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I’ve started putting the music back on the Crawling Chaos site. I’ve had to do little single swf players as I can’t get the code for my neat Swish Flash player to work with the php coding. This is a shame as the multi-tune player works much better than the single flash players. All the tunes stream rapidly with the Swish player and it has the capability to take multiple play lists. This would be useful as I could group the music in the commercial release format or by year or anything.

If I can’t get any joy then I might make an external link to a standard html file to get the player to work

By Strangely

Founding member of the gifted & talented band, "The Crawling Chaos" from the North-East of England.


  1. i did make a picture of a big bag of am i bothered being thrown away but it didnt wrk *weeps*

  2. yeah but it’s so pretty!

    and u see my big bag of “bothered” here…there it goes flying away as I chuck it…it’s gone! (george leave the big bag of am i bothered) 🙂

    | | ==
    | |
    | | == |

  3. Ev. Use the pics on the CC photos page for now. Music I only want to stream so you shouldn’t be able to get any tracks. You’ll have to do it here.

    BTW, I think myspace is a dead end. In fact I think it is a pure manifestation of the state of hell. I said as much here

    In fact, I think myspace is like a load of people standing around a bucket wanking into it and trying to fill it up or trying to see who can do the best wank with all the corporates looking on, but then now and again someone wakes up, stops, and realises what’s going on. It’s nice for a bit but ultimately pointless.

  4. ps, i can show you but can’t stay for it we are on a pub crawl for gay pride (best not to ask…). oh and it’s about 7 or 8 squids. x

  5. it’s near bristol bridge errr possibly st thomas st but i get them all confused round there. basically city centre near where you used 2 park when we went into bristol in the camper van. i vividly remember being scared of bristol bridge. send me music and pics and il make u the best music page EVER! it will be all pretty and stuff i’ll put pics as your background and everything…myspace is the way forward!!!

    love ev

  6. I’ve put the streaming flash player on this site as well – on the “Streaming” page. It’s configured to match(ish) the current theme.

  7. Ev. It’s a bit of a diary, forum, notepad; fronting from Crawling Chaos but including all manner of stuff that I, and anyone else, can add to. It’s for me to chart my development and catalogue my history. It’s a funny old world; someone will find something useful.

    Where’s the Fleece?

  8. daddy i don’t understand the purpose of this site. send me some music if you want me to make you a myspace bands page. like 3 or 4 songs is ok. oh and i want the throwing pins one =D oh and i put this site on my facebook as well who knows someone may actually follow the link hey! oh funny thing there’s a sex pistols “experience” band thing/unknown event on at the fleece this saturday night I think you should take arthur…corrupt his mind and all =D

    *does metal finger* rahh love the eldest and best child

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