How Summer Camps Could Change Britain


This is a follow-up to Colony Holidays and Tubby the Tuba where I talked about Colony Holidays (the CCHS), Chris Green’s part as Tubby the Tuba, and my fond memories of such a formative part of my life.

Recent News

Chris Green (Tubby the Tuba)

Chris Green (Tubby the Tuba)

Chris Green, one of the two full-time driving forces behind the original CCHS, is now using his retirement to push forward the agenda for proper summer camps, ideally modelled on the CCHS concept, with modern changes suitable to our era.  (Currently, the ‘camp’ business is stuck at a crossroads of uncertainty, direction and funding.  Chris sees things in a much more positive light, as you’ll see from his booklet below.)

As part of this, he is asking former CCHS/ATE people and anyone else with an interest in the well-being of children, society and thus the world, to lobby their local MP by telling them about their positive personal experiences about CCHS, and other views on the matter.

He’s encapsulated his agenda in a booklet which I’ve reproduced here, (How Summer Camps Could Change Britain),  along with the original PDF files for download.  Please read and use these..  Their links are below:

For myself, I’ve already mentioned the high regard in which I hold Chris Green and his work with the CCHS in the post Colony Holidays and Tubby the Tuba, and how, in reality, it has formed a large chunk of my current persona.

I’ve also found a Facebook group here called Colony Holidays Remembered.  This is worth a check for any former Colony Holidays folk…!