Wansbeck From Stakeford Bridge

Tempus Fugit As a child I’d have adventures along the muddy, tidal inlets along the Wansbeck with my friends. We’d try and catch flounders (flatties) with spears like in Robinson Crusoe.  We’d check on the state of decomposition of a dead, black dog left at the high tide point near the wooden stakes, all summer… Continue reading Wansbeck From Stakeford Bridge

Our Little Milestone – Folding@home

See addendum for today, 17 April 2020 Quite pleased really, helping humanity. The team is now in the top 25k from 250k, which means the top 10% of contributions. Most work is currently being done in the fight against Covid-19. You will see that the figures don’t agree – this is due to updating delays,… Continue reading Our Little Milestone – Folding@home