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Use Loads of Water – Ignore Hosepipe Ban

April 5, 2012

Pre-Emptive rationing Behaviour In the spirit of the recent government diktat from dorky Francis MaudeĀ  for all motorists to get into their cars, then queue for hours to buy up all available petrol, I’ve decided to jump the gun on the water shortage! I’ve now run round the house turning all the taps on and […]

Google Tsunami Alert

March 11, 2011

Japanese Earthquake and Tsunami Following this morning’s (using GMT) earthquake just off Japan (now set at 8.8 on the Richter Scale, but it keeps rising as more information is analysed), I noticed that the Google search page has a Tsunami warning for all to see. I thought I’d capture it for posterity. Enormity This truly […]

Whales and Space Demonstrate Contrasts In Humanity

February 16, 2011

Introduction Two items on today’s news demonstrated the vast contrasts in our humanity. Stardust probe finds ‘subdued’ comet crater & Japan halts whale hunt after chase by protesters. Our Absolute Ingenuity and Progress The absolute ingenuity of us humans and how far we have come since our cave-dwelling days is supremely demonstrated by the return […]

Islands ‘Defy’ Sea-Level Rise

June 4, 2010

Introduction This week will see some news that will be twisted and churned by the climate change sceptics… Apparently, the coral islands are responding well to sea-level rises, which are real, make no mistake. The New Scientist article is here and the BBC News item is here. The Reality In my previous post, The Maldives […]

Whale States the Obvious

February 26, 2010

On Thursday, a young woman was killed by a whale. She’d wanted to work with whales ever since she was a little girl, and got her wish fulfilled. Now, since Dawn Brancheau’s death, there has been gnashing of teeth and wringing of hands, pointing of fingers and loading of guns, because this particular whale has […]