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Last updated on November 21st, 2015


I’ve recently had a few web-outages, slow loading pages (especially the admin pages) and a very recent drop in hits to this website.  Being short of time, I’ve let things continue.

However, having a longer moment, after disabling the Related Websites plugin from blogtrafficexchange.com, things have speeded up remarkably!  Not surprising really since I don’t waste time calling up invisible websites…

It’s another of those websites that needs to hide itself using Domains by Proxy, Inc., but hey-ho, I’ve given them a go anyway.  The WHOIS shows that a renewal is due this month, so maybe it’ll fire up again….?

The link for the plugin is here, currently non-working.


This is the WordPress repository link.  Obviously, the plugin is no good if it’s backend server feeds are broken.


  4 Responses to “Disabled my blogtrafficexchange.com Plugin”

  1. In Chrome Browser if accessing your site via a search engine the page comes up blank (except for the header).


    But if I type in strangelyperfect.tv that loads fine – I can then click on the page under 'Most read' and it comes up fine…hmm odd.

    • That is odd. I'll check it out when I get time, ha ha.

      I've tried Chrome but took it off when it did weird things – it was just after it came out though, and I haven't revisited it since. Initially it was small and fast, but then rapidly bloated out as it acquired all the "feature sets" of the other browsers. It also wanted to update itself with a dizzying frequency!

      Thanks for pointing it out. It could be a WordPress plugin that's doing all this so it's a bit of a trawl to go through them all, hence the "when I get time" comment.

      My host has had a couple of downtimes over the past three weeks, so that could be it as well. So far, apart from these two, it's only had one downtime since I started with them last summer.

    • Postscript – happened in Firefox too, so I've disabled a few plugins which have been updated recently. Seems okay now, so thanks again.

  2. …it seems to be running again so I've activated the plugin…. gosh.

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