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Last updated on November 20th, 2015

Even more nails in the coffin of ID Cards and the safety of the data stored therein.  Almost everyone who has been locked up now has their details floating around on a memory stick.  By definition (they are criminals, after all), they have low morals, but if any have had low honour amongst their own, then woe for them.  It’ll be hatchet burying time, but not in the ground.

Company loses data on criminals

Personal details of 84,000 prison inmates lost in security blunder


‘Massive failure’ over data loss

The company that lost the data on the offending people is called PA Consulting Group.

The very first thing you read is, Shared service optimisation – how do you achieve it?

Go to the What’s New page and you’ll find the following bit of company speak;

Dramatic and sometimes deadly outcomes can result from ineffective asset management. Yet customer and shareholder expectations of improved efficiency and performance levels keep increasing. Only an holistic asset management framework can safely improve customer service, maximise profits and help organisations gain competitive advantage.

(…zzzzzzzz…..sorry.  Just dropped off there!)  The bold parts are my emphasis.  In light of the reported events, I suggest the company removes this highly ironic bit of jargon pronto.

You can’t make it up, can you?  🙄

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  1. Extra summary info for the year on all the missing data,
    Extent of data losses is revealed.

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