View of Local Network from Rapidshare? A Black Hole?

Not really being a complete propellorhead means I don’t understand all the actions here – but it’s weird!

I checked the Crawling Chaos logs this morning and there was a recent referral showing like so:

You’ll see that the network is part of one of the three reserved portions of IP Addresses.  It’s the segment that most domestic routers and networked HP printers have as their default settings.  You’ll also see that the index file in the /otrs/ folder is a Perl file doing an action.

I dunno, call me thick, but I shouldn’t really be seeing this….  After all, that’s what firewalls are supposed to do with all that port-forwarding and NAT mularkey.

I had a closer look at the log entry and there’s a hostname of which traces back to RapidShare AG in Switzerland and it was looking at this page,, which is nice.

RapidShare is a company that host files for people that do a lot of swapping.  They call it “Sharing”.  Another way to look at it is that there’s a lot of copyright material hosted on their servers which are usually posted by blogger people.  These people  think that they are expressing their freedoms by making a big list of commentary on the relative merits of various artistic offerings.  They also include links to the copyright material to bolster their viewpoint and bask in the reflected glory attained.  Some of them are willing to debate the merits of their actions.  For me, it’s clear-cut.

Anyway, it looks to me that the Rapidshare firewall has a bit of leakage as, like a black hole, a small amount of information is leaking out.


  1. Strangely( author ) :

    Mar 8, 2009 5:30 pm |

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  2. steve2 :

    Mar 5, 2009 1:58 am |

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