Crawling Chaos Dishwasher

Crawling Chaos, Dishwasher
Crawling Chaos, Dishwasher?

Via some Google Alerts I’ve got set up, I came across the weirdest definition of “Crawling Chaos” that I’ve seen for quite some time.

This is the complete web-page on the right and it’s source, the link below:

Crawling Chaos Sex Machine?
Crawling Chaos, Sex Machine?

In essence, it’s a long list of weird photos; some disturbing, some funny, many thoughtful, not so many, dumb.  Flipping through the site, I came across this photo at the left on this page, which in some respects demonstrates to me the Buddhist concept of “The Interconnectedness of All Things”.  How else could I have found it?

The lyrics of the Crawling Chaos track “Sex Machine” are yet again coming to fruition.

Last week we had the welcome news that the gene code for some major cancers has been cracked (see Scientists crack ‘entire genetic code’ of cancer).  This is one aspect of the human condition – to be fit and healthy.

Another aspect of the human condition is to be sexy and to have sex.  To talk about sex and think about sex.  In fact, because unlike animals, which for the most part are tied to breeding cycles, we are sexual beings for most of our lives.  Some people will do anything for sex or to appear sexy, and some will try anything….

This picture of the sexualised doll with dildo hands is a case in point, and it exactly parallels some of our “Sex Machine” lyrics that we wrote all those years ago.  So apart from being “a laugh”, having a “driving rhythm” and a “fantastic guitar melody and solo”, the track “Sex Machine” is now all coming true.  Many critics, of course, missed all of that, but then…they would, if they’re shallow.

How prescient of us.

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