Mauritania: Views Combined & Democracy

This post, ,and it’s associated comments provide a lot of extra information on the recent coup d’etat there.  This comment by a Mauritanian is totally in line.

Check out Jillian Greenwood here, ,for her personal view of the country as she passed through last year en route to Mali.

The country is primitive and divided, there’s no doubt.  There are large vested interests there because of the huge iron ore reserves, there’s no doubt.

But I have my doubts about how the country will go forward.  The usual scenario is that the generals are in power, and will remain so.  It may not be the same general next year – but it’ll most likely be a general in power.

This small country is a demonstration of how fragile democracy is. Ourselves in a microcosm, small parts amplified and distorted.

We must fight to maintain our freedoms here in the UK.  Absolute vigilance is required at all times to stop the chip, chip, chipping away at the edges of what we consider normal rights, freedoms and behaviour, unless one day, when we stop and look around, it’s a totally different country to what we thought it was.

Thatcher nearly got away with it.  Home Secretary Jacqui Smith is still trying.(see passim)

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