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Arthur 2-Stroke
Arthur 2-Stroke

Having been playing with the neat Broken Link Checker plugin today, I discovered a few links that had gone or changed and set about fixing them.  During this process, I came across a mention about Arthur 2-Stroke who periodically self-promotes himself, even now.  I’d like to share this wonderful experience that I gleaned here at the strangely quiet Newcastle Stuff (at least, nowt this year).

The Ashington Dictionary is a bit of a laugh, for what there is (they seem to have run out of ideas – it only goes up to D in the alphabet).  For those that don’t understand, the definitions are spot on but the joke is in the pronunciation and thus the usage, which mean something totally different.  I won’t explain further, suffice to say that it’s Pitmatic.

The Noise Toys (TNT)
The Noise Toys (TNT)

Anyway, I never thought much of A2S, but TNT, the Noise Toys had one tune that used to crack me up every time.  Probably called Russian Roulette but don’t bank on it, the first verse that Martin sang went like so, I think:

I might lose a game of Russian Roulette

Or fall to me death from a supersonic jet

I might die, within a year

I might die from lung cancer.rrr.rrrr.rrrr

How should I know,


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