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Hi.  Jesse Willms the noted philanthropist here.

As Featured in The News!
As Featured in The News!

You know, when I get home from work, driving in my little red car through all the poor people on the free-way,  I like to think of the difference I’ve made to the little people’s lives.

Since reading about all those rich people, I thought to myself, “why not give back all the money I got from the little people, and give it back, but to a better sort of little person?”.  A bit like those ones in Honduras that I’ve been preparing to meet.  Oooh!  It’ll be lovely.


Dr Oz on CTV

So that’s what I’ve done!  Everyone in the whole world can now benefit from me, and I think that’s really lovely and nice, don’t you?  And sooo tax deductible!  Not that I need to, fnar, fnar!

One person who has benefited already is my friend Dr Oz.  I keep him informed about all the nice websites I’m now making to replace those other one’s that I like to forget about a lot.  That’s him on the left talking to CTV about how I made websites with his face on them saying that he liked all my stuff but without asking him (huh.  big mistake – dah!).  You know, things like Resveratol and that Acai tummy stuff.

Willms Phones

Well I’m all grown up now and a much respected person at the Better Business Bureau who I also get on famously with.  I don’t do any of those disappearing phone numbers like those on the right in that CTV programme.  No sirree!  And those bottles of champagne?  Well I give them all to charity when I do runs and if someone needs a prize for a raffle.  Or something.

Run Away! Too cold to talk

One thing that I must apologise for is that awful shot of me when I ran away from the nice people at CTV.  Somehow, they thought that all that teeth whitening stuff was me!  Can you believe it?

The thing was, it was a bit chilly that day and I had a lot of very important charity things to do so couldn’t speak.  It was such a shame!

I asked them to meet me at the office, but well, you know, I was just too busy arranging some nice things to say about myself, and anyway, that Symantech piracy problem I had is all water under the bridge, now that I’m a philanthropist, isn’t it?

And the Microsoft one too.  yes. We don’t talk about it, my mom and me.

Deep Gratitude

My recent new friends have even written to me to thank me for my goodness.  Fortunately, they’ve left their email addresses so everyone else can thank them for getting all the money I took from the 1000s of little people.  After all, it’s not like it was stolen drugs money?  That’d be really bad if they accepted donations like that, wouldn’t it?  Here are 3 of them from my own nice website,


I’m not a Flim-flam guy!

Really.  All me and my mom would like is for those nice people at the W5 division of CTV to put those videos about me onto YouTube so that everyone can see how good and nice I really am.  I mean, I try, I really do try, to make everyone understand that I’m a good guy and I give money to charity and stuff.

I mean, I’m a proper philanthropist now, aren’t I?  I’m not a flim-flam guy! I’m not.  I’m not.  I’m not!  Why don’t people believe me?

My Good Links

  • – Edmonton Philanthropist Jesse Willms to Donate Hundreds of Toys to Needy Children for Christmas (I like this one a lot!)

My Not So Good Links


    1. @Not Kevin.
      That's great! But really it must be all lies – same as this stuff I found here all in one nice package on this page:

      Updated News: Swipe Auctions Review

      Watch Swipeauction’s Kingpin Jesse Willms full length video on W5 HERE.

      It has been confirmed that Swipe Auctions ( is owned by Jesse Willms. Although Jesse currently has a B- rating with the Better Business Bureau for, his past Internet companies have a solid F rating. is not a member of the Better Business Bureau.
      Here are Jesse Willm’s past companies and their track records:
      JDW Media (F Rating with the BBB): JDW Media has been sued by Dr. Oz, Harpo Productions (Oprah’s company) for deceptive marketing practices. Willms has also reached three out-of-court settlements, including one with Microsoft Corp. over charges of software piracy and violation of trademark laws. Details of this story are located here.
      JDW Media has also been accused by the Australia Cancer Foundation of using the Pink Ribbon campaign without their permission. Details of this story are located here.
      Just Think Media (F rating with the BBB): Just think has a host of websites being alleged to be utilizing deceptive marketing practices.
      There are some factual reviews on Jesse Willm’s Swipe Auctions. They are located here:
      Swipe Auctions Review 1
      Swipe Auctions Review 2
      Swipe Auctions Review 3
      Swipe Auctions Review 4
      Newsflash: According to the Better Business Bureau, Jesse Willms is creating news articles through this website called channel9newstoday. If you see a news flash from this site, you are in one of Willm’s companies.

  1. Ha! Ha!

    The thing with words like 'philanthropist' and 'entrepreneur' is that they are words that other people might use to describe someone and not usually words you would use to describe yourself! Unless you have an ego the size of a planet then you might. Or want to distract attention from the words other people are actually using to describe you. Or both.

    If someone is going around issuing constant press releases and blog posts describing themselves as a "noted philanthropist and entrepreneur" perhaps a bit of modesty is called for and let other people be the judge of such things!

    Here is the latest vomit inducing bilge from our flim flam man:

    P.S. When I saw the title of the following blog post I thought it was another expose of Jesse Willms Terra Marketing but it's actually about some other greedy focker altogether:

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