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Bloody Sunday

YOU ARE NOW ENTERING FREE DERRY 8The Saville Report, probably the longest and certainly the most expensive enquiry in the UK ever, is now out.  The ramifications are continuing, despite the Prime Minister trying to draw a line under everything.  See Bloody Sunday report published


On that day in 1972, 13 folks were killed, and overall, in what are called “The Troubles”, over 3,500 people were killed in Northern Ireland in the 30 years between 1968 and 1998.  (see ref.)  This is about 130 a year, or about 11 a month. ( Also, during the 30 years, >47,000 were injured!)

Bloody Philadelphia

But let’s stick with the dead for now.

I’ve been following the local 6ABC News in Philadelphia for a bit.  It’s not happy reading.  Most of the news headlines are murder related.

For Instance

Last year there was a ‘random’ shooting at a funeral.  Afterwards, Taaqi Brown was caught and charged with killing Aaron Kearney, although apparently he was after one of Kearney’s friends, ( – so that makes it alright, then?)

These are black guys, and drugs and guns come into the story a lot.  See storyline links below:

Disturbing Philadelphia

Recently, Taaqi had been let out of custody accidentally, which is pretty bad for the law enforcement agencies.  He later turned himself in.  What is horrifically disturbing though, is the interactive map from the Philadelphia Police Department.


Click on it and you’ll see all the homicides in the city for the past one month.  This is only one month, not a year or a decade….

27 people killed!

Most of these are from gunshot.  Mostly, people have been murdered outside in the street.  These are the cold statistics.

Crime CategoryLocationDate/TimePremise Code
114 – Homicide: Knife6100 BLOCK COTTAGE ST6/13/2010 8:5853. Highway (Outside Structure)
111 – Homicide: Handgun500 BLOCK E ASHMEAD ST6/13/2010 0:2353. Highway (Outside Structure)
111 – Homicide: Handgun6900 BLOCK N 19TH ST6/12/2010 2:3653. Highway (Outside Structure)
111 – Homicide: HandgunS COLORADO ST & WOLF ST6/10/2010 6:0453. Highway (Outside Structure)
111 – Homicide: HandgunN HOWARD ST & W HUNTINGDON ST6/9/2010 17:1153. Highway (Outside Structure)
111 – Homicide: HandgunCHEW AV & E WOODLAWN ST6/6/2010 6:5053. Highway (Outside Structure)
123 – Homicide: Non-Traffic1100 BLOCK S 6TH ST6/5/2010 0:5253. Highway (Outside Structure)
111 – Homicide: Handgun400 BLOCK E SHARPNACK ST6/4/2010 5:1453. Highway (Outside Structure)
112 – Homicide: Rifle1200 BLOCK S 21ST ST6/3/2010 8:1853. Highway (Outside Structure)
111 – Homicide: Handgun1600 BLOCK W YORK ST6/3/2010 3:0753. Highway (Outside Structure)
115 – Homicide: Beating1200 BLOCK N 4TH ST6/2/2010 14:5453. Highway (Outside Structure)
114 – Homicide: Knife2600 BLOCK COLLINS ST6/2/2010 12:4970. Private Residence
111 – Homicide: Handgun3000 BLOCK W DAKOTA ST6/1/2010 8:5653. Highway (Outside Structure)
111 – Homicide: HandgunS 60TH ST & KINGSESSING5/31/2010 6:5653. Highway (Outside Structure)
111 – Homicide: Handgun2100 BLOCK E CLEARFIELD5/31/2010 4:1453. Highway (Outside Structure)
121 – Homicide: AutoW LEHIGH AV & MASCHER ST5/30/2010 6:5653. Highway (Outside Structure)
111 – Homicide: Handgun400 BLOCK W INDIANA AV5/30/2010 2:3753. Highway (Outside Structure)
111 – Homicide: Handgun4800 BLOCK DEVEREAUX AV5/29/2010 3:5653. Highway (Outside Structure)
111 – Homicide: Handgun5400 BLOCK BALTIMORE AV5/29/2010 2:1153. Highway (Outside Structure)
111 – Homicide: Handgun3300 BLOCK W WESTMORELAND ST5/28/2010 4:2153. Highway (Outside Structure)
123 – Homicide: Non-Traffic1200 BLOCK RHAWN ST5/26/2010 13:4353. Highway (Outside Structure)
111 – Homicide: Handgun1200 BLOCK S BUCKNELL ST5/25/2010 3:3053. Highway (Outside Structure)
117 – Homicide: felon by Police Officer1500 BLOCK W TIOGA ST5/22/2010 4:0166. Apartment House/Condominium
117 – Homicide: felon by Police Officer1500 BLOCK W TIOGA ST5/21/2010 23:2166. Apartment House/Condominium
111 – Homicide: Handgun900 BLOCK FILBERT ST5/21/2010 7:2953. Highway (Outside Structure)
123 – Homicide: Non-TrafficN 2ND ST & W OLNEY AV5/18/2010 20:3253. Highway (Outside Structure)
111 – Homicide: HandgunN 59TH ST & LANSDOWNE AV5/17/2010 6:2053. Highway (Outside Structure)

But remember, Northern Ireland, for the whole of The Troubles, averaged out at 11 murders per month…..  This is just one month in Philadelphia!

Murderous, Troubled, Philadelphia

It means ol’ Philly is 3 times as bad as Northern Ireland.

  • What can they do?
  • Has it always been like this?
  • Do they want it to change?

Q. So which makes the best holiday destination?  N. Ireland or Philadelphia?

Q. Are they very similar?

Well, both Philadelphia and N.I. have similar populations of between 1.5 and 2 million souls.   But there, I’m afraid the similarity ends.

My own internal image I have of Northern Ireland is of it’s troubled times, but in all likelihood I could walk the streets yet not feel very “brotherly” towards the place because I’d be haunted by it’s past.  But I’d most likely be “safe”.

My image of Philadelphia is of the home of Benjamin Franklin and the Liberty Bell.  It means “The City of Brotherly Love” from it’s Greek meaning. I also have a vision of a  ‘tough’ place because of Will Smith’s signature tune from the Fresh Price of Bel Air.

But my new image is that it’s not somewhere that’s safe to walk the streets, or even drive.  27 murders a month is nearly one a day.

Northern Ireland was never, ever, as bad as Philadelphia now.

War On ??

The continuing “War on Terror” looks to be a misguided distraction from these figures.  The true war should be being fought on the streets of cities like Philadelphia and in the minds of it’s inhabitants.

Because, you see, what happens is that if these same “poor kids” involved in a society like this, decide that the only way out of their mess of a life, is to join the Army in it’s war on terror, then their poor grasp of right and wrong leads to the continuing atrocities that we see in Iraq, Afghanistan etc.  Things like the gunship turkey shoot below where American heroes heroically shoot unarmed civilians on the ground from afar… (We only know of this because of the great Wikileaks.  As usual, the government tried to cover it up.)

This action and the continuing slaughter on America’s own streets by Americans is inexcusable.

  • Why is America like this?
  • Why do they put up with such shit?

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