Prison Population versus Military Personnel Percentages Checked, Okay?

Prisons ‘hold 8,500 ex-soldiers’

I thought I’d check it out to see what it means – bear with me!

The article says that there are 8500 military chaps currently bunged up at Her Majesty’s Pleasure.

If one checks the latest prison figures, quoted at 93,574 in the article, this equates to:

8500/93574 = 9.08% of the prison population

Using this prison population against a Google search of UK population we get a figure of 60,776,238 as a July estimate.

So this gives us a general lock-up percentage of:

93574/60776238 = 0.154% of UK people are bunged up at the current time (approx. of course)

But hang on, what’s this mean?  How many people are in the forces?

429,500 in 2006 according to Wikipedia, which is good enough for my exploration.

So the percentage of military people bunged up from the actual military people is:

8500/429500 = 1.98%


It’s a worrying figure…. 0.154% of the general population are locked up c.f. 1.98% of military chaps & chappesses.

That’s an almost thirteen-fold increase and I’ve two suggestions to make on that point.

  1. The UK military has a selection process i.e. it’s NOT conscripted, so the sample is skewed by design.  We will never have a true statistical comparison and to suggest that military people are “normal” is specious.  They are not.  Basically, our military choose the best killers who, by definition, are going to be the best killers and most out of step with normal society.
  2. In the article, they suggest that not enough is being done to integrate, recuperate or stress-counsel the people recently discharged.  This is damage limitation at most given my first point. Percentage-wise, they’re gonna have a large bunch of nutters in the services, who entered in that frame of mind.  It needs more than the stress relieving for past experiences – it needs the whole of their lives sorting out.

Q. Have I personal experience of this?

A. Yes of course.  I’m a Buddhist and have “horse’s mouth” evidence, that I won’t repeat without permission of those people.

By Strangely

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