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I’m Martin Rees, a founder member of the innovative and gifted post-punk 1970’s-80’s band The Crawling Chaos from the North-East of England.

2015 -> ?

For six years I lived in SW France where we occasionally let part of our house to carefully vetted visitors.  I’m now in SW England fannying around under the new Bastard Brexit shitty rules of import-export & licences and the fuckwit Tory government’s genocidal attack on the population through their handling of the Rona pandemic.  I have a LinkedIn profile but you’re better off here…why? Just because.

Coding & Computing Stuff

I now spend much of my time working with computers which I use for all manner of tasks. Apart from the music and (old) electronics stuff I’m trained up in

  • OOP – The first OOP language I used, Smalltalk, was part of my studies, and is about the oldest one there is. Despite that, it is powerful and deserves to be used more, but hey! – it’s not M$ and came before the open source revolution so has tended to be forgotten.
    • I’ve had a lot of time in VBA which is nearly an OOP, but not quite. Despite VBA being looked down upon, I’m very very good at what I do and make the software work in unconventional ways as means to solving acute business problems
  • VBA and it’s use, especially using ADO, within Microsoft Access and Excel- I can make it fly!
    • Early or Late binding?  Yes.  All of that and each method has its merits depending on specific needs.
  • I’m fully conversant with all forms of Microsoft Office automation i.e. I can work with Excel via Access or Word, say – and vice-versa in any permutation.
    • SQL, created and amended dynamically- e.g. dynamic queries and tables and reports, all using classes
  • Oracle, its specific SQL syntax and the creation of
    • Tables
    • Views (called queries in Access) – to be called from within Oracle or from Access (say, using VBA and ADO)
    • Functions – to be called from within Oracle or from Access (say, using VBA and ADO)
    • Triggers
    • Stored Procedures – to be called from within Oracle or from Access (say, using VBA and ADO) – I use the ADO command object
  • All aspects and versions of Microsoft Office applications (especially Access & Excel)…same as above, in a way, but not necessarily all the time!
    • All the way from 97 to 2013!
  • TOAD – I use TOAD a lot to program in Oracle
  • Visual Studio- starting with 2005, now using 2012.  Only used VB, not C# or C++.  (It’s possible for two programmers to work on a single project, one programming in VB, the other in C# – thus I found no need to learn C# – since Visual Studio does the translations for you!)
  • …..and am currently trying to fool people that I know something about HTML, PHP, ASP, CSS and any other TLA you care to mention.  😉
  • Also, I do custom work for people at the software and hardware level i.e. I can fix computers!
  • I can also set up and organise hosting for websites, design databases and the necessary GUI to user specifications.

If you want any help or work doing with anything like the above, go through the contact page.

Purpose: Original

Originally, this website was set up as a place for stuff that didn’t fit into the main Crawling Chaos body.   Then later, it became a vehicle for my personal everyday musings.  Strangely Perfect am I, just the same as every other person on the world – uniquely, strangely, perfect.  Neither more or less strange nor more or less perfect.  Just Strangely Perfect.

So I’ve been putting stuff down as fast as I could in the hope that I or anyone reading it will get something from the process. I thought that perhaps I’d spot patterns in the Chaos of time or meanings in the mud of mediocrity where none existed before. Either way, if I did nothing, I thought, then nothing would happen.

The website is now expanding in purpose.  Both as a continuation and expansion of my varied interests which lie in exposing the social inequities that exist in the world, the huge potential of everything around us, and my musical doodlings…  Any inconsistencies in stuff I say is due to the profound confusion found within the human condition. That is, when I say stuff, I may or may not believe it on that day – it may a joke anyway – and I may change my mind about it the very next day. This may or not be due to extra information coming my way and changing my opinion – or I may have got out of the other side of the bed that morning. Either way, on a given day I might have an opinion that I may or may not tell exactly or even anywhere close.

Crawling Chaos

Click here for information on Crawling Chaos Band Members.  The latest news is that the final Crawling Chaos is now released.

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