Are R&B vocal lines what used to be sax solo fills in the middle eight of old “standards” minus the melody and verse……..

I’d just like to state that in my opinion that the above statement is absolutely true and totally undebatable.    In fact I’ll continue by saying that the whole she-bang is the biggest form of rip-off since Ronnie Biggs sold himself to punk.

Is it bad?                  Yes

Why is this bad?      Because beneath it’s bland exterior, it is “Lowest Common Denominator” music promulgating the lowest form of humanity as inspirational metaphores for a lifestyle based on greased-up arses, slow-motion bints, lowest life state yearnings and warbley imprecise vocals.    Trust me;  there is more to life than this.

………and I haven’t even started on the music yet.

By Strangely

Founding member of the gifted & talented band, "The Crawling Chaos" from the North-East of England.