Well, bang goes the gas!

Thank god I’ve got a fixed price for my gas this year! 😕

UK warns over ‘Russia aggression’

It’s hardly worth any more comment given my previous postings on the fragility of our energy supplies viv-a-vis the ongoing Georgia crisis and other postings.

So I won’t, except as a timed monitor of world events about this subject.

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  1. I think it depends on what you say as regards to the particular topic and what the angle of the censor is. What are they trying to do, in other words.
    Quite often, it appears to me, they deliberately publish inflammatory posts just to increase the “entertainment factor”. And by entertainment, I mean in the bestial sense of a cock-fight rather than something whimsical from Morecambe & Wise.

  2. yeah well i think they censor much MUCH more than was on that site cos i’ve been censored on at least 10 of those forums and none came up as being censored. plus i’m not extreme at all so just think how many really racist or extreme left/right wing posts are really being censored!

  3. Yeah. The site had a message a while back that they’d lost a wodge of data. Yours could be in there and I also suspect that the BBC is adjusting it’s software to stop people viewing the before’s and after’s.
    Still, most of it was just people farting into the wind…

  4. it doesn’t show them all. some of the forum i had several comments censored are listed as having no comments censored. thus my opinion is lost in the big black hole of the tincanternet…

  5. well yeah but kind of inappropriate in a forum about chinas restrictions on journalists and stuff haha

  6. Not blocked. Just queued.
    Ha Ha. I had a similar BBC experience but there again, any site owner can censor…
    There’s an interesting site who’s name I’ve forgotten for the moment, that keeps a log of BBC Online news and the various edits. You can compare the different versions of an a article and see how the editor’s mind works.
    Also, it logs all the moderated comments on the “Have Your Say” thing that you are on about.

  7. the first one is a quote from an article on the bbc news website on sunday http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk_politics/7590320.stm. the second is a culmination of the views of most people commenting on a have your say forum. I get bored at work and vent by ranting on the bbc website (everywhere else is filtered!). I am usually censored however…especially my comments about pseudo freedom of speech in bbc opinion forums hmmm…

  8. Have you got proper sources for this? If so, it should be a mantra.
    A bit like in WW1 etc. The saying was a bit like, “When the English shoot, the Germans duck, when the Germans shoot, the English duck, when the Americans shoot, everyone ducks!”

  9. Mr Brown said: “When Russia has a grievance over an issue such as South Ossetia, it should act multilaterally by consent rather than unilaterally by force.”

    Everyone else said: “When the USA has a grievance over an issue such as Iraq, it should act multilaterally by consent rather than unilaterally by force.”

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