Why Our Government and Agencies are So Bad at Security

…er.  Well not really.  Did you expect an answer!

The fact is that I don’t know why so many individuals and groups of individuals are so inept and so incompetent, that it’s puts all our security into jeopardy.


This is a post from Will Norris, a computer programming guy, who points out in the above link, how a big airline Delta, naffs up basic privacy and security.  They;

  • use a four digit PIN to logon!
  • they plain text email the PIN or other data if you forget it
  • they have simple “pet and mother’s maiden name type” security questions

My point is that lax security is endemic.  It’s usually managed by semi-skilled managers who can just about make an Excel Chart.  It’s operated by clerks on minimum wage or slightly better.  People’s personal data is treated like supermarket CDs, to be swapped and copied without regard for anything.

Government departments and agencies are no better.

That’s why the mere idea of ID Cards and a unifying database of everything is crap.

That’s why the idea of storing years and years worth of texts, IP logons and content, telephone conversations and CCTV footage is crap.

The only really free people in this country are tramps because they’re not on any system.