What? Still no Decent Viruses!

This is just a little follow up to and earlier post.  Secunia, in their latest weekly summary to me, state this:


During the past week Secunia collected 215 virus descriptions from the Antivirus vendors. However, none were deemed MEDIUM risk or higher according to the Secunia assessment scale.

3) This Weeks Top Ten Most Read Advisories:

1. [SA31549] Opera Multiple Vulnerabilities 2. [SA31373] Trend Micro Products Web Management Authentication Bypass 3. [SA31575] Red Hat Update for Tampered OpenSSH Packages 4. [SA31579] Linux Kernel “rt6_fill_node()” Denial of Service
5. [SA14652] Subdreamer Light Global Variables SQL Injection
6. [SA31561] Xen “flask_op” Buffer Overflow Vulnerability 7. [SA31552] vBulletin Private Message Subject Script Insertion 8. [SA31559] Folder Lock Weak Password Encryption Security Issue 9. [SA30667] Novell iPrint Client ActiveX Control Multiple
10. [SA31557] TimeTrex “interface/Login.php” Cross-Site Scripting


Basically, the only really dodgy thing is the Red Hat Linux Server hack- which was rapidly fixed.  There are still no really bad, new, viruses out there.  ALL the FUD about viruses and hackers, phishing and trojans is based on old viruses, which, if people could be bothered, would all be fixed and blocked and their spread eliminated.

The solution is in the hands of big self-perpetuating monoliths like Microsoft and the vast uneducated masses with little or no computer skills and a minuscule amount of common sense.

So same old, same again then, eh?

By Strangely

Founding member of the band Crawling Chaos from the North-East of England