Bush Huffs and Puffs with Feigned Anger

US anger at Russian Georgia vote

The only thing going on here is that the Bush administration are still being outplayed, double footed and body swerved out of the game.  See my earlier post on the USS McFaul.

The lack of coherence in policy and the willingness for confrontation as an alternative to dialog as a means of shoring up their power base is the core of their problem.  This is all fuelled by their loathsome self-interest which transcends party, national and international boundaries.

They’re all going to end up like Thatcher.

As an aside, the International Space Station and all the American astronauts aboard will all have to be sent aloft and brought down by the Russians or Chinese because of the imminent retirement of the Space Shuttle and the hiatus with it’s replacement.

Q. I wonder how this fits in with Bush’s pose?

A. It doesn’t.  He’ll be well gone and it’ll be someone else who has to carry the can.

By Strangely

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