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Check out this 3 page article about ubuntu. While not being specific about music software, it gives quite a good history, and insight into the future, of plans for Ubuntu with regard to the founder’s and other developer’s motives. And stuff.

By Strangely

Founding member of the gifted & talented band, "The Crawling Chaos" from the North-East of England.


  1. Hey man, hope all is well. Things are still extremely busy over here. Im hoping it will free up in a week or so. So hopefully I can make it down then. Ive just found a keygen for dreamweaver which im hoping to try. Ive also got version 8 which i need to try out. ive got to work this weekned, so i think my Dad and son may be going. Well catch up soon take care paul

  2. Hi Paul
    I wondered where you’d got to; I was getting used to my daily lecture on old-fashioned technologies! ;-)<br />
    My northern trip I kindov document on my blogging part of my website (which is still work in progress and points to here). I was really pleased as Holly (my mate who I thought didn’t want to see me any more) was actually really pleased to see me. He’s got a wacky little set that does about 10 tunes in quarter of an hour. I always told him that that was what he should be doing as the style is really punchy, snappy and foot-tappingly good. It’s actually quite easy to play once you’ve got the right hand working on the guitar properly and can bash out chord changes at will. I took my daughter Alice and she loved it. She was amazed to meet the composer of “Throwin’ Pins” and he was amazed when told that both she and all her siblings have been brought up to the tune since they were born! They think it’s a normal part of life. I told him it’s still one of my favourite songs! Dodging the floods on the way home was exciting but I chanted and the way became apparent.<br />
    New stuff. I’m still waiting for a visit from your good self. Then I’ll probably get the card you have. Have you still got a newer dreamweaver copy? This ties in with what I’ve been doing. I’ve stuck a blog on my site using WordPress, but I can’t figure out how to change the template (of which there are zillions online). They are easy to change en bloc, but I need to fine tune the code on one I like (which isn’t the one I’m using). Hence I’m now learning cascaded style sheets (CSS). I’ve converted one page of my site to use CSS in design mode and then I could use the CSS on the others. However, the way to go seems to put everything into PHP code (instead of html) and call up CSS to govern the appearance – this is what I’ve been doing recently! <br />
    It’s not finished yet. I’ve also set a blog up for Jillian when she starts her new Africa headship job, setting up and running a school in the capital of Nigeria, whose name has just gone out my head. Have a look. (it’s the same template; I like the buit-in translators)<br />
    On Friday, when I was learning this CSS stuff at work (!), Len in the office told me he’d recently got rid of a few reel-to-reels. Unfortunately he’s got none left. It’s quite odd really (no pun intended) as I mentioned all your analogue interests and communications with me. It turns out that earlier in his career he used to design or make or service amps, tapes, early floppies (he showed me a 8″ floppy mech that still works. It’s like a bus chassis!)and other assorted stuff so he knew all about valves and all the other crap I know! Small world eh? I was pissed off about the tape news. If only I knew last year or so!!!<br />
    Phone just rang.. Just to remind you. The annual fun-and-friendship day is at Howard’s again next Sunday (5th). Are you going? Should be a laff. Have a bitova chant and play. The rounders was good last year. Alex has organised the entertainments so probably, the sounds and instruments will be set up in the garage overlooking the lawn, and then anyone can jam/play/sing etc. Bring some kids…any’ll do! Just pull them off the streets.<br />
    No. Perhaps not on that last bit.<br />
    Strangely Perfect<br />
    Crawling Chaos&lt<br />
    Foetus Products

  3. Hey man, cool article. Only just gotten round to reading it. I have been absolutely slammed with life and havent been able to get to the internet. My connection at work wasnt working, so really struggled with that. I hope to get back my other work laptop next week and maybe a new internet card. Maybe then it will be cool. How was your visit up North? Working on anything new in the music department, gear, song? I just lost out on a bid for a Revox A77. Bummer Well, have a great weekend Speak soon Paul

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