DVLA Loses Data, DVLA Sells Data

This may be old news for some people, but the DVLA, who recently lost a shed load of personal details of the public, actually sell the same data to anyone, with only the most cursory checks.

This post, What the DVLA has made selling your private details, this one, X-Ray Investigates: “Trustguard Security Limited” and this one, 5th June 2008 – DVLA slammed over driver details being sold give three different tales of woe of people caught by nefarious wheel-clampers of dubious reputation.

If you’d like to have a go yourself and get all the details of people in your local supermarket car park, maybe with a view to stealing their identities, tracking their movements and raiding their house, then here are some starters.

All information courtesy of DVLA – “If we can’t lose it, we’ll sell it!

This of course,  is more grist to the mill for the case against ID Cards.

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  1. Interesting. I am finding it hardto get annonomised vehicle data never mind full details. For dvla records it costs £26k up front plus another 6k a month

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