Britain Safe for Ammo, Hurrah!

Not that I’m cheering that loud, mind you, but today, the UK Gov has awarded a contract to BAe to supply guns, bullets, mortars and shells to the British Army for the next 15 years.

BAE in £2bn MoD ammunition deal

I do indeed think that there’s a direct correlation with the increasing tensions between East and West and also the continuing waste in Afghanistan (see Strangely Perfect passim).

Previously, the decision was that as well as the already closed works at Puriton (a.k.a. the local bomb factory), the only other one at Chorley was to close as well. My previous posts on the subject are here:

And yes, as I said, the MOD was planning to move explosives production to countries in the former Eastern Bloc.  These next two posts show the start of the process. The actual exact info I had was in the local Bridgwater Mercury for which I no longer have a copy.

So today’s news says the ammo will be made here but is non-specific about the actual propellants or charges in any exploding warheads….

Watch this space.  We could be defending ourselves with 2″ long bits of 7.62mm ammo fired by catapults!

The speed of the Russian advance into Georgia could easily be matched by a march into Poland.  What hope for the explosive factories there and what use would they be to us?

The point is, that the world isn’t advanced enough to be free for Buddhism.  We need to protect ourselves so that we can be heard, else, there are no words.

By Strangely

Founding member of the gifted & talented band, "The Crawling Chaos" from the North-East of England.