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Funny Looking Volkswagen Camper

Question? Spotted in Bournemouth.., and taken on my mobile phone So what is it? A. My friend tells me it’s a Subaru Samba – and that it is!  It’s a 5th generation model Subaru Samba made to look like a VW Camper.  This British Subaru Sambar VW Camper mini replicas business actually sells a variety…
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January 29, 2012 0

Castaway, Crawling Chaos and The Coral Sea

Ichinen Sanzen It (literally) means 3000 realms in a single moment of life.  This means that for any given moment your life is composed of everything; all thoughts, all history, all presents and all futures.  You only ‘sense’ things one at a time, yet they’re always there. I’ll soon be toddling off to the beach…
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December 6, 2011 1

R.I.P. Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart

R.I.P. Actor Nicholas Courtney So farewell Brigadier! Many a time you and your UNIT chums saved the world from horrible alien monsters.  It wasn’t always “The Doctor” and your calm panic and belief in the Doctor’s powers (despite himself) always pulled us through.  You acted with just the right amount of authority.   Saturday tea-times were…
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February 23, 2011 0

Winter’s Gibbet, Northumberland

Always worth a visit! Especially on a cold, foggy morning! Winter’s Gibbet, Elsdon, Northumberland, England, Uk in England And here is a picture from several years ago on one of my visits.

January 27, 2011 0

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