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Did you code your web site or are you using some kind of web designer? Do you use a stripped down version of Windows XP. What do you know about Linux as an OS? I tired of all the extraneous stuff that comes with XP. I want it stripped back to its core OS, just to run my programs and thats it. Me


  1. Oh! And get rid of Norton and Macafee. They are piss poor slow. I use NOD32. It’s a free one month trial. Seems pretty good to me, blocks dodgy web pages and stuff as well as the normal viruses and you’ll hardly know it’s running as it’s got a small footprint. It’s the only AV prog to get 100% consistenly on the AV Bulletin

    Check it out!

    Strangely Perfect
    Crawling Chaos
    Foetus Products

  2. I use an old version of dreamweaver. It doesn’t do modern whizz-bang stuff but forces me to make the pages load fast. I use standard windows xp pro but I keep a sharp eye on what’s running. I’m gonna get a few hard discs soon cos I want to re-install Ubuntu, which is great. It’s up to version 7.04 now and a new one comes out every six months! If you want to give it a go, just install it onto a separate complete disc, not partition, cos if anything goes wrong you’ll lose your windows. Anyway, hard drives are cheap enough. Then you’ll have a dual-booting system…

    Disadvantages of Ubuntu (default installation);
    It’s a bit dull and the interfaces are a bit clunky
    You’ll have a full modern supported OS installed in less than two hours complete with just about any kind of program you can think of! The inbuilt security means you can getaway without anti-virus software. You can change the interface with custom add-ons (there is a Aero lookalike but better called Beryl that’s been out for a few years now!) Virtually everything works straightaway now It’s got a nice tropically didgeridoo kindov logon sound (I’m easily pleased sometimes). IT’S FREE, totally!

    Extra info:
    The “office” software can do most of the M$ things and import/export in more formats as well, such as export spreadsheet to acrobat, which is a neat way to mail stuff to people. The scanner and printer work stright off with a tiny jig needed for the printer set up. Scanning really IS fast. There are shed loads of audio things. Some may be known on M$ or Apple as they were developed on Linux first.

    Give Ubuntu a go. I’d send you some dumps but I haven’t got any drives set up yet. I did set it up on a PC I took to my computer illiterate mother a few weeks back. The reason was that it’s virtually bulletproof so I don’t have to go all the way to Newcastle to fix it. It’s got loads of built-in games as well which is good for mouse practice for her to learn (she used to be a high speed typist so that bit is okay for her). If it was windows it’d be broken now. Nuff said.

    If you install these two programs, they should allow you to keep control of whats running. The guy who invented them works for M$ now as they bought him. But who can blame him. The two of them are very clever blokes indeed. You may have the progs anyway.

    Also. Look at modifying your hosts file. Read all about it at: http://winhelp2002.mvps.org/hosts.htm They mention a “hosts.zip” file. That’s the one to download. I use it all the time as it blocks most ads and speeds the browser as well as keeping nasties at bay. However, it also blocks the click-throughs so some direct google ad links won’t work properly and robs google of a penny each time. Try it and see. You can always undo it if it interferes with the way you browse

    All three of these things come to less than a megabyte I think and may change your XP life forever!

    Or not.


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