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Aug 302008

Last updated on September 6th, 2011

Ha Ha.

Public Profile Start

Public Profile Start

Just like every other sheep on the world, I’ve just tried a new website which is in the news today, and we’ve crashed the site!  I tried access through and after a little delay, I got to the page at left.

Public Profile Error

Public Profile Error

And after putting my name in, there it resolutely stuck!  –  for ages;

And then I got this error page.

I’ll try again in a few days…..

  6 Responses to “Public Profiler – World Names”

  1. Complete and utter waste of time. North East and parts of the Midlands do not exist, and I am Norwegian

  2. HI there, thanks for sharing this post. I think that's the definition of a good launch no? 🙂

  3. Yeah.
    I had another go today – same thing.

  4. Same here, so keen to try but it never works. 🙁

  5. true happens every time

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