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Block Adverts using Pihole in Container Station on a QNAP NAS with a GL.iNet GL-AR750 Travel Router

August 1, 2021

Introduction Adblocking I was reminded about Pihole on a Raspberry Pi by this article (“How to Blocks Ads Network-Wide With Pi-hole on Raspberry Pi“) today on Tom’s Hardware. However, I don’t have a Raspberry Pi so I decided to give the software a go on my QNAP NAS instead, a TS-251+ in which I’ve maxed […]


Super Sensitive Facebook

July 29, 2021

What? Indeed.  Facebook decided the other day to block me for posting for 3 days and stop advertising etc for 60 days….  I disputed their automatic censorship. Their automatic system again said that the post went against community standards…..  This was at the same time that the odious Farage claimed the RNLI was acting as […]

Excellent Piece by the Grauniad

May 1, 2020

Today’s Guardian newspaper has an article on an NHS manager in procurement setting up & running a business specialising in PPE during the current Covid-19 crisis –, though it is now in maintenance mode. They say: David Singleton, 42, a senior NHS official in London who has been working at the capital’s Covid-19 Nightingale […]

Email Spam has Links to Scam Websites Hiding in Bona Fide Business Websites

October 19, 2019

Get Rich Quick Schemes Being Served From Comprimised Websites (probably) Today I got a few spam emails with spoofed “from” addresses of folks I know.  So what, it happens all the time…  But just for fun I decided to check them out.  They arrived in my Gmail, a catch-all system I use, not exclusively I […]

Pacific Webworks – Heyu – A Chinese Connection to UTAH

October 1, 2019

My Introduction to Website Scammers About 10 years ago the web was inundated by scam websites of the “Get Rich Quick” type, many using the tagline of “Get Rich Using Google” or similar. There was the Google Money Tree and the Google Treasure/Money Chest…you get the idea? This graphic became ubiquitous….. This was my first […]