer’s Experience



        Bluemont Marketing

        (Partnership; Internet industry)

        July 2009 — Present (1 year 4 months)

        Bluemont Marketing offers eBusiness services to small and medium size businesses for a low monthly investment. We provide you, our present and future customer, an array of cost effective online business services and applications, to assist in gaining new leads and customers.



        Succinct Web

        (Internet industry)

        2003 — Present (7 years )

        Full line of Web Services offering Custom Website Development and a complete product line, including comprehensive hosting solutions, Web site creation, Secure SSL certificates, shopping cart, SEO and site analytic tools and services, Contact Manager (CRM), personalized email with spam and anti-phishing filtering, e-commerce tools and more.


        Sr. Online Marketing Manager

        AppAssure Software, Inc.

        (Privately Held; Computer Software industry)

        October 2008 — October 2009 (1 year 1 month)

        AppAssure Software is changing the way businesses think about protecting their mission-critical messaging infrastructure and recovering from disaster scenarios – by providing solutions that protect the entire messaging environment, not just the data, and enable guaranteed fast recoveries.


        Sr. Online Marketing Analyst

        Network Solutions

        (Privately Held; Internet industry)

        June 2006 — April 2008 (1 year 11 months)

        Analyzed web traffic with various reporting tools (Omniture; SiteCatalyst™, Discover, DataWarehouse & SearchCenter, Goggle Analytics and MicroStratagy) to assist in decision making of website/storefront enhancements to provide a better experience for the user and increase web-profitability.

        SKILLED IN: Marketing Analytics, SEM, SEO, Content Development, Web Traffic Flow Analysis, WEB 2.0, Social Media Development


        Marketing – Website Developer & Services

        Cox Communications

        (Privately Held; COX; Telecommunications industry)

        2003 — 2006 (3 years )

        Responsible for the development, management, design and creation of online content for Cox external and internal corporate websites. Managed online creative services, messaging and consistent brand development. System-to-Corporate liaison for development of e-commerce methods and procedures.

        SKILLED IN: Website creation and development, Marketing Analytics, SEM, SEO, Web Traffic Flow Analysis, WEB 2.0, Social Media Development


        Online Research & Marketing Analyst


        (Internet industry)

        2001 — 2002 (1 year )

        Edward Palmer’s Education


        George Mason University

        Communication , Communication , 1997 — 1999

        Additional Information

        Edward Palmer’s Websites:

        * My Company

        * My Company

        Edward Palmer’s Interests:

        Website Development and online Marketing Stratagy, Archaeology & Research, Kayaking, Golf, Softball, Fencing, Adventure and Historical Novels

        Edward Palmer’s Groups:

        VP of HOA (Piedmont, Haymarket, VA),

        Prince William Chamber of Commerce Member

        <a href="“>

  11. Willms' self-publicity stunts seem to be running out of steam – along with his Swipe business – that's if Google search rankings are anything to go by!

    I've just run a few Google searches. If you recall, a week or so ago Jesse Willms looked all prim and proper with his philandering, sorry, philanthropy. He was top in nice-guy responses, low with scam responses.

    Now check these three searches:
    His website is 1st, and in full view on page 1 results, we have the following EIGHT results contain the word SCAM…. not good for Jesse, eh?

    Now try his business with a space, This time, it's exactly the same!!!

    However, it gets worse. If you do the search using Google's new predictive search, his Swiping Auction business is scooped by a paid-for advert from at least in the UK!! Again, most returns look bad for Jesse, all containing SCAM somewhere or other.

    But what about Jesse Willms' sites themselves? Surely they must be top in the search rankings after all that effort he's put in?


    Here you'll see that there's a 50-50 split on good-bad search results.

    What's worse though for ol' Jesse, is if you type Jesse Wilmms into the new Google search and the words scam and ripoff are prominently displayed as suggestions!!!

    He just can't escape his past, and cosmetic changes to his public persona do not change his present. Take this recent exchange of views regarding SwipeAuctions recent history.

  12. Something very odd happening in the Australian newspapers….

    All the reports in the above links by Ian McIlwraith have gone! Can't find anything about ol' Jesse and chums anywhere! Do you think they've been got?


    All his other stories are there!

    perhaps, in this vein, we can see this story pulled very soon about another famous philanthropist, Zuckerberg.

    In this, they describe his forthcoming "donation" to the soon-to-be-released and not-very-complimentary film about him and Facebook's genesis as a sort of PR stunt….

    Sound familiar?

    This is a good reason for making copies of everything as we cannot rely on the Wayback Machine for holding backups of the now ephemeral offerings by major news networks.

  13. Jesse Willms' self-publicity machine continues….


    Much like last year when he started his bizarre Britney Spears and heavy metal blogs, he's now just started this "biographical" blog above.

    Currently it's running the new default theme for WordPress with a clean install. There are no posts or pages with content.

    But when content arrives, these are my predictions of what WILL be in the blog, and what WILL NOT.


    An ever-increasing list of good causes to whom he's "given" the money purloined from Joe Publics across the globe.

    Some helpful tips about his experience on the internet as he conned people out of money.

    His love of cats, lad-mag women, wine and fast cars.

    NOT IN:

    How he paid millions to Microsoft and Symantech for selling counterfeit software.

    How his businesses were constantly refused merchant credit by card processors because of the level of chargebacks against him because of his scammy, hidden dealings, cloaked in secrecy. Not just one business though – a whole successive string of snake oil health and beauty websites supported by a plethora of fake news sites.

    How he's being sued by Oprah Winfrey for doing the above.

    How he advises on the one hand an ethical business approach and yet self-evidently, he's about as slippery and dodgy as they come! Well spam me if I'm wrong! Well spam me if I'm right!

  14. Ethical marketing? Ethical emails?

    Funnily enough, I just got a spam message like so:

    FROM: SwipeBids (

    SUBJECT: BREAKING NOW – iPad auctioned off for $18.23!

    Bid on items for less Click here. (

    * REPORT: Website auctions products for pennies on the dollar!

    * Breaking: Hottest products on auction RIGHT NOW

    * Our auctions get you 95% off retail prices! Click here.


    To unsubscribe please go here

    or send mail to:




    What this demonstrates, highly unethically I might add, is a spoofed email address, and an ad from a business (Circle Media) that I'd unsubscribed to several times previously!!

    MORAL: Jesse Willms and all his businesses are immoral. They ignore unsubscribe requests. They say one thing and do the other. In short, they and him are a pile of shite from top to bottom.

    Following the links in this spam takes youo eventually to swipeauctions, not swipebids. A small point I know. But I did notice that they are now saying that:

    SwipeAuctions is better than eBay!!

    They do this by saying that eBay is untrustworthy in that you can't vouch for the "goodness" of the goods!!!

    This is the graphic they use that insinuates that all eBay merchandise is cracked and broken -oh dear… poor Jesse. eBay are quite big you know?

    <img class="alignright size-medium wp-image-7953" title="bg-ebay-1[1]" src="×116.jpg&quot; alt="" width="480" height="116" />

    But what the hell…. a million to Microsoft in damages, a million to Symantech? What's another million or two to ol' Jesse? How much has Jesse Willms made from his deceptions and fraud over the years?

    1. Ian McIlwraith has done a heap of really good investigations. It's good to see newspapers doing this stuff. BTW, "The Age" seems to be a re-badged version or outlet for the Sydney Morning Herald.

      What I'd like to know is, "is old smarmy Willms-y-pants is going to sue the paper or the journalist for saying all these nasty things about him?" – Probably not, eh? 😉

      Willms is going thick and fast at his new clean image drive. He's plastered a whole of of websites with his "news items" about his charitable deeds. There are more and more now so he's doing a good job of falsifying the perceived truth about himself. Somehow, (even!), he's managed to correlate his "gift" to some Boston hospital with the Boston marathon, so that at first glance it looks like he's running it for them! You can't make it up! See:

      ' no backlink seo for him!

      You'll hopefully notice that the YouTube up-loader has a different willms name to the last time. This one is willmsy720. It's still him or his bro' tho' as the other massively watched (not) videos are of high powered expensive Italian sports cars which is right up his likes… BTW. I am the 5th person to have watched this video!

      To see how many times it's popping up, try this Google search on the title:

      Or try this search to see how many times his little news plug shows up in wholly unrelated websites:

      Now to see why ol' Jesse's doing this, he helpfully has given us this saccharin sweet puff,

      Why Jesse Willms Donated To The Boston Childrens Hospital

      Except this time it's uploaded by a supposedly 25-year old MrCrazypinky compared to the previous 35-year old willms720. MrCrazypinky has 9 video uploads which in a similar way to willms720 have been watched a tiny amount.

      MrCrazypinky helpfully gives us tips from ol' Jesse about getting good on eBay, building websites, make money fast and of course the totally unrelated videos about Jesse and his donations.

      Personally, I think Jesse Willms is just about to crack and have a nervous breakdown. His actions are really disjointed so that even his charitable plugs are incoherent and mish-mashed amongst other web stuff.

      But one thing everything has in common with HIS videos is that nowhere have we heard Jesse speak and nowhere have we seen Jesse at all!!!

      The only time we've seen him is scuttling in the snow trying to avoid the inquisitional cameras from major media reporting.

      The only time he speaks is through hastily hired lawyers issuing vague threats.

      It's quite sad really.

  15. Good article in The Age (Australia)

    "Even though Oprah Winfrey's Harpo organisation took on Mr Willms's group and others a year ago over ripping off their good names and images to con customers, it was not until last month that the US Federal Trade Commission buried its fangs into the flanks of an unrelated set of operators. The FTC website uses as an example an online ad for an acai berry product that names ''Dr Perricone'' , another TV medico – Dr Nicholas Perricone – who has appeared on Oprah, but whose speciality is actually skin, not diets.

    Intriguingly, barely a week after the FTC move on the acai products, a company called Circle Media Bids was incorporated in Britain and became the apparent ''owner'' of the Swipe Auctions site.

    Swipe's sole director and shareholder is Adam Ryan Sechrist, a 30-something who lives in York, Pennsylvania. An Adam R. Sechrist was also named on the site of the Canadian Better Business Bureau as an executive in one of Willms's companies. About the same time Circle Media was created, Sechrist also became sole director and shareholder of another British company, cutely called Ironi Ltd."

  16. I'm starting to see why ol' lovable Jesse Willms has dropped the "Bids" part of his scummy scam…..

    I reckon he thinks it's tarnished!

    I had a few spams today, one for SwipeBids (hasn't quite managed to filter through the spammy downlines that the name has changed yet, eh?) and two for one of his arch-rivals, Quibids.

    SwipeBids redirected to his "new improved and split-testedly better" auction website.

    Quibids redirected to something that wasn't QuiBids at all – it was a colon-cleanse site – again. Much like one of Jesse's originals way back here, say:

    As we now know from Jesse's pronouncements, this is all bad, bad, bad; whereas now he is all good, good, good. Don't we?

    Anyway. Here's the chain of redirects – and it finishes off somewhere familiar.

    ###Quibids Spam Details###

    From: "Quibids"

    To: <xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

    Subject: Fun and fast auction site where you can save up to 95%

    Date: Fri, 10 Sep 2010 02:32:37 -0600

    Message-ID: 000001cb50aa$5fbd3950$1f37abf0$@com

    MIME-Version: 1.0

    snakes1.jpg '

    snakes2.jpg '

    ###END Quibids Spam Details###

    ' has a holding page full of news feeds and WHOIS is hidden by the now ubiquitous privacy protection service. What are they all so afraid of if it's all legitimate, eh?

    The links quickly redirect through


    (a private registration with 1&1)



    WHOIS for them puts the address at:

    Administrative Contact [21920]:

    Domain Admin

    Ultra Herbal, LLC

    Hunkins Waterfront

    P.O. Box 556


    Nevis West Indies



    Phone: +1.8694690224

    …which is the same as I got last night,

    Obviously, ol' Jesse wouldn't want to be involved with any such shenanigans, would he?

    I mean,

    sending spam.

    redirecting to businesses that are nothing to do with the spam subject.

    linking to businesses with a host of dubious, nay dangerous medical claims.

    Jesse, as we know from his ethical email posting would never, ever, do that. Would he?

    It’s just good business.

  17. This is the preacher from Youtube. I am following you Jesse and praying your will be brought to justice. I find it amazing that you have even more audacity to say you want to "GIVE BACK" on your new website. Why don't you give back all the money you have stole from thousands of people? Check out your new website. This one is on me. Oh and you don't have to pay me back for this. It's my pleasure!

        1. Yo! Brother Joseph!

          What happened to ' and more importantly, what happened to your two videos?

          Have you been got at?

          Your website is just a list of adverts now….

  18. Of course, ol' Jesse's hypocrisy knows no bounds…

    Take his position on emails and spam. On the 8th September, the 9th September – well actually, every day for more than a month, I've had spam for SwipeBids…. Maybe you have too?

    Whatever. the 8th is critical, because on that day Jesse posted a post on his blog called,


    I'll translate this easy-to-remember title from the self-proclaimed king of website marketing as,

    Using Email Ethically

    You can't make it up, can you?

    It starts of with his whining charitable dirge and then continues with such gems as:

    "Never sell their email addresses to a third party – because you cannot be sure they will behave as honestly and ethically as you will."

    Oh well. Read it and laugh for yourself. It'll be another "hit" to prove that his split-testing works! As the thief says at the end of his piece,

    It’s just good business.

  19. Spilt testing my arse! The domain was only registered on the 20th of August 2010 – which exposes Jesse Willms lie that he was "spilt testing" different names all along!

    It seems that his employees are as deluded as he is (or perhaps "Hernan, Head of Public Relations at" is really Jesse Willms) – "We pride ourselves in being the beacon of moral and ethical business practices in our industry." Ha! Ha! Pretty much the same kind of crap that Jesse Willms writes on his blog.

    Looks like Jesse has pissed off a preacher man too:

    "Not sure how you can do this. I work hard for my money as does everyone else that you have managed to steal from. The economy is awful and you have the audacity to steal what little us working folks have. I want my $150 back. I am a preacher of the Gospel and I will be praying that you will be brought to justice."

    Hopefully those CTV news clips on youtube will expose the real truth about Jesse Willms scams to a wider audience. 🙂

    1. You're not going to like the latest addition to the YouTube video mountain, @Not Kevin…. it's a new user by the name of jessewillms1


      In a further push to bolster his "honesty cred", he extols the same text as that on his blog (linked back) as well as that seen in his nicked video here about SPLIT-TESTING!! ROFLMAO.


      His videos are attracting a huge volume of hits. As I write I was #31, #32 & #33! That's a 10% increase just from me so that split-testing lark really works!

      This is the news clip again with it's previous one.

  20. Yes the World Vision stuff is particularly distasteful and just another attempt to use the names of legitimate brands/companies/websites/charities to try and enhance the credibility of his own toxic brand. A bit like he allegedly did with the breast cancer charity in Australia. And in the same way that the BBC, Rolling Stone and other news logos are prominently plastered all over the site with quotes which have nothing to do with Swipebids.

    In fact the Swipebids 'brand' is now so discredited that they are changing it (slightly) to Swipe Auctions [] – while auctions may not be accurate (gambling would indeed be more appropriate) the Swipe part is very accurate as that is exactly what they will do with your money should you be unfortunate enough to sign-up!

    “While a rose by any other name would still smell as sweet, in the online landscape your business name can make a big difference in terms of your bottom line,” Sherry said.

    Interestingly the current whois for does have a name and address – not the CIRCLE MEDIA BIDS LIMITED, 72 HIGH STREET, HASLEMERE, SURREY, GU27 2LA shown on the website, but:

    Ashton Manning

    983 Washington Avenue


    Los Angeles




    The same address was used as the whois info for a 'Google Cash Profit Kit' [] linked to Jesse Willms and his Cyprus outfit, Farend Services Ltd.

    1. Funny how he decided to keep the "swipe" part of the name – and not the "bids"!!!

      I've been away for a long weekend, but before I left I noticed that the ol' Jesse was extolling the benefits if "split" testing on his very own website, stunningly entitled '

      He also maintains that this is the way forward and that the "auctions" name was the real one all along and that the "bids" one was just a beta test as part of his master plan…. This is detailed in your prlog link.

      Unfortunately, this is just hollow lies.

      In his masterful "how-clever-am-I" spiel, he says that even his ' site (Alexa rank is 1,146,050), is "split tested"…


      A killer quote, straight from Willms' newly redirecting website is on the subject of gambling, which I'm sure has hit a nerve with the young conster. Here, he says,

      Coming to SwipeAuctions is not like playing a hand of poker. It's much more similar to learning how to master the game of chess. See '

      The text in this area is being continually revised and churned. I think he's decided it's his Achilles heel.

      Flogging counterfeit software from two of the biggest software companies in the world didn't phase him.

      He just decided to flog vaguely existent products like teeth whitener and funny tea, fruit juice and bowel cleaners;

      And somehow, conning people by stripping money from their credit card accounts for a string of non-existent products like this didn't phase him.

      He just set up shop anew.


      and time,

      and time,


      But to me, the amount of effort going into this lottery-by-another-name seems wholly uncharacteristic of the creep.

      Therefore, it means something to him to keep it going.

      Hence the name-change spiel, "charitable" works and "advice" from a super young expert!

      Gosh and darn it! Isn't he such a nice helpful guy!

  21. To Whom It May Concern:

    You've made the news. You've received the free advertising. You have an information website. The prices (ending bids) seem to good to be true. I couldn't find a "contact us" e-mail address anywhere. Maybe I missed it.

    What else did I miss…the $159.00, up-front, "bidding fee". Please explain at your earliest convenience.

    To good to be true? Maybe/May not.


    Terry Schneider

  22. Going back the the re-appearance of the various addresses used by Willms and the others… Have you seen the latest news about Northern Cyprus which was prompted by the return of Asil Nadir to the UK to answer charges relating to his Polly Peck collapse? See:

    It quite concisely explains how Cyprus became a haven for scoundrels, and how and why now, even though there are no official treaties, Cyprus is opening up and booting the scum out!

    It's probably all hanging off the Turkish desire to get into the EU and for the USA's desire to keep its missiles stationed in Turkey.

    Whatever, it all seems to point to a harder time for scum wishing to hide themselves and/or their profits.

    1. Jesse Willms' local paper has cottoned onto his dodgy dealings now – see

      From this we learn that his new business is yet another numerical nom de scam of:

      1524948 Alberta Ltd

      A quick search on this produces a long list of scam complaints, even without the "scam" keyword.

      One item of note, is that ol' Jesse has taken to suing a business for… get this…

      Intellectual Property – Copyrights


      He's suing, whose site looks remarkably like his own, apart from a couple of notable differences:

      ONE: QBids' Verisign logo works correctly and is not plastered with third party logos (apart the those accepted credit cards ) that imply some legality to the site. Willm's use of the term "Share the Fun" with a heap of non-working networking links beggars belief…!

      TWO: QBids is not emblazoned with a huge advert saying,

      "Swipebids is helping kids grow all around the world!"

      This last is particularly distasteful! The link goes to:
      It contains a heap of stomach churning rubbish without an ounce of real substance.

      And again! What? More?

      yep! Jesse has obviously been following the FTCs recent work against scams and scammers like him. Recently, they asserted that businesses like his were little more than a lottery and should come under gaming laws. And so Jesse has ANOTHER new page extolling his world view that "buying non-returnable bids" is not gambling!

      As a reminder of how it works:

      You BUY some "bids".

      You then use one of your "bids" to "bid" on an item.

      If no-one else "bids", time is added to the "auction" finish. Maybe you "win", maybe you don't. Usually…

      "Someone" else "bids". You have no idea if this "person" is real or a robot. Jesse says it's not a robot – but y'know, he actually has million dollar form in the fraud department!!!

      Some more time is added to the "auction" finish…




      If you "lose" the "auction", you lose all your "bids" that you've paid for….

      Now that's gambling, isn't it?

      The "quote" marks above are there to emphasise that these are NOT real auctions, NOT real bids as most people understand the term.

      If ol' Jesse tried this in a Roman market of old, he'd be crucified within 30 minutes!

      But it's not "days of yore" and he gets away with it using the smoke and mirrors of the web and copious shadow companies located all over the world.

      Jesse's pronouncements on the definition of gambling and lotteries can be found on his new page here,

      Smoke and mirrors time, folks!


      Jesse is fending off ANOTHER court case. See this one from California,… The nature of this case is very familiar to Jesse Willms as he's been sued and lost many times for:

      Torts – Property – Other Fraud

    1. ahh…Melissa! That's why – they're all written by young blokes!

      That FreePressIndex site is down so I couldn't check it out. But it does seem that Willms is following the same desperate pattern that we've seen with other scam sites previously – some of his own creation, even!

      Desperate times indeed.

      Now check out what is happening on the Monavie front. On this blog,… 7k comments after the initial post and also having endured two previous threats from the Monavie company, the guy Lazy Man has now been threatened with blackmail! See this post:

      I wonder if this would be a possible route for ol' Jesse to take against all the people that misunderstand his philanthropic good nature?

      As a reminder of how good and nice and kind and pink he is, here's a laugh,


      and here's a cry, going back a few years, into Willms' dealings and fines he's paid for being so misunderstood;

  23. Three new items of interest…

    ONE: since commenting above about SwipeBids' efforts at spamming me (, I accidentally went to the link and "un-subscribed" at that time, and since then the spam for SwipeBids has trebled! Nice!

    The new crop all say to un-subscribe using the links or write to the same address;





    Someone is still being scammed by the Google Money Tree – at least that's what you'd think from the google alert to this website:

    Unfortunately, it's not dated, so I can't answer for its veracity. And they're certainly busy folks!!!

    Because a reverse IP call on their IP address,… pulls out a list of 298 domains hosted on the same web server,

    What's clear though, is that the website shamscam hides their identity: , which isn't a good sign.

    THREE: Another Google alert took me to this website which seems to be confused over it's motives:

    Following this posting,

    …where it warns people about the dangers of SwipeBids and ol' Jesse Willms, the very next day comes this posting:

    …where they are flogging penny auction sites, not entirely dissimilar to SwipeBids. They claim to be the guardian and informer of all things good and bad about penny auctions.

    I'm not so sure about the whole penny auction ethos anyway, but they've put some of their expertise and time to good use, they say! From this page… on the website:

    As everyone knows, the PennyBurners Team is dedicated to “promoting the good guys (and gals!) and exposing the bad guys.” We truly care about the Penny Auction Community, and to show our dedication, we have decided to buy, design, host, and donate:

    SwipeBidsVictims is a website that will inform other SwipeBids victims of the pending lawsuit, and give them the opportunity to contact the lawyer and have their case added to the suit.

    The thing is,apart from the fact that I never knew a "penny auction community" existed, it actually looks alright – it's the idea of flogging the blooming things that puts the spanner in the works for me….

    Despite links back to the main anti-scam sites that I've referred to many times, there's something odd about selling cheap auctions sites, if you see what I mean? I mean, what if there then exist websites selling websites that auction, in an auction? It's just too weird.

    Also, the information they provide, if true, is that a NEW class action via this lawyer, Will Haselden, at,

    …against Jesse Willms, the old philanthropist skulldugger himself, is very welcome news, and probably not entirely un-related to Jesse's recent self-pronouncements on his own goodness for the betterment of all mankind…. (I've gotta vomit now, sorry…)

    Let the show begin!

  24. I wonder if he is watching the goings at Central Coast Nutraceuticals, Inc closely too:

    "A US district court has ordered the marketers of acai berry supplements, “colon cleansers,” and other products to temporarily stop Internet sales schemes that allegedly scam consumers out of more than $30 million in 2009 through deceptive advertising and unfair billing practices, as requested by the Federal Trade Commission. "

    Sounds very similar to the scams Just Think Media / Jesse Willms ran last year!

    "the court order halts the allegedly illegal conduct of Central Coast Nutraceuticals, Inc., imposes an asset freeze and appoints a temporary receiver over CCN and several related companies, while the FTC moves forward with its case to stop the company's bogus health claims and other deceptive and unfair conduct."

    My guess is that all Jesse's UK Ltd companies and Cyprus Ltd Companies are an attempt to avoid a similar fate? An asset freeze being somewhat more complicated for the FTC to achieve when the money is in far flung ltd companies…

    As for Jesse Willms donation of $1000 to Kiva being worthy of a press release (no doubt just a part of his SEO efforts) – as a multi-millionaire donating $1000 is to him like donating $1 would be to those of us of more modest means. Hardly a gesture of such generosity as to be deemed newsworthy! I gave $1 to a homeless person this week, perhaps I too should prepare a press release!!

    As for "noted-entrepreneur-and-philanthropist" – the press release can only have been written by him as nobody else would use those words to describe Jesse Willms! Although I am sure the thousands of people fleeced by his scams would come up with more accurate alternative descriptions of Jesse Willms!


      Thanks @Not Kevin. Above is some key evidence that the FTC is using. It’s a promo video, straight from the marketer’s website.
      The rest of the stuff is here as links:
      In detail, we have:

      Now me, myself, am slightly bemused by ol’ Jesse’s antics?

      How, as a brilliant entrepreneur and philanthropist, does he find time to weasel around with poxy little blogs, inflating his diminishing ego in such pathetic ways?

      I mean, it isn’t even SEO efficient, is it? The only people that notice this buffoonery are ourselves because we are deliberately seeking him out!
      For instance, I use a Firefox plugin called SearchStatus 1.33. As well as quick WHOIS lookups, I can see the page and site rankings for anything I visit.

      Currently I’m Alexa ranked 493,939.
      ‘ is Alexa ranked 1,573,726.

      As I said, it’s not even effective. His little self-pats-on-the-back are inconsequential in the great www of things. Why doesn’t he do himself a favour and put all his obvious talents into something good and legal. When I say ‘al’l, I mean all!

      Not a few pence as a subterfugial diversion.

      Interestingly, Alexa show the number of sites linking onto a given site. This website has 255 links, ‘ has 6.
      Five are what you’d expect e.g. his LinkedIn profile. One is for a weird site that contains nothing but a few pictures and links. It’s and there’s probably a lot of stuff going on in the background but inaccessible via the webs server.
      This is the WHOIS for this website :

      Liamondrop Inc.
      253 36th Street
      4th Floor #414
      Brooklyn, New York 11232
      United States

      Domain Name: LIAMBOWERS.COM
      Created on: 04-May-08
      Expires on: 04-May-11
      Last Updated on: 05-May-10

      Administrative Contact:
      Bowers, William
      Liamondrop Inc.
      253 36th Street
      4th Floor #414
      Brooklyn, New York 11232
      United States
      (347) 582-8572 Fax —

      Technical Contact:
      Bowers, William
      Liamondrop Inc.
      253 36th Street
      4th Floor #414
      Brooklyn, New York 11232
      United States
      (347) 582-8572 Fax —

      Domain servers in listed order:

      Now when I get time, if you don’t beat me to it, I need to check out that New York address…… let’s see what we shall see.

      n.b. a quick check pulls out heaps of porn and an ebay user with the same name!

  25. I think Jesse Willms is watching the goings-on at Pacific WebWorks (PWW) very closely. See

    In an effort to dodge what he sees as the inevitable flak, he's continually making deflection moves to alter his public face of conman, fraudster and thief to that of a caring philanthropist!


    This latest pollution (above) of the internet airwaves is another fluff to his denialist ego. It's a continuation of his SEO theme of making multiple small self-referential blogs to up his profile.

    It won't work though. Just check out the litany of complaints on "rip-off report" etc for enduring proof of his crimes.

  26. Looks like Jesse Willms is back to his old trick of using a UK Ltd company for his shenanigans (remember Gillmap Limited, the "World Headqaurters" of Dazzlesmile/Dazzlewhite in County Durham?). The new one is called Circle Media Bids Limited and was incorporated on 03 August 2010:

    The "company incorporation specialists" through which it was registered are "offshore company formation specialists" who also "incorporate limited liability companies in Cyprus" as well as Belize, Nevis and other exotic locales:

    Expect a new Cyprus registered Jesse Willms company to pop-up again any day now..(remember Farend Services?)

    1. @not Kevin.

      You'll be pleased to know that I got four spams for SwipeBids this morning right next to your comment in my spam filters!

      They were ALL giving a Circle Media Bids un-subscribe link and address – although all the links were totally different – as were all the source email addresses.

      Interestingly, they ALL say to un-subscribe here:


      72 HIGH STREET


      However, checking further down the spam and there are selection of OTHER un-subscribe email addresses, which demonstrates the ubiquity and all-pervasive nature of spam, plus the dis-believable trouble that exists in un-subscribing!

      These commence with their claim as follows, which is a jpeg picture, NOT text, so it's hard to copy and/or trace!…

      our mailing list records indicate that your email address is opted-in to receive this email. To un-subscribe, please click here and your name will be removed from our database. 1225 Puerto Sol San Clemente, CA 92673

      It hyperlinks you to a web address which supposedly un-subscribes you.

      I also had an unsub link from, whois?

      Steve Dipressi

      42257 Sand Palm Way

      Lancaster, California 93536

      United States

      But they also say;

      You may also elect to write to us at City Resources, 3616 Far West Blvd #117165, Austin Tx 78731.

      Another click-able image, but no text, for an unsub was here,

      28241 Crown Valley Parkway #F230 Laguna Niguel CA 92677

      I vaguely remember this one from an earlier investigation. If my memory serves me right, it's down a new build road of houses on Google StreetView, which still seem incomplete.

      In short. It's just like before…….

      The stealing.

      The hiding.

      The weasel wording.

      The catalogue of dissatisfied "customers".

      The Financial chicanery.

      The multitude of businesses.

      The plethora of business and associate addresses.

      The overseas accounting.

      and finally,

      The SPAM!

      Q. Have I missed anything?

      <img class="alignright size-thumbnail wp-image-7868" title=" Gives Customers Big Savings – Never Pay Retail Again!_1281952191072" src="×86.jpg&quot; alt=" Gives Customers Big Savings – Never Pay Retail Again!_1281952191072" width="86" height="86" />A.. Well yes!

      Check out the screen-shot of the SwipeBids link from one of these spams….

      As @Not Kevin's link showed, only VISA seems to be handling the serial fraudster's billings these days. And actually, he seems to be a bit afraid of all the other card companies except VISA because they VISA is the only credit card logo one showing. Ha Ha.

      <img class="alignleft size-thumbnail wp-image-7869" title=" Gives Customers Big Savings – Never Pay Retail Again!_1281959395125" src="×86.jpg&quot; alt=" Gives Customers Big Savings – Never Pay Retail Again!_1281959395125" width="86" height="86" />

      His usual trick of whacking up a load of logos (seen at the bottom, here) and then claiming that he's nothing to do with them falls a bit hollow though – when you consider that one logo really looks like security….

      Even more bizarrely, he sticks up the UPS logo, then claims not to be associated with them, even though, (as we all know), his businesses and others like it have previously all been close to a UPS depot so that stuff can be easily posted off! (Even more bizarrely, the security logo AND the BBC referral link which appears during the credit card validation check, are both served from a CloudFront server owned by Amazon –

      In actual fact, the security logo the Willms uses originates from the host,

      I've just checked their website to see what it means….

      It means bugger all, actually, and will probably be in contravention of GoDaddy's Terms and Conditions about uses of logo, brand awareness and/or copyright. See… and then dig down through….

      The gold padlock is for use with premium SSL hostings who've had accountant-type documentation etc. to validate and authenticate the business they're in, and it's legality etc.

      I've just run a quick (fictional) credit card through the SwipeBids registration system and at no point do the GoDaddy icons and locks show, as they should, from reading the GoDaddy T&Cs!

      Furthermore, the logo at the bottom is of others joined together, the GoDaddy one being much smaller than it should, so that nothing is legible, but an aura of authenticity remains.

      Bizarrely (I use this word a lot with ol' Jesse), yay bizarrely, Jesse IS registered on the TRUSTe system, yet chooses NOT to blab about it with a logo or anything on the main pages, but in his own T&Cs!!! See where his Web Privacy Seal tallies with that claimed by him.

      However, if you truly believe the serial fibber, then you're a mug, mate. This Truste Web Privacy Seal supposedly keeps your data private – which leads me to the question,

      "How did he get my email address and spam me, if I'm all protected, privacy-wise?"

      I've checked some quotation links also. The BBC quote (there are a few quotes during the registration process) comes from an investigation into on-line betting and gambling which is what they say SwipeBids and similar sites actually are. See

      All in all, as usual with ANYTHING that Jesse Willms says and does;

      it stinks,

      it lies,

      it steals.

      That's ol' Jesse for ya!

    2. I hope you've spotted the

      "Philanthropist And Entrepreneur"

      mentions in your Willms' trawls?

      Yep. Ol' Jesse is "giving back" to worthy causes – which is all fine and dandy until you realise that his "entrepreneurial skills" that he is sooo proud of involve fraud, deception, copyright theft and the full gamut of corrupt business practices that we've come to lament in the brave new vacuous world of the internet that he inhabits.

      See here for instance,

      or even his own homage to himself here, '

  27. @Not Kevin

    Crikey. Abuse of trademark – that's like putting a Google, ABC, BBC or other logo on your website to make it look official, isn't it? !!!

    Have you got or seen any screen-shots of his websites with the pink ribbon logo on them? I must say, because of the continuing mis-use of all sorts of logos and trademarks by scum like him, I tend to just blank them out in my mind. I should pay more attention.

    BTW, the legal and highly beneficial Pink Ribbon organisation is here for those that want to check it out.

    1. Maybe Jesse Willms's use of the word "integrity" comes from his business being located in the same building as "Integrity Insurance & Financial Services Inc". See the building (number 85), here;

      Jesse is in Suite #204, Integrity Insurance & Financial Services Inc are one floor up I suppose, in Suite #305

      I guess the word "integrity" has rubbed off on him and gives him a nice warm feeling. It's a pity he's pretty clueless about its meaning.

    2. Unfortunately the websites have all disappeared and I did not take screenshots. I now take screenshots of everything as these fly by night websites are here today and gone tomorrow!

      It seems that Jesse Willms has been adding to his growing list of unhappy customers lately though:

      More TV coverage on him too (although he is not mentioned by name, but his Swipebids website is):;…

  28. Vomit inducing indeed. There seems to be no limit to the depths Jesse Willms is prepared to sink to.

    Clearly he lives in some kind of parallel universe if he thinks he of all people can "provide advice for other companies who want to do ethical business on the Internet and showcase the best practices of the Internet marketing industry"!! WTF!? Really you could not make this stuff up!

    As for his philanthropy; I think the National Breast Cancer Foundation in Australia may have a somewhat different view of Jesse Willms and his charitable intentions! :

    What a scumbag.

  29. Checked out ol' Jesse Willms's website recently? ('

    Well it's got another entry entitled "Google PPC Success"!

    In the sidebar it says "Top Three Topics"….

    …the only problem is that there are only three posts…and comments are disabled!! Ha Ha.

    On top of it all, while mentioning exactly where in Canada his little entrepreneurial cesspit is located, a whois of his website, is still protected by Monicker Privacy Services!!! See

    Personally, I think Jesse has writers cramp from his high output in January, May and August this year…. Either that, or from fending off all the lawyers and credit card chappies…

    1. For an insight into what ol' Jesse is up to with his 3 page self-indulgent piece of fiction called, see what happened as the Google cache machine passed by:

      Page 79 is called

      SwipeBids & World Vision: Helping the Less Fortunate

      It says that the "Article coming soon".

      But what appears to have happened is that Jesse had a change of mind and put out this page instead:


      Giving Back: Community Involvement

      Jesse Willms is a leader in the ever evolving Internet Marketing industry. As such he realizes that to be truly successful he not only has to create value for his company, he also has to help instill values in the community. That is why Jesse Willms has made a deep commitment to donating to a wealth of both local and global charities. “I sleep better at night, when I know I’ve helped others go to sleep with a full belly and the security that only a home can provide,” Willms said. That is just one of the reasons why Willms is known as a leader in the ongoing drive to make Internet Marketing a responsible member of the global community.

      It just makes me want to vomit.

      To continue onto his "About" page, this is what he says about himself;

      About Jesse

      Jesse Willms is the founder of Terra Marketing Group, a Canadian Internet marketing firm that specializes in online auction and information products. Jesse strives to make Terra Marketing Group a different type of online company – one that focuses on truth, integrity and the needs of its current and potential customers. With this blog, Jesse seeks to explain why Terra Marketing Group is different, provide advice for other companies who want to do ethical business on the Internet and showcase the best practices of the Internet marketing industry.

      Ethics? !!

      This is from a man who goes to any lengths to scam people and will say or do any single thing, absolutely anything, to shift the focus from his scamming practices.

      What actually needs to happen is for him to give back all the money he's stolen from people, and stop waffling on in his weasely way about giving to the community, because, without any proof otherwise, it's just a pile of poop.

      Jesse is storing up some hellish karmic retribution for the future! Saying that one does charitable acts, while actually stealing, is about as low as it gets…

      Karmic Retribution? Look it up! It's all cause and effect, folks.

  30. Looks like there is someone in Florida who has a lot in common with Jesse Willms.

    Nicolas Molina – subject of lawsuits from the Illinois and Florida Attorney generals as well as Oprah:

    "Investigators also believe that Advanced Wellness company president Nicolas Molina and vice president Michael Trimarco became aware of the investigation and sold their business to Kelly O’Shea, a former Advanced Wellness employee. O’Shea created a new entity, Netalab Corp., and allegedly continued the same unfair and deceptive trade practices initially begun by Advanced Wellness. The complaints, in fact, have kept on coming". From:

    As well as (like Jesse Willms) being sued by Oprah for acai scams, Nicolas Molina (like Jesse) also has a website where he talks about himself in the third person about what a great 'entrepreneur' he is in ridiculously glowing terms:

    Funny how "Professional Whois" only contains one profile (Nicolas Molina) and links to a whole bunch of companies which he has nothing to do with!

    It seems that Nicolas Molina is still in the Acai business despite all the lawsuits: his latest venture

    is TransactPlus, LLC

    927 Lincoln Road, Suite 200

    Miami Beach, FL 33139 which shows is "Incorporated by The Nicolas Molina 2006 Revocable Trust" no less! Take a look at the "client list" at and you will find

    BrightTeeth, ColoFlush, Dermacai, Pure Acai Berry Pro, Pure Rez V Pro, WhiteningNow and Google Profit House! is on the same server as which appears to be linked to XM Brands (also in Florida):

  31. Another job at Terra Marketing Group aka Just Think Media:

    Duties� Provide solutions for clients needs; � Identifies customer profiles and negotiates to minimize risk and resolve customer rate objections; � Tactfully declines ineligible customers and satisfy VIP customers; � Provides excellent service, via the email, to effectively and thoroughly ascertain customer's inquiry

    Duties in short: Respond to complaints from people who we have scammed. Ha! Good luck with that!

    1. strong customer service skills are essential

      As you said…. Ha!

      Personally, I like the way that the job doesn't even have a job title.

      probably something like

      "dogs body to take the flak"

  32. Came across this blog today – basically it's step by step instructions on how to scam people!!

    How to build a flog (fake blog/news site)

    How to target "less educated people" for your teeth whitening scam:

    How to Sell Within the FTC Regulations

    (But that's not what it's about at all – it should actually be called how to trick people into giving you fake testimonials!)

    Perhaps his blog should be called rather than ahaze !

  33. By the way what if anything do you know about this msrketing firm that was hired to keep those darn threads at the top of the searches Im sure if Sadam had hired the right marketing team he would be in some posh vacation prison now if he had hired the right team. Sorry if this is a repost but i do proof resd brfore posting and my comenys come back garbled

  34. By the way what if anything do you know about this msrketing firm that was hired to keep those darn threads at the top of the searched Im sure Sadam would be in some posh vacation prison now he he had hired the right team

  35. I came here looking for those darn coupon codes and jump off the cliff banner ads of I thought we could make a deal and split the $75.00 bounty At this time lt does look to be the only was to get some of my money back from scammers.Of course there is the downside of allowing acess to my lower body cavity again.

  36. The Calgary address seems to be home to several businesses, perhaps it is just a mailbox?

    More job sites advertising jobs for Terra Marketing in Sherwood Park, Alberta:

    One of the logos on the partners page at seems to come from a template:

  37. Interesting that that ad mentions Terra Marketing Group

    This ad says: Location: Sherwood Park, Alberta

    Yet the website of gives an address in Calgary:

    Terra Marketing Group

    Sun Life Plaza, West Tower

    144-4 Avenue SW, Suite 1600

    Calgary T2P 3N4

    Telephone: 1.866.521.8873

    FAX: 1.866.520.3352

    The domain terramarketinggroup was only registered on 01 April 2010 and the owner is hidden using domain privacy:….

    Is Terra Marketing Group perhaps the new name for Just Think Media due to all the negative publicity on JustThink?

    1. Well done mate. That IP lookup is going into my shortcuts now. Very, very useful indeed as most others are a paid for thing with only a few returns on a reverse lookup.

      So it’s goodbye Just Think. Hello Terra Marketing – or should that read Terror Marketing?

      Just Think? Terror Marketing.

      It’s my new mantra!

      1. I like the fact that these websites are part of the war against Terra Marketing:

        Given the way that 'customers' have their money whipped out of their bank by businesses that they knew nothing about, it's a bit rich – or at least ol' Jesse and Nolan are!

  38. Jesse is still taking on web designer staff! Either,

    business is booming (see above for instance, or even better, review the discussion and screen-shot at the bottom of… which is here:… This shows a Jesse Willms website with it's source code showing the rapid changes that ol' Jesse always has to make to cover his tracks….);

    or the staff get sacked when they dump ol' Jesse into the brown stuff when they leak compromising information out into his websites

    or the staff move on quick when they find out what a pile of poo they're working for…?

    This one is from the 12th May 2010 – last week!

  39. Jesse Willms is the head of JustThink Media, an Internet scammer based in Sherwood Park, Alberta. His products use fraudulent endoresements of Oprah and Dr. Oz (currently suing Willms) and once you sign up, you'll never be able to cancel.

    Willms is Canada's biggest Internet marketing douche bag, but his victims are worldwide. He should be water-boarded with acai berry.

  40. My son got scammed by Dazzle Smile. I got his money back but from the bank, not them, not after they "promised" to refund the money. I am writing to the consumer protection division in every state. We need to change the law so that you cannot advertise a "free trial" and hook people in. If you want to help, do a reply.

  41. Another Canadian TV station reporter is investigating Jesse Willms and Just Think Media in Sherwood Park – will try to find a link to a clip.

  42. Well it looks like for some of these scammers processing payments will at least temporarily be a t more difficult:

    "Visa Inc. has cut off 100 scammers who use bogus marketing techniques to dupe consumers in the past six months. Among the most common hustles: billing the credit cards of customers who thought they were getting free trial products like dietary supplements or teeth whiteners $79.95 per month or more, and then making them jump through hurdles to get the charges to stop.

    "Consumers are being fleeced," Sheedy said.

    Visa told The Associated Press that about 100 merchants had their payment processing terminated because of chronic complaints since early summer. The scam is now so common, the Visa is teaming up with the Federal Trade Commission and the Better Business Bureau to alert consumers."

    Twenty-nine percent of online U.S. consumers victimized by deceptive marketing:

    I wonder if Just Think Media and their catalogue of 'products':… is on the Visa list?

  43. Jesse Willms doesn't seem to know when to stop. Either that, or he's trying to maximise his income in preparation for the huge court cases being brought against him!

    These 3 complaints against his teeth-whitening efforts all came in during the past 24 hours!

    As you can see, these are not inconsequential amounts of money being drawn against people's accounts. All done in the same manner as previously, where a consumer signs up for one thing, finds they are actually signed up for a whole host of other 'offers', and then can't cancel or get redress for a single one of them!!!

    1. There's a lot of this recently! AP got booted out by PWW in another report I read before their recent "official statement" on the Google lawyers' arrival…

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