Less Spam Today

Map of Waledac infections
Map of Waledac infections

I had about half the usual quantity of spam this morning.

Maybe this is a consequence of Microsoft’s action against a huge list of domains which have been thought to be controlling thousands of computers in a botnet?  Dubbed Waledac, the botnet is thought to have  chucked out 1.5 billion spams from ~90k computers controlled by 277 domains.  They reckoned in 18 days last December ~650 million spams went to Hotmail alone….

Microsoft called the technical and legal action Operation b49.

See a news items:



Most ‘experts’ reckon it’s a small reprieve (as do I), but it’s better than nothing.  As it’s said,

Do Nothing, and Nothing Will Happen

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  1. Microsoft seem to be getting more pro-active about spam and malware. What’s happened?
    Because in the old days they just used to shrug and blame it on everyone for doing stuff either wrongly or ignorantly.

    “Let the user beware”

    …was the mantra.

    See https://www.alphr.com/news/security/356026/microsoft-isps-should-quarantine-infected-pcs

    Essentially they want any PC that’s been determined to be spewing out malware or acting as a spam relay to be blocked from the internet until it’s fixed.

    Personally, it seems reasonable. The converse is that it gives shut-down powers to unelected and un-responsible bodies (the ISPs) to close down anyone they choose – but hey! they do this anyway in the way that they throttle bandwidth for any “unacceptable usage”, which they define, regardless of what they state in their advertising….

    Maybe I should think of the internet as an organic creature, with automatic lymph-type systems trying to defend itself from attack from pathogens etc. ?

    The health of the body is more important than that of it’s individual cells.

    What do you think?


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