What a Super, Super Cache

I’ve just upgraded WP Super Cache.

I use WordPress to generate and manage the webpages on this website.  Useful features are that it is flexible with plugins and themes.  You can do what you want.

Today came the time to upgrade WP Super Cache.

After a niggly start where it popped up a red message saying I needed the wpfooter() function inserted into my theme, when I knew fine well that it was there anyway….  it works fine!

I just switched it on and off a few times and the red error message went.

I have it set to cache every single post on the website!  This is supposed to potentially hammer your server, but it only took a few minutes in reality and I’ve set a large time between cache rebuilds, so hopefully, Site 5, who’ve been very good over the past year, won’t mind…

This way, all posts, when checked by a bot like the Googlebot, will be served from cache. ( Previously, the plugin only served a cached page to a user if someone else had previously viewed it between garbage collections ).  Now, the bot will see any page, cached.

I’ve checked, and the biggest posts take 8 secs to load and show for a unlogged-in user.

This is very good, IMHO, and much better than before.

The benefit from a SEO view is because it’s now been reported that Google do speed tests on pages and will use this as part of their relevancy ratings when returning search results.  My pages load a lot faster as they’re all cached, obviously.  This also is good from a user usage viewpoint as well.

Crawling Chaos

This plugin now works on the Crawling Chaos website that I also manage.  Very well, I might add!

By Strangely

Founding member of the gifted & talented band, "The Crawling Chaos" from the North-East of England.

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