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As a follow up to this post, Disabled my Plugin, I trawled through some likely plugin candidates for the symptoms mentioned by @Not Kevin.  These are obviously anything related to “web searching” in all it’s guises.

Problem Solved

The problem plugin is Psychic Search from MaxBlogPress.  In two browsers at least (Chrome & Firefox – I didn’t test any more as one instance of the particular behaviour is bad enough, thank you very much), anyone arriving at my site from a search was left with a blank page but the correct URL showing in the address bar!  This manifested for anyone, including myself when logged on, even using the search boxes on the site main page!!!


You pays your money and takes your choice.  Most WordPress plugins are free and there is a recognised support path via the WordPress community.  Most plugins are available via the WordPress plugin repository, and a side-benefit of this is that all previous plugin versions are there to download…..

Unfortunately, MaxBlogPress plugins are not in the repository and only available via their website.  There’s only a single version to download as well.   This means I cannot find a version to roll back to for the duff plugin as I never kept a local copy of the original.

Psychic Search is free but a registration process is required.  This leads to emails from MaxBlogPress of ever increasing urgency about the latest whizz-o product to improve your SEO or whatever.  Quite frankly, it’s almost spam…

Related Websites

Anyway, the Related Websites plugin from is now up and running and both their and my websites seem back in order again!  Woo-Hoo!!

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