One More Shot at the Warrington Cycle Campaign

With the recent (overwhelming) successes by our cyclists at this years Olympics, one would think that this would spur even more people to get on a bike, lose a bit of flab, save a bit of money or even aspire to higher things.

For all those new starters, there are one or two obstacles to overcome.  No, not the one about which bike to get or the embarrasment of wearing lycra or silly shorts.  Or even the debate about what saddle to choose.

No, it’s physical obstacles to one’s progress through towns.  Like this one, Oxford, in this month’s “Cycle Facility of the Month” from the Warrington Cycle Campaign.

A cycle path for the 22nd century

The commentary for the picture is as follows:

A cycle path for the 22nd century

After watching an episode of Star Trek, the forward looking traffic planners of Oxford were thinking about how transport infrastructure would work in the middle of the next century. Boldly predicting that by then bicycles would be equipped with teleportation devices they realised that they could save a lot of paint by designing intermittent cycle paths, with cyclists able to beam themselves from one stretch to the next.

Just remember:

  • People are paid to design, implement and layout this sort of rubbish, not sued..
  • You might know them or pass them in the street.
  • They look perfectly normal.  You just can’t tell.

You see, the heart is important, not the appearance.

By Strangely

Founding member of the band Crawling Chaos from the North-East of England

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  1. This BBC article called

    What commuter cyclists can learn from Chris Hoy

    shows various tips for the expected rush of people onto bikes.

    I don’t think slipstreaming in traffic is a very good idea, at all. Apart from the annoyance factor with someone sucking up your arse, one touch of wheels and there’s two of you under the wheels of an artic or over the roof of a car! 🙁

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