The World’s Forgotten Boy

The World's Forgotten Boy
Iggy Pop – The World’s Forgotten Boy

Ever since 1973 when I first heard this album, I’ve been entraptured in the Raw Power of “the sound”.  So I made arrangements ASAP when the famous get-together at the “infamous” Hammersmith Odeon gigs were announced…Would The Ig walk on the crowd again?

At my gig he didn’t though he naturally “submerged” for a time.  Iggy Pop and James Williamson punching the sound waves together again.  An event indeed?

All the above are my pictures and video.  I’m especially pleased that I kept the camera going as I suspected only a short interlude after the first tune.  It was Search & Destroy and naturally the crowd went bonkers and I had a job staying on my feet let alone filming.

Anyways, two are now dead from those on stage, original Stooges too.   I’m still pretty much saddened that Jeff died not long before this performance happened as it was him that got me into the Stooges and Amon Duul and Can and music in this way and I’m certain that he’d have booked a ticket.

As for the joint Raw Power- Search & Destroy video of that event?  Mine still has the best sound quality that I’ve heard.  Listen on phones, you’ll see/hear….  Fair play to my dinky little camera.  Just a shame I didn’t set it to fixed focus and left it on auto…

By Strangely

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