Shite (as a response to shite, I started Crawling Chaos)

2007 Start:

I’ve set this down as I’m getting really pissed off with all the shite on the web about us and spurious claims to authorship of Crawling Chaos creative work so have determined to get a proper site on-line as a proper repository for works, history and truth and with the ultimate aim of getting all Crawling Chaos work into the public domain. I do this with full trust in the Gohonzon as my cause is just, but in the knowledge that I may have to ruffle some feathers.

2007 Update December 2nd:

Since I determined to get this going, things have progressed in three stages

  1. Started using basic HTML way of working
  2. Started using Dreamweaver to manage and create HTML
  3. Ditched Dreamweaver and started using WordPress as the basis for my website because I found I was commenting alot on stuff I’d already written.
  4. Yes I know I said three. It’s like Monty Python and the Spanish Inquisition sketch. In August/September I implemented the WordPress stats system which counts page impressions excluding ones from yourself (me). Since then, I’m getting a clear idea of how many people look at the (Crawling Chaos) site. It’s about 2700 so far, about 800 a month.

This is quite good I think. Others may think it’s pathetic compared to the major players but in reality, I only imagined one hit a day, say 30 a month. So if I’d have been counting from when I started, you could say I’m running at about 10,000 views annually, which is quite good considering I don’t use any networking sites like MySpace and Facebook so the clicks are nearly all derived from repeats and web searches. This is good.

In light of this, I’ve decided to claw back a bit of money (I know it’s only cents) by sticking some adverts on the site(s). Every few clicks I get is a few more pence of my 50 quid annual hosting charges.

Update March 6, 2008

I did a quick recording this evening, the first since 1995.  Maybe I’m not allergic any more!  This is it (although I’ll probably redo it when I’ve time):

There is a supposedly official site in MySpace that purports to be “true”. However, it’s a faceless non-entity, devoid of links and any information, that sits wanking in the rest of the MySpace torment, where people cram their spaces with unreadable shite that masquerades as content without any idea of form or structure apart from shouting “I’m here” in a little tiny voice. I had a few comments when I was impolite and reacted accordingly. However, I have had no contact, assistance or references since. I think it’s time to be brutish again.

So there.

Strangely Perfect

By Strangely

Founding member of the gifted & talented band, "The Crawling Chaos" from the North-East of England.


  1. Update Aug 2008

    Strangely Perfect dot tee-vee is still increasing in a linear growth fashion since October last year. It’s now running at twice the Crawling Chaos rate…

    The way hits work come in three forms for me:

    • Millions of hits in the site logs. Some sites report these to look good! But they are false as there is a hit for every single downloadable item and graphic…
    • WordPress blog stats. These are the page impressions, which is good.
    • The ClustrMaps graphic. Registering on the maps site logs individual IP visits. This means there is only one hit for each person’s visit – no matter how many pages they visit or times they return after following a link, say. Basically, it’s quite a good “individual people counter”

    It’s weird what the most popular postings are – not what I expected. Items of a technical nature are consistently popular, especially old analogue audio technology.

    One item that’s had a lot of interest is the one where I discussed the relative merits, responsibilities and reasons behind a car crash in Melton Mowbray. It’s still getting hits even though it’s some time ago.

    Jagues Brel’s lyrics also figure….

  2. Update 2008, Feb 24

    The Strangely Perfect site has now overtaken the Crawling Chaos site in both individual user numerical terms, page hits and overall site hits. This is quite good. The rate of increase has been linear since October 2007 and the February numbers have already overtaken January and it’s not even finished yet (as well as being shorter).
    I may have to split the blog up into subjects. I’ve a lot of environmental stuff to get out.

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