Goodbye Mr Floppy


Not an advert for a male enhancement cream

…but more a statement of fact….  yes indeedy, Sony, inventors of the 3.5″ floppy disc, have announced that it’s the end of the production line for them.

Sony Ends Floppy Production

I for one, have spent many a wasted hour listening to the click-click-click as they struggle to synchronise themselves.  In fact, the worst thing was doing a multi-disc install or restore (as from spanned zip files, say), to only find that one disc was duff right at the end!

See news story here:

They may have a vestigial life in booting old computers but soon, that’ll be it apart from the museum pieces.  I hope no-one has anything important stored on one at the back of the cupboard…

The rampant march of technology, eh?

Personally, I don’t use anything smaller than a CDR for storage, and that’s only temporary.  My zip drives bit the dust years ago.

As an aside, I expect the phrase “male enhancement” to attract lots of corresponding spam to this post.  Watch this space!

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